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Travel to Zanzibar. The best beaches on the island

After five days of safari and four national parks, I wanted to wash off all the dust of Kenyan roads and plunge into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Having bought a ticket from a Kenyan airline with the proud name 540, we, how to put it mildly, were a little worried. A rich imagination drew already dilapidated 14-seater airplanes, in which they issue cotton wool so that the ears do not block. But after Nepal and our flight to Lukla on the way to Everest base camp, it’s already hard to surprise us. But 540 surpassed all expectations – decent planes, without delays and with a short landing in Mombasa, took us to heavenly Zanzibar.

без задержек и с короткой посадкой в Момбасе доставили нас на райский Занзибар.

To be honest, we did not expect to see a dream come true from pictures of a glossy magazine and ideal beaches in Zanzibar. But, I confess, the color of the water and the snow-white sand really amazed.

We spent five days in the north of the island, on the Nungwi beach, this time we decided not to drive all over Zanzibar, but just to relax. And although a beach holiday is not at all about us, Nungwi is the perfect choice. The ebb tide is practically not felt here, from which almost all other beaches of the island get. And the low tide in Zanzibar is not just the water gone twenty to thirty meters. This means that after nine in the morning and until five in the evening there is simply no water at all, even on the horizon, only sea urchins and algae decorate the bottom. For many, by the way, this news is a surprise and, therefore, not all of this island leaves pleasant emotions. But the beaches of Nungwi and neighboring Kendwa are a welcome exception. In Kendwa, the ebb tide is not felt at all, but Nungwi is still more colorful and picturesque for me personally.

На Кендве отливы не чувствуются совершенно, но Нунгви все же более колоритный и живописный лично для меня.

The only negative is the very dense development of the coastline. Umbrellas, sun beds, restaurants, hotels spoil the picture of paradise a little. But for this color of water – and it really is, without Photoshop, you can forgive a lot. Although for me personally, the title of the ideal beach so far undoubtedly belongs to the Mexican Tulum. (Tulum, in search of paradise)

Хотя лично для меня звание идеального пляжа пока несомненно принадлежит мексиканскому Тулуму

Во время отлива можно прогуляться из Нунгви в Кендву - дорога по пляжу очень живописная.

Нунгви в Кендву

At low tide, you can walk from Nungwi to Kendwa – the road along the beach is very picturesque.

Любимый наркотик из Танзании - имбирный лимонад

Favorite drug from Tanzania is ginger lemonade. I don’t know how to live without him.

Кендва - широченный пляж и всего несколько отелей.

Кендва - широченный пляж и всего несколько отелей.

Kendwa is a wide beach and only a few hotels.

Кендва - широченный пляж и всего несколько отелей.

без задержек и с короткой посадкой в Момбасе доставили нас на райский Занзибар.

After five days on the beach, we decided to live for a couple of days in the capital of the island, Stone Town.
And here such architecture and such flavor. Narrow streets, crazy beauty wooden doors, carved balconies and delicious Zanzibar coffee. Finally. I already have almost love with this city from the very first steps.

And now I will eat the most delicious mangoes in my life. Yes, they are sold here in craft bags.

Stone Town has over 200 carved doors. And they are a kind of attraction too. They write books about them, sell postcards and calendars with them. Yes, and they lit up in almost every second photo from this city. Now I have an incredible amount of them in my phone too.

These doors with thorns came to Zanzibar thanks to the craftsmen from India. In India, thorns were used to protect houses from elephants, and in Zanzibar they are more decorative.

Bookstores and cafes with him are my favorite place to take a breath when walking around an unfamiliar city and you have a million plans in your head. And on the street plus 35.

In Nepal, for example, all books in stores are dedicated to the Himalayas and climbing. There are safaris everywhere, the history of Zanzibar, albums with African interiors. You can hang on the clock, in general. So many interesting things.

I love hotels with history and soul. When old furniture, creaky floors, interior elements are preserved. At our bachelorette party in India, for example, hotels in Rajasthan – in former havelis, with old frescoes on the walls, mosaics and crazy interiors. And in Stone Town, our Zanzibar Hotel is located in a 19th century building and was the first hotel to appear on the island. Well, so the legend says on their website, at least.

Many historical buildings in Zanzibar now have either hotels or restaurants. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but we have access to a piece of history and inspiration. This, for example, is a very atmospheric restaurant in the former home of Livingstone, a missionary, African explorer who spent a lot of time in Stone Town between his travels.

Narrow streets, shops, labyrinths, houses of the 19th century, coffee, fish with coconut sauce, ginger lemonade, a bustling port, carved balconies, doors of crazy beauty. Africa – I want to remember you that way and will definitely come back.

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