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Travel insurance: is it necessary and where to buy online in Ukraine


We think about travel insurance when we plan a trip abroad on our own.

It seems to me that the answer to the question “Do I need travel insurance?” is obvious – of course yes!

Nevertheless, I often come across questions about the need for insurance:

  • Do I need insurance in Poland?
  • I am going abroad for one day, do I need insurance?
  • Is insurance required when flying abroad?
  • Is insurance checked at the border?
  • Do you need medical insurance in Europe?
  • I’m going to Poland for 2 days. Do you need insurance?

Every time I want to answer these questions – “Are you serious ?!”

But what’s the difference – even for a day, even for a week.

Insurance is needed first of all you and it does not matter whether they ask for it at the border or not.

We, for example, were not asked when we crossed the border with Poland on the intercity or when we flew by plane to Budapest.

But we have always bought insurance and there was even no doubt whether we needed it.

Insurance is not expensive, you can buy online very quickly.

Is it worth the risk and go without insurance, unless of course you are a millionaire?

Туристическая страховка: нужна ли и где купить онлайн в Украине

It is very important to remember that treatment abroad is EXPENSIVE! I would even say VERY EXPENSIVE!

Therefore, the question “Do you need insurance?” shouldn’t occur at all.

It seems to me that a more pertinent question is Where to buy insurance online in Ukraine?

And in today’s post I will address the following questions:

Where and how to buy insurance online in Ukraine

Where to buy travel insurance online in Ukraine.

If you want to compare offers from different insurance companies and buy insurance, then the Hotline website is perfect for this.


There is an opportunity here compare offers from different insurance companies and choose the one that suits you best.


Speed ​​is one of the main advantages of buying insurance online.

5 minutes and you have insurance.


It is very easy to buy insurance . See different offers from companies, choose the options you need and pay.

Payment is made online at hotline . Prices are the same as those of insurance companies. If you made a mistake or want to make a refund before the start of the insurance, then it is possible to do so.

What you should pay attention to when choosing insurance and what are the options

We always choose insurance with a 0 deductible . This means full coverage of the insured event.

Then choose the options you need for you and pay special attention to outdoor activities if you plan to ride a bike, swim in the pool, visit the water park or other types of activities.


The more options you choose, the the more expensive your insurance will cost.

What options are included in the insurance?

Medical expenses insurance:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Urgent inpatient and / or outpatient treatment
  • Dental care
  • Emergency obstetric care before 28 weeks
  • Urgent inpatient treatment
  • Medicines
  • Payment for sunburn and allergies
  • Payment of the cost in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Continuation of treatment in Ukraine after returning from abroad

Financial risk insurance

  • Communication charges
  • Legal assistance
  • Loss of documents
  • Ritual costs
  • Inability to travel abroad
  • Payment of the expenses of the insured after the expiration of the contract, if return is not possible immediately after discharge from the hospital
  • Payment for hotel accommodation if departure is not possible due to an insured event

Accident insurance

  • Payment in case of an accident (injury, fracture)
  • Dental care following an accident
  • Early return of the Insured in case of death of the next of kin (spouse, children, parents, siblings)
  • Payment of expenses for the search and rescue of the insured person as a result of an accident in the mountains, at sea, in the jungle, etc.
  • Search and rescue operations

Travel expenses insurance

  • Medical and transportation services
  • Repatriation of the body to its homeland
  • Returning minor children home
  • Travel expenses in the event of a relative’s death
  • Posthumous repatriation to the customs border
  • Evacuation to the nearest hospital in Ukraine
  • Travel of the employee who replaces the insured person
  • Evacuation of children and adults in case of emergency
  • Repatriation of the body to its homeland or burial (cremation) in the host country
  • Children evacuation
  • Providing assistance in the event of a breakdown of a personal car or a driver’s illness
  • Transportation and honey. accompanying a person in a hospital to the country of permanent residence
  • Organization and payment of transportation of the insured to the country of permanent residence after treatment
  • Organization and payment of expenses for early return of the insured to the country of residence, including children under 16, in case of hospitalization or death of an adult
  • Reimbursement of burial (cremation) costs in the host country
  • Payment for transportation of the insured to the nearest pressure chamber

Airline Risk Insurance

  • Delayed flight baggage
  • Flight delay

Civil liability insurance

  • Liability insurance

Additional insurance

  • Payment for the visit of a close relative

Analyze your trip and choose the right options just for you.

It is very convenient that it is possible to buy insurance without leaving your home.

I am adding this site to the list of useful resources for travel.

I hope you have no doubts about whether you need insurance.

Just decide which one suits you and don’t let the insured event happen 🙂

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