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When is the best time to relax in the UAE?

Rest in the UAE is good almost all year round, with the exception of only the summer months, when it is too hot here. However, some take advantage of the fact that in summer tours to Dubai and other emirates are quite cheap and prefer this time to get to know the country.

Read on to learn what time of the year to buy a tour in the UAE and why.

When is the best time to relax in the UAE?

Features of the UAE climate

The United Arab Emirates lies in a desert tropical climate characterized by extremely high temperatures in summer, irregular rainfall and an extremely low probability of frost in winter. In summer, the air here can warm up to +50 ° С and higher, and the water temperature reaches +35 ° С! The coolest during these months in the emirate of Fujairah, because it is located close to the ocean and mountains. In winter, even at night it is rarely colder than +14 ° С, the temperature of the sea water drops to +17 ° С.

Accordingly, we can conclude that the most comfortable will be holidays in the UAE in spring and autumn, with the most popular months being October and April. Tours to Dubai for the New Year are also in demand, although not everyone will decide to swim in the sea at this time.

Holidays in the UAE in winter

For Ukrainian tourists, winter in the UAE is more like the beginning of summer in our latitudes. At this time, the air temperature during the day is kept at a comfortable mark of +23 ° С, at nights it is colder – about +17 – +20 ° С. The water in the Persian and Oman gulfs cools down to +17 – +18 ° С. Precipitation rarely falls here, the wettest month is February. So, if you want to spend New Year’s holidays in the south and are planning a vacation in Dubai in January, do not forget a warm jacket or windbreaker for the evening.

What are the advantages of a holiday in the UAE in winter? Firstly, there is no sweltering heat at this time and you can see all the local attractions in a pleasant atmosphere. Secondly, prices for vacations in Dubai in winter (excluding New Year’s Eve) are lower than during the height of the high season. Well, the inability to swim in the sea can be compensated for by the heated pools, which are in most hotels.

Holidays in the UAE in spring

With the beginning of spring, the popularity of travel packages to the UAE begins to grow sharply, as ideal conditions for a beach holiday are established here. In March, the air warms up to + 25 ° С during the day, and the water – up to + 24 ° С. Holidays in Dubai in April are even more comfortable: the air temperature reaches + 30 ° С, the sea becomes warmer by a couple of degrees, but there is no sweltering heat. But in May it already happens to +38 ° С, and the water warms up to +28 ° С.

Holidays in the UAE in spring, especially in the middle of the season, are especially good. One could even call it ideal, if not for the rapidly increasing prices. If you still want to spend your holidays in Dubai in the spring and not spend too much on it, you should wait until the second half of May, when the high season ends and tour prices go down.

Holidays in the UAE in summer

For those who do not tolerate the heat or suffer from cardiovascular diseases, rest in Dubai in the summer is contraindicated. During this period, the air temperature, even at night, does not often drop below +30 ° С, in the daytime it can rise to +50 ° С and even higher. The sea water temperature can exceed +30 ° С and even reach +35 ° С! The probability of precipitation in the summer is zero, but sandstorms are not uncommon. For those who do come to the UAE on vacation in the summer, the only relief from the heat is the air-conditioned rooms and pools with cool water on the territory of the hotels.

Although the locals try to spend the summer in a milder climate whenever possible, it is impossible to call a vacation in Dubai in June, July or August completely unbearable. Due to the dry climate, the heat is perceived here more easily than, for example, in Spain. In addition, air conditioners are installed everywhere, from shops and hotels to public transport. But you should forget about trips around the country and especially to the desert. An important plus is that the cost of tours in the UAE for these months is very attractive.

Holidays in the UAE in autumn

With the arrival of autumn, rest in Dubai is gradually becoming more comfortable. In September it is still quite hot, the air warms up to +38 ° С, but closer to the middle of the season, the weather is comfortable for a beach pastime again: the air temperature does not exceed +35 ° С, the sea warms up to +27 ° С. Holidays in Dubai in October are very popular among tourists from all over the world, so you should not count on discounts on tours at this time. In November, it gradually becomes cooler, the air warms up to + 30 ° С during the day, and the water in the sea cools down to + 22 ° С. But even at the end of autumn, one should not forget about sunscreens and hats – the risk of getting sunstroke or getting burned is still very high.

In the second half of autumn, holidays in the UAE can be very diverse: in addition to excellent beaches, you can go on an interesting excursion, visit sights, and get around local museums. Not surprisingly, tours to Dubai during this period are not cheap.

Still not decided for which month to buy a ticket to the UAE? Contact us and our managers will provide more detailed information about the peculiarities of recreation in the country in different months, and will also help organize a trip and draw up the necessary documents.