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When is the best time to relax in Egypt?

отдых в Египте
holidays in Egypt

Egypt is, perhaps, the most famous and popular destination among Ukrainians for year-round recreation. The Red Sea resorts warmly welcome tourists at any time of the year, you can relax here both in summer and in the middle of winter. However, in order for a holiday in Egypt to be truly great, it is worth considering some nuances of seasonality.

Features of the Egyptian climate

Most of the territory of Egypt lies in the tropical desert climate. Accordingly, summers are always hot and dry here, winters are cooler and more windy. On the coast, daily temperature fluctuations are not felt as strongly as in the central part of the country, but they are still present. The water temperature in the Red Sea never drops below +20 ° C. In Sharm el-Sheikh and the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula, during the cold months, it is usually a couple of degrees warmer than on the east coast of the mainland.

Egypt in winter

Rest in Egypt in winter looks especially tempting for Ukrainians: we have frost and everything is covered with snow, and in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada you can bask in the sun and swim in the sea. In the winter months, the air here warms up to +25 ° C during the day, and at nights it can be much cooler – around +15 ° C and even lower. The main enemy of a beach holiday at this time of the year is the wind, which at times is very strong, blows away umbrellas by the sea and raises waves. But at the same time, in the main resorts of the country you can always find the so-called “winter hotels”, located in well-protected bays from the wind. Holidays in Egypt in December are the most comfortable, but in February it is worth going to this country only as a last resort – this is the coldest and most uncomfortable month of the year.

Among the advantages of winter tours to Egypt is the opportunity to travel on excursions and see attractions without crowds of tourists, relatively low occupancy of hotels and lower cost of vouchers. However, this does not apply to the period of the New Year holidays. Traditionally, many residents of countries with cold climates want to celebrate the New Year under the palm trees, so holidays in Egypt in January (especially at the beginning of the month) become more expensive.

Egypt in spring

In early spring, the weather here is very changeable and unstable. This is a period of gusty and strong desert wind khamsin, which brings clouds of sand. At the same time, when the wind dies down, pleasant warm weather sets in for a while, and after a couple of hours it becomes windy again. Rest in Egypt in spring becomes comfortable from mid-April, when the winds subside – during this period, the air temperature in the daytime already regularly reaches +30 ° C, at night it is still cool, about +20 ° C, and the water in the sea warms up to +23 ° C. As soon as the weather stabilizes, the number of tourists in Egyptian resorts instantly increases significantly.

Since the end of spring there is already excellent summer weather, but the peak of the heat is still ahead, so a vacation in Egypt in May is a great idea. At this time, the air temperature stably exceeds +30 ° C, the sea warms up to +26 ° C. It is important to remember that the sun in late spring is already very aggressive and the use of sunscreens and hats is a must.

Egypt in summer

Rest in Egypt in summer is a good option for those who love the heat. Loves very much! From June to August, the thermometers here regularly rise above +40 ° C, at night it is also very warm – not less than +27 ° C. However, due to the dry climate and the almost constant sea breeze, the heat is tolerated here more easily than in more humid regions. The water in the Red Sea off the coast of popular resorts warms up to + 28 ° C, so you don’t want to get out of it at all. In the summer, the popularity of the Mediterranean resorts of Egypt, where it is cooler and more comfortable, is increasing.

If you decide to go on vacation to Egypt in July or August, do not plan long trips to the desert and sightseeing tours – in the central regions of the country the air temperature regularly exceeds +50 ° C.

Egypt in autumn

The beginning of autumn in Egypt is the same summer heat and the same + 40 ° C on the thermometer. But from the end of September, the temperature gradually begins to drop, very mild, comfortable weather sets in, which is great for excursions around the country and for beach holidays in Egypt in autumn .

The real velvet season here begins in October, when the air temperature during the day is around + 30 ° C, at night it becomes a little cooler and the thermometers show + 24 ° C. The water temperature in the sea at this time is kept in the region of +26 ° C, which allows you to swim and swim with a mask to your heart’s content. If you manage to “catch” a burning tour to Egypt for October – agree without hesitation! The only caveat is the large number of tourists in all resorts.

Rest in Egypt in November is also a good option, but towards the end of the month it can already be windy here, so it makes sense to choose hotels located in protected bays. If the wind does not scare you, then there is a chance to purchase a ticket to a good hotel with a significant discount, since by the end of autumn prices for tours are traditionally reduced.

If you have not yet decided for what month to buy a tour to Egypt, you cannot choose a suitable resort or hotel, contact us! We will provide any additional information about the rest in this country, we will help with choosing and organizing a trip.