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Restaurant For Sale Pub in Budapest from “Eagle and Reshka”: our experience, photos and useful information

. Local cuisine is an important part of our travels.

Without this, the trip does not seem so “tasty” and memorable.

Therefore, we try to be sure to visit a restaurant or cafe and try national dishes.

When planning a trip to Budapest , I wanted to get to a restaurant that was shown in the “Eagle and Reshka” program in a budget version.

The one that is hung with leaflets with the inscriptions of visitors, in which there are full baskets of nuts on the tables, in which the shells are thrown at the feet and, most importantly, the one in which delicious goulash is served.


If not, here is a video from the program’s channel showing this restaurant. The video will start from the moment Zhanna Badoeva enters the restaurant.

We wanted to visit this atmospheric place, try goulash and walk “in the footsteps of” Eagle and Reshka “:))

By the way, Hungarian goulash is not at all the goulash we have. This is the first dish, and for me it has something in common with gulazhova, which was tasted in Krakow and bograch, which was tasted in Lviv.

And in today’s post I’ll share these questions:

Where is the For Sale Pub restaurant and important points to consider when visiting the restaurant


Address: Budapest, 2, Vámház krt.,

GPS coordinates: 47.48759, 19.0582

Working hours: every day from 12:00 to 3:00

How to get there: The restaurant was within walking distance of the accommodation we rented. If you go, Fort Sale Pub is close to the metro – Fővám tér.

Trams # 46, # 47 and # 48 and buses # 15, # 83, # 115, # 979 also stop nearby.

The restaurant is located near the Danube and after visiting you can walk along the beautiful bridge.

Important points to consider when visiting a restaurant.

I would highlight two such points:

  • availability
  • payment

Фор Сейл Паб: много народу


Be prepared for the fact that there may be no free seats. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, it will be easier to find a place.

There were 6 of us. We are with children and my husband’s parents. On the first day we dropped in – there were no seats. We decided to come on the second day and we were very lucky – a table for our large company was vacated on the second floor.

In this, there were also advantages that we did not get there the first time, because that day we went to another cafe and could compare prices and taste.

Looking ahead, I will say that in Four Sale Pub it turned out to be tastier and cheaper.


When traveling, we try to pay with credit card . But this place only accepts cash .

We were in Budapest in the fall of 2018 and the situation may have changed now, but then there was only cash.

If this question is important to you, then clarify it immediately so that later there will be no unpleasant surprise.

By the way, there is an ATM just around the corner, where you can withdraw cash if you do not have the required amount.

Our impressions of visiting For Sale Pub and photos


I will say briefly – we liked it, even very much.

It was delicious and atmospheric.

Moreover, the previous day we spent more money in the cafe and got less pleasure.

The most difficult day was throwing my shell on the floor :)) Psychologically difficult 🙂

This is a basket of nuts that is on every table. We had a large one, as there are 6 seats at the table.

Goulash is served in a saucepan and spices to it.

I look at the pictures and remember how delicious it was.

Upon completion, we also left our “autograph” on the walls of the For Sale Pub.


We can safely recommend this place to our friends and blog readers to visit.

We liked it.

What about prices?

I often post information about the cost of a vacation or certain products, and judging by your feedback, this is valuable to you.

But something went wrong with this price-fixing trip.

Once again, I was convinced that memory is a volatile matter, and on the account that they brought us there was only the total amount that we spent – 8370 forints. I checked the course now (March 2020) – it is approximately UAH 685 or $ 28. When we went, there was a slightly different course (about 800 UAH). We took goulash, and the youngest daughter ordered potatoes with chicken. For this amount, six of us ate. Three generations liked it.

If you are planning a trip, we highly recommend that you look at the post “All useful resources for travel.” insurance and much more.

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