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High-tech city, dessert-nest and underground: 12 things to do for a weekend in Kazan

If you ask a Russian what places he knows in Kazan, he will most likely answer that there is the Kremlin and Bauman Street – the local Arbat. In addition, the capital of Tatarstan is famous for its two water parks. This is true, only the list of interesting places in the city is not limited to this. Therefore, we asked a resident of Kazan to reveal to us all the passwords and accounts and compiled a list of the most popular places among Kazan residents.

Approximate travel budget for one person: from 4,500 rubles.

    • Train tickets from Moscow and back will cost from 2,100 rubles *. Despite the fact that a one-way trip takes about 11 hours, it is very convenient to get to Kazan, if you take the train in the evening at 21 or 23 o’clock, sleep, and in the morning at 8-10 o’clock you are already there.
      From planes fly to Kazan every day. The cheapest ticket costs 1 990 rubles *, and the flight lasts 1.5 hours.
    • 1 night in a hostel – from 300 rubles * or in a hotel 3 * – from 900 rubles *;
    • Average bill in a cafe – 400 rubles;

City walks, public transport, souvenirs – 800 rubles.

Фото: Казань

Interesting excursions from local residents in Kazan

Фото: Башня Сююмбике

Syuyumbike Tower

Recognized as an architectural symbol of the city. Her story is fanned by the legend of the beautiful queen Syuyumbika, whom Ivan the Terrible himself wanted to marry. During the capture of Kazan, Syuyumbike agreed to marry the king, provided that a tower would be erected in her honor in 7 days. When the “order” was fulfilled, the proud queen went upstairs and threw herself down, refusing to obey Ivan the Terrible.

The seven-tiered tower deviates from the vertical by almost 2 meters. The entrance to the tower is decorated with decorative gates depicting Tatar heroes.

Where: Kazan Kremlin

Фото: Дворец земледельцев

Palace of the Farmers

A spectacular attraction – a remake, erected in 2010. It leaves no one indifferent: while some compare it with the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, others are unhappy with its discord with the historical center. In 2011, the building was included in the “Big Bummer” category of anti-achievements.

The center of the composition is a 20-meter tree, symbolizing fertility. The monumental façade is crowned with a classic dome with a spire. At night, the building is illuminated in green.

Where: Fedoseevskaya street, 36

Фото: Кремлёвская набережная

Kremlin embankment

The walking area by the river has a perfectly flat surface, which will appeal to fans of skateboarding, rollerblading or scooters. In winter, a skating rink is flooded here – the longest in Europe. In addition, the waterfront is home to restaurants, cafes, bike and roller-skate rentals, and hundreds of lights are lit in the evening to illuminate the path.

Where: Baturin Street, Kazanka Embankment

Фото: Храм всех религий

Temple of All Religions

The Ecumenical Temple in the village of Arakchino was built in 1998 according to the project of the Kazan architect Ildar Khanov. The architect’s idea was to create a place that embodies the unity of cultures. The unique ensemble includes Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist symbols – in total, elements of 16 world religions. The temple was built with public money, its construction is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, after the death of the author, it was closed for visits for a long time. This spring, the cathedral survived a fire, and here’s the paradox – it was after this that the new owners decided to open the doors for the rest.

Where: the village of Old Arakchino, 4.
Working hours: 10: 00–20: 00.
Price of visit: free.

Фото: Чак-чак

Tatar cuisine establishments

Tatar cuisine includes many meat dishes. Do not be surprised when you are offered horse meat dishes – the ancestors of the Tatars were nomads and could not afford to keep other animals. Monuments are erected to the famous ochpochmak – a triangle with meat. Soup lovers should try Tatar noodles – “tokmach”. The noodle dough is prepared in a special way: only egg, salt and flour. From unusual sweets, we advise you to eat “talkysh kaleve” (bird’s nests) – small cones made of burnt sugar.


  • Tatar cuisine cafe chain “Azu”, st. Gazovaya 14, st. Petersburg, 52, st. Chistopolskaya, 2 / Dekabristov, 8. The average bill of the institution is 300 rubles.
  • Cafe “Chak-chak”, Bauman 7/10. The average house check is 250 rubles.
  • Cafe “Alan Ash”, Petersburg, 14. Average bill of the institution is 250 rubles.
  • National complex “Tugan Avalym”, 14/56 Tufan Minnullina st., average bill 800 rubles.

Places without national flavor

  • Salt is a fashionable place for Kazan youth. A café with varied cuisine during the day and a bar in the evening. The establishment offers mead and draft beer, burgers, sandwiches, soups, among which there is a hangover, pasta and steaks. The average bill is 700-1500 rubles.
    Where: 22 Profsoyuznaya.
  • “Marusovka” is a small, cozy cafe in Lyadsky Garden with a summer veranda. As the chef of the restaurant assures, European cuisine with pan-Asian elements is presented here, the bias is aimed at proper nutrition. Unusual – Black Caesar salad with cuttlefish ink and Black Sea bluefish with three textures of broccoli.
    Average bill – 1000 rubles.
    Where: Shchapova, 31
  • Fomin Bar & Shop is a shop-bar offering beer from small private breweries. The institution often plays jazz, and all the music sounds from vinyl records. Beer is served here in beautiful glasses, more like glasses for wine, and before accepting an order, the bartender will ask you more about tastes so that you do not make the wrong choice.
    Average bill – 500 rubles.
    Where: 22 Profsoyuznaya St.
  • “D.O.M.” – an establishment with an open kitchen behind glass to create the effect of a TV. The idea is that cooking is more like a little show. The menu includes a salad with beef and ginger sauce, lamb with couscous and “country style snowball.”
    Average bill – 1000 rubles.
    Where: Kremlyovskaya, 21 .

Фото: Иннополис


“IT-village” or city of technologies, began its existence in June 2012. According to the idea, Innopolis should become a learning place and home for the best programmers in Russia who develop their own projects and attract investors.

Modern infrastructure is connected with a safe environment and ecology. Here is a university for training IT specialists, where they conduct excursions.

The infrastructure of the city is still developing, but a clinic, a sports complex, a kindergarten, a school, an IT-lyceum, a clay pigeon shooting range, and a Masters class golf club are already at the disposal of residents and guests. Now the city is home to about 2,000 people.

How to get there: free buses run to Innopolis every day from the Kombinat Zdorovya stops and the Prospekt Pobedy metro stop.

Фото: Киносреда

Cycle of street screenings “Kinosreda”

In summer, every Wednesday in the square named after Vasily Aksyonov, non-commercial film screenings are held. It is better to take a blanket with you and come early – the places on the lawn are quickly filled with guests. In addition to watching films, audiences will enjoy lectures, discussions and musical events.

Where: the playground in the square named after Vasily Aksenov (behind the Mir cinema)
Opening hours: Wednesday, from 21.00
Visiting price: free

The nearest schedule:
July 19 – “Tali and Toli” by Alexander Amirov;
July 26 – “Train to Busan” by Yong San Ho;
August 2 – “Attraction” by Fedor Bondarchuk;
August 9 – “Time Travel”, Terrence Malik;
August 16 – “From Ufa with Love”, Ainura Askarova;
August 23 – short films “Tatarstan Shorts. No comment “;
August 27th – tapper party.

Фото: Голубое озеро

Blue Lake

On the outskirts of Kazan there is a system of lakes called the Blue Lakes. Since 1972, they have been recognized as a natural monument and a protected area. The water in them is absolutely transparent, and thanks to the salt mud it acquires an emerald hue. The color, by the way, can change depending on the season from faint blue to dark blue. The reservoirs do not freeze in winter; the water temperature is about 6 degrees all year round. This is a great place for diving and underwater photography.

Where: near the outlying villages of Shcherbakovo and Krutushka of the Aviastroitelny district of the city.
How much: scuba diving – 2,500 rubles.

Фото: Центр современной культуры «Смена»

Smena Center for Contemporary Culture

Free space “Smena” promotes young contemporary artists, and also sets the task of educating anyone. The center is housed in a 19th century stables fodder warehouse and occupies three floors. The first has its own bookstore, where you won’t find bestsellers like Fifty Shades of Gray, but you will find books on development. On the second floor, there are two gallery spaces with exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers, where lectures, presentations and screenings of documentaries are also held. Another exhibition hall is located in the attic.

Where: Burkhan Shahidi Street, 7
Working hours: Daily, 12:00 – 21:00
Visit price: free, but projects can be supported by leaving a donation.

Фото: Башня СююмбикеPhoto: Ilya Gromov

Alafuzov Factory

In the past, the linen factory of a Kazan merchant has now turned into an unusual loft space. There are no guides and crowds of tourists with cameras. A creative cluster of architects and artists, directors and musicians gathers at the former factory, underground parties are held, colorful flea markets and festivals of various subcultures are unfolding, where you can not only have great fun, but also meet interesting people and make business acquaintances. The place is also loved by fans of street art, graffiti and atmospheric photo shoots. There are cafes, restaurants and showrooms on site.

Where: 55 Gladilova Street
Price of visit: depends on the event.
Find out about upcoming meetings and parties here.

Museum of Socialist Life

Its unofficial name is the Museum of Happy Childhood. Indeed, anyone over the age of 30 will cry when they visit this place. Forgotten 60s, 70s and 80s live here: Soviet toys, money, cosmetics, alcohol – everything that made up the way of a Soviet person. The museum is especially proud of the collection of exhibits associated with military service. All clothes and shoes can be tried on, musical instruments can be played.

Where: Ostrovsky street 39/6.
Opening hours: daily, 10: 00-20: 00.
Price of visit: adult 180 rubles / children 80 rubles / students 100 rubles


This year Rospotrebnadzor allowed swimming on 4 beaches of Kazan: Lokomotiv, Nizhnee Zarechye, a beach on Lake Glubokoye and Lake Komsomolskoye.

Deep Lake: the beach is located in a coniferous forest with a beautiful landscape. Nearby there is a recreation center, a sky-park (on weekdays for adults – 500 rubles, on weekends – 700) and barbecue stalls. You can rent catamarans on the lake.

Lokomotiv : the beach is located in the city center behind the railway station on the banks of the Volga. On the other side there is a yacht club and you can watch boats and river trams. Unfortunately, you cannot get on the yachts.

“Lower District” : the Kremlin and the city center are clearly visible from here, the beach is located on the banks of the Kazanka. Swimming is allowed here, but the water can be cloudy.

Lake Komsomolskoye : located in the Derbyshka area. The lake water has a greenish tint – this is normal. There are few people here, there is a forest with a beautiful birch grove around. Entertainment includes catamarans, boats and workout areas for rent.

* Prices for travel and accommodation are indicated at the time of writing. The cost indicated in the material and the final price may differ depending on the season and the time for which tickets are purchased.

Text writer: Olga Pleshkova