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Lithuania – the amber region of the Baltic

Lithuania has a mild climate. It attracts many tourists to the country who want to relax with taste and replenish their vitality, gain interesting knowledge and unforgettable emotions. Each of them is sure: Lithuania is the best vacation spot. Amazing weather, beautiful beaches, enchanting landscapes, crystal clear air. Lithuania is fraught with beautiful places …

Curonian Spit

This is a great choice for people who want to spend a healthy day at the beach. Golden sand, ecologically clean sea will allow you to enjoy quality rest.

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The point is an interesting feature: the length of the spit is approximately 98 kilometers. Geographically located between Russia and Lithuania. The territory of the Spit belonging to Russia is good, but Curonian Spit Lithuania is even better! It sparkles with cleanliness and is well-groomed.

If you are lucky enough to visit the Baltic in the summer, then the best beaches in Lithuania are the beach in Palanga and the beach in Nida.

  • Palanga . The beach is sandy, clean and well-groomed, it has even been awarded the “Blue Flag”, which already speaks of its level. The infrastructure is high, there are lifeguards, but many people find the Baltic Sea waters cold for swimming.
  • Nida . The beach is located on a spit and is also marked with the “Blue flag” organization, it comes into contact with a pine forest, which gives the air a special charm. The sand is also clean and soft, there are the necessary amenities.

Grutas Park in Druskininkai

If you prefer parks even to the best beaches, then in the Lithuanian Grutas Park you will meet new emotions, impressions. Your sense of beauty will soar, give you the opportunity to plunge into the very heart of history. There are many monuments in this park, the style of which was influenced by the events that took place in the gulag camps.

парк грутас

There are many monuments to such famous personalities as Mitskevichus-Kapsukas, Uborevich. Samples of Soviet propaganda are also shown here. So, if your desire, your goal is to better understand the history, then you should definitely look into this unique park.

Trakai Castle

If you want to take the path of noble princes, see their whole life, then you will be interested in this castle. The date of construction of this magnificent building is shrouded in fog. Historians are still puzzled over when the castle began.

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This building is the largest castle that has survived and exists today. It is located in the island town of Trakai, 30 km from Vilnius. Previously, Lithuanian princes lived here for many years. Now it houses the Trakai Historical Museum.

St. Anne’s Church

Although this temple is not the largest in Vilnius, it will captivate everyone with its unearthly beauty. Even the neighboring huge Bernardine Church is overshadowed by it. The building is made of more than thirty-three types of bricks. They are folded into a dizzying mosaic of towers and arches.

костел святой анны вильнюс

Temple of Anna is a truly Gothic masterpiece. Perhaps a little time should be given to see this cathedral, which has survived from the sixteenth century to the present day.

Not far from these temples are Bernardine Gardens. This is a park by the river, extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful. Here you can both have a pleasant time walking, and play with the children on the playground, or sit with a cup of coffee or feed the ducks. After the reconstruction, not only the name was returned to this park, but also some elements (rock garden, pond, belvedere), there is also a wonderful botanical exposition in the garden.

There are also places of pilgrimage in Lithuania, and one of the most controversial is the Hill of Crosses – a hill on which thousands of crucifixes of different confessions are installed. It is not known exactly how and why this place appeared; there are several scientific versions on this topic, as well as many mystical assumptions. Regardless of what religion you adhere to, it is worth seeing such an unusual place, if only because of its atmosphere. In addition, many people believe that leaving a cross there will bring good luck.

“Republic” Uzupis

Previously, before the arrival of Soviet power, the quarter was a haven for poor people who could find their place there. As a consequence, the quarter was considered an unsafe place. Most of the artists lived and worked there. Now in Uzupis you can meet many creative people who create new worlds for humanity.

республика ужупис

Many significant places are located in the very center of Vilnius, as in any “Old Town” there are preserved many ancient buildings and monuments of architecture and history. Here you can visit Cathedral Square , Town Hall Square, the majestic Church of St. Stanislaus and much more.

So, if museum trips are not alien to you, then the museums of Vilnius will definitely delight you. For example, the Museum of Illusions leaves no one indifferent – both children and adults do not hide their admiration for what they see among the exhibits. You can even take pictures there, so you definitely won’t leave without a selfie.

Naturally, since Lithuania is famous for its amber trade, it would be worth going to the Amber Museum – it is rather small and difficult to find without a map (so check the route at the bottom of the article), but nevertheless it is worth spend half an hour of your time to examine the curious collection of amber and what it hides. You can also buy souvenirs here, but such goods are sold everywhere in the city, so you can find better prices.

For those traveling with children, it will be useful to visit the Toy Museum – this is not just an exhibition behind glass, but an interactive space where you can play and have fun. Many adults can appreciate retro toys and remember their own childhood.