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Holidays with children in the Dominican Republic

туры в Доминикану с детьми
Holidays in the Dominican Republic with children

The Dominican Republic is great for families with children of all ages and temperaments. Excellent conditions have been created here for young lovers of water activities, and for curious kids, and for their parents. Holidays with children in the Dominican Republic is always a good decision and a lot of positive emotions!

Advantages and disadvantages of resting in the Dominican Republic with children

The Dominican Republic is really one of the paradise corners in the world and almost everyone likes rest here. Among the advantages of this country for vacationers with children are called:

  • gorgeous beaches with soft white sand and gentle entry into the water;
  • comfortable weather conditions, the water on the beaches warms up perfectly;
  • beautiful nature, exotic animals and marine life that kids love;
  • visa-free regime for Ukrainians, ease of paperwork for entry;
  • no need to get any specific vaccinations before travel;
  • a large number of family hotel complexes with a vast territory, thoughtful entertainment for children, kids clubs, water parks, animators, etc .;
  • availability of special baby food in many hotels;
  • some hotels offer discounts for children or even allow free stays for vacationers under 6;
  • many easy-to-use excursions that are fun for both adults and children.

If we talk about the cons of tours to the Dominican Republic for tourists with children, first of all it is the remoteness of the island of Haiti. A direct flight here takes at least 12 hours, and if you fly with a transfer, then all 16-20. Such a long journey can be difficult for children, especially the little ones.

Going on a vacation in the Dominican Republic with children , it is better to give preference to a tour to a good hotel with its own territory and a comfortable beach. Independent travelers are often faced with the fact that ordinary public beaches in the country are poorly equipped, lack basic amenities and are often overcrowded with locals.

Which resort in the Dominican Republic to choose?

The clear leader among the resorts that are recommended for families with children in the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana. Firstly, it is located close to the international airport, which will save you from a long drive to the hotel. Secondly, the local beaches look exactly like on advertising posters, they are covered with the purest white sand and delight with a convenient entry into the water (especially in the Bavaro region). Thirdly, in the resort of Punta Cana there are a lot of hotel complexes focused specifically on family vacations, and outside hotels there is a lot of entertainment for children – there are parks, dolphinariums, entertainment centers.

Among the resorts of the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean Sea, the best for families with children are traditionally called Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio. They are good for a relaxing beach holiday, but there is practically no entertainment for kids here. The choice of family hotels is also not as wide as in Punta Cana.

It is important to remember that some hotels in the Dominican Republic are designed exclusively for adult tourists over 16 years old, where children are not allowed. There are also hotel complexes with separate areas closed for children. This nuance must be clarified when booking.

Excursions for tourists with children

Diversify beach holidays with children in the Dominican Republic can be interesting excursions. Local agencies offer quite a few options for young tourists.

Children’s cruises to Saona Island, in which animators participate, are very popular among vacationers, and the program is thought out taking into account the interests of the kids. Also, children usually like boat trips, during which you can see dolphins and even whales in their natural environment, swim with a mask, watching exotic fish.

On your own, without buying a special tour, you can go to the Manati amusement park, located near Punta Cana, which is famous for various shows with animals, a good dolphinarium and a petting zoo. Teenagers will definitely appreciate the extreme Bavaro Adventure Park in Punta Cana, where you can ride bikes and ATVs, go downhill in a huge ball, fly on a flight simulator and zipline, climb in a rope town. Many of those who come to rest in the Dominican Republic with children speak positively about visiting the Dolphin Explorer Dolphinarium at the same resort – here you can swim with dolphins, watch small sharks and stingrays up close. Another opportunity to get better acquainted with the exotic inhabitants of the island of Haiti is a visit to the Monkeyland Monkey Park, where small and very friendly saimiri monkeys live.

Among the educational excursions in the Dominican Republic, which will be interesting for both adults and children, one can name a visit to the capital of Santa Domingo, founded by the younger brother of Christopher Columbus.

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