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Take an urgent loan online to a card in Ukraine without interest: a tip, what is the catch, where and how to get it

If you looked here to see where you can get a loan online on a card quickly, practically without refusals even with bad credit history and from 0% or 0.01% for new clients, you can go directly to the VERIFIED LIST in Ukraine and make a comparison with the choice.

And if you want to get acquainted with different questions on the topic of loans, you can continue reading this post.

Like you, I probably saw advertisements “online loan without interest”, “online loan without interest”, “loans without refusal to the card around the clock” interest-free credit on a card in Ukraine “,” fast online credit on a card at 0 “,” take urgent credit for a card with a bad credit history ”

I always had questions what’s the catch, where’s the catch and what is the interest in issuing a loan without interest?

Of course, very often it is just an advertisement and when you go over, you see a completely different situation.

But in fact indeed on many sites you can take a interest-free loan (usually it is 0.01%, although there is completely at 0%) to a bank card in Ukraine. At the same time, many give microloans without guarantors, without proof of income and practically without refusals.

As practice shows, even with a bad credit history, you can get a microloan online at 0% or at a very low interest rate.

At the same time, the process of obtaining a loan takes from 5 to 20 minutes (making a decision to give you a loan and transfer money to your card). Especially important for those who need to take urgently. In most cases, such an opportunity is around the clock – 24/7 . The average term for which a loan is issued is from a week to a month.

This is not about obtaining a credit card, but about obtaining a loan for your already valid bank card in Ukraine .

In this post, I will share only the information that I checked on my own experience and I will be able to give feedback.

Consider the following questions:

Should or should not take an online credit for a card in Ukraine

If it is possible to refuse a loan, it is better to refuse it.

But situations are different. Credit is a tool that can be both good and bad.

Much will depend on the purpose for which, in what situations we take it.

And the ability to take out a loan without interest can increase this benefit.

What is the catch and my thoughts out loud about online loans without interest

So, we went to the site and see that there really is an offer for an interest-free loan (usually 0.01%) and the ability to almost instantly (within 5-20 minutes) receive it on a bank card in Ukraine.

We personally checked on some sites how such loans work – everything is as stated, you see the real amount that will have to be returned and when.

What is the benefit of such sites? And my thoughts on this.

I think that there is no benefit in the first loan. BUT , there is a high probability that some people will not get by with a loan once, but return again when they need money urgently. And here they are already waiting for a rather large percentage.

Credit under 0 (or under 0.01%) – this is only for new Clients! Thus, the site builds up a base of Clients. And this is a kind of investment in advertising.

Sites offer to take an online loan in Ukraine without a certificate of income, with a bad credit history, practically without refusals, around the clock (24/7), almost instantly. Main goal – to get you as a client. The first loan is without interest, but then you will receive different offers and if you want to take a second loan, you will already pay interest for this.

Pros and cons of online credit card loans without interest in Ukraine

Кредит онлайн без процентов на банковскую карту в Украине: плюсы и минусы


  • quickly – 5-30 minutes (almost instantly) you receive a solution and also quickly receive money to your bank card in Ukraine without visiting a bank
  • just apply and you can get a cash loan from the comfort of your home via the Internet
  • no interest (at 0%) or minimum commission
  • without a certificate of income, which allows you to get a loan for an unemployed person or with a small salary
  • easy to issue and receive, and easy to return
  • services for obtaining a loan on such sites operate around the clock – 24/7
  • in most cases it is possible to take out a loan with a bad credit history and without refusals
  • without guarantors (on some sites you need to specify 1-2 acquaintances)


  • a loan is still a debt and will need to be repaid 🙂
  • small amounts (1000 – 5000 UAH on average), although sometimes 10,000 UAH. That is, these are microloans.
  • short terms (week-month) – we take almost instantly, but you also need to return quickly.
  • you cannot issue an online loan without a card. You need a valid bank card, where credit money will be transferred to you. It can be any card – salary, credit, deposit. The main thing is that you have it.
  • you get into the Client base and then you receive letters with various offers and promotions to take out a loan, but, of course, already at interest.
  • there is a risk that you will quickly and easily get a loan right away, next time you will take it again, but at interest.

Where can I get an online loan without interest on a card in Ukraine: a list of proven options

I am sharing information about sites where you can take a loan online without interest on a card in Ukraine.

To be precise, on many sites it is a loan at a very low interest rate (0, 001 – 0.1%). It is difficult to call this a percentage. This is most likely a small commission. But there is also completely at 0% – as much as he took, he returned as much. Overpayment without a single penny.

An important point, that in order to receive a quick loan without interest via the Internet to a bank card, you need to already have this card. Most often, it does not matter which bank (we checked this possibility on the PrivatBank card, OTP). But with MonoBank, problems may arise. Our MonoBank card has not been confirmed for microloans.

Please note that in order to receive an online loan, a bank card must be required and it must have a positive balance of several hryvnias. Since the procedure for confirming the card consists in freezing UAH 1-2 on it and then this money is returned.

This information is current and verified in May 2020.

If you read the post later, you can always familiarize yourself with the conditions on the loan issuing site and check their relevance.

Conditions on all sites are different.

Somewhere you need the phone of a person who knows you, somewhere not. In addition, there are required and optional fields. Sometimes there may be a column “phone number of parents”, but this is not a required field and can be skipped.

Loans are issued without proof of income.

I noticed one principle – the smaller the amount, the easier it is to get a loan.

So, I will share a list of such sites, while you yourself watch and compare the conditions:

  • – credit for a card in May 2020 can be calculated using a calculator. For example, with the amount of UAH 15,000 for 30 days, the percentage will be UAH 45. The promotion is valid for new customers.
  • Money4you – 0.01% per day is valid provided that you take out a loan for up to 10 days. If more, the standard interest rate is included. Therefore, if you need a loan without interest, then you need to choose a period of up to 10 days.
  • Credit7 – 0.01% per day for new clients. Please note that at this rate, you can take out a loan only for 15 days. For example, in the amount of 10,000 for 15 days, you will pay UAH 15 percent.
  • Miloan – 0.01% per day. If you take the first loan of 12,000 UAH for 30 days, then you will pay for the entire period of use – 36 UAH.
  • Kachay – under 0.01% per day for new customers.
  • Moneyveo – the first interest-free card loan up to UAH 17,000, loan term up to 30 days. If you take UAH 17,000, then in a month you will return UAH 17051. The percentage is – 51 UAH for the entire time.
  • Сreditplus – Convenient term – up to 30 days. Amount up to UAH 10,000 With a loan of UAH 10,000, in a month you will need to pay UAH 10,030.

Стоит или не стоит брать беспроцентный кредит на банковскую карту0

  • CreditKasa – 0.01% per day up to UAH 10,000 for a first loan!1
  • VashaGotivochka – the first loan at 0.01% for 16 days up to UAH 9,000.

It’s worth adding that sites that offer fast online card loans are loyal to bad credit history. In many, a loan can be obtained without refusal and without guarantors.

If verified sites are added where you can get credit for a card without interest, then I will publish them in this list.

Another option for obtaining a loan without interest can be a credit card , since most cards have a grace period of 30-50 days.

List of banks where you can get a credit card with a grace period

      • UnexBank – credit limit up to UAH 100,000, grace period up to 62 days, CashBack up to 25%, free registration.
      • A-Bank – credit limit – up to UAH 200,000, grace period up to 62 days, CashBack – up to 20%, free registration.
      • PrivatBank – credit limit – up to UAH 75,000, grace period up to 55 days, free registration.
      • Monobank – Credit limit – up to 100,000 UAH, grace period up to 62 days, CashBack – up to 20%, free registration. wrote about how we designed this card here.
      • Sportbank – Credit limit up to UAH 100,000, grace period up to 120 days. CashBack – up to 20%, free registration. Our review of the Sportbank card here

List of companies that provide microcredits at interest, with discounts

For today, that’s all and remember that a loan is a tool that you need to be able to use wisely.

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