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7 ideas on how to spend interesting and useful time without leaving home


If you can’t travel, but you want to think not only about your daily bread, but also give pleasure for your body and soul?

What to do?

Чем заняться на карантине не выходя из дома

During the coronavirus pandemic, when the best solution is to stay at home, you can also have a interesting and useful time.

This post will be devoted to ideas for useful leisure, development and just relaxation for the soul, which can be organized without leaving home.

1. Check out the free broadcasts from the Vienna State Opera Wiener Staatsoper


From 15 March 2020, the Wiener Staatsoper is streaming free recordings of past opera and ballet performances every day.

The program can be found HERE.

You can watch the broadcasts on the website

To view, you just need to register.

2. Visit the world’s museums online

Досуг во время карантина: музеи мира онлайн

Many museums in the world have the opportunity for virtual visits and online acquaintance with some of the exhibits.

If the topic of museums is interesting for you, then see a selection of such museums in the post “Museums of the world online: visit without leaving your home”

3. Explore the artwork on the Google Art Project

Искусство онлайн: Гугл Арт

In February 2011, the awesome internet platform Google Art Project was launched, through which you get access to the greatest works of art. Now you can get acquainted with the world’s masterpieces online.

Link HERE.

4. Train your brain on the simulator

Wikium is an online platform for improving brain performance and the development of cognitive functions: attention, memory, thinking with the help of online cognitive simulators and specialized courses.

You can register HERE. There is free access and paid levels and courses.

I’m using the free version for now.

5. Take an online course and get a new skill

Чем заняться на карантине: пройти онлайн обучение

The choice here will depend on what exactly interests you. You can find free and paid training courses on the Internet on a variety of topics, from crocheting to video editing.

It is important to decide what interests you.

There are various platforms for creating images, videos, etc., when you don’t even need special programs on your computer.

For example, you can experiment with pictures and designs in Canvas. There are many options available for free.

And if you want to experiment with videos, creating animated posts for social networks, try the SUPA constructor. No editing software needed, a lot of presets, there is a free package. There is also a tutorial on the site.

And on YouTube you can find many free tutorials on various topics. Only your desire is important.

6. Read a new book or listen to an audiobook

Книги онлайн: Прочитайте новую книгу или прослушайте аудиокнигу

There are a lot of free books on the Internet. They can be found and downloaded.

7. Have a day of relaxation and rest

Расслабьтесь дома

Do what your heart desires and what you have been postponing for a long time. Forget about plans and commitments.

Make a mask, watch a movie, dance, paint, call and chat with friends or family – whatever you want.

This reboot can be very helpful.

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Be healthy!

See you soon!