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Dominican Republic – a slice of Caribbean paradise

The Dominican Republic is famous primarily for its beautiful beaches. This is the case when numerous advertising brochures do not lie, because it is simply impossible to exaggerate all the charm of the Caribbean Sea , the white sand and the abundant palm trees growing here. The Dominican Republic really looks like a picture from a bounty ad. The state is located on the same island with the Republic of Haiti, and is slightly larger in size than Estonia.

When and where is it better to have a rest in the Dominican Republic

If there is a place on earth where it is always warm and sunny, then this is the Dominican Republic. The so-called tropical winter lasts from May to September. During this time, the rest can be overshadowed by strong, but short-term rains. Temperatures throughout the year range from 25 to 33 degrees. August is considered the hottest month.

When and where is it better to have a rest in the Dominican Republic

Almost every hotel on the island has its own star rating, which is determined in accordance with the range of services offered to guests. Most are fours and fives. A distinctive feature of Dominican hotels is a large and well-maintained area, through which, for the convenience of guests, internal transport runs. The food system is usually all inclusive.

For lovers of exotic in the Dominican Republic there are complexes offering to stay in a bungalow . A well-maintained house will most likely have not only a separate entrance, but also its own small piece of the beach. Top class hotels provide personalized service.

Dominican Republic - a slice of Caribbean paradise

Entertainment and attractions of the Dominican Republic

For fans of educational excursions, the Dominican Republic is not the best place. The only thing offered to tourists is a trip to the capital, Santo Domingo. However, its sights are unlikely to amaze you with their originality or advanced age. Although the city has preserved buildings of the colonial era. Most tourists come to Columbus Square , where a monument is erected to him, as well as the Cathedral, museums, and cafes for travelers weary of the heat. Walking around the city, and especially along the embankment, you will undoubtedly “come across” the ancient forts that have survived since the time of the exploration of the New World. Also in the city there is the Palace of Fine Arts, built in the 20th century, where various exhibitions and events are regularly held.

Entertainment and attractions of the Dominican Republic
Cathedral of Santo Domingo

But the real treasure of this country is, of course, its nature. Therefore, what the Dominican Republic can definitely surprise anyone, even a seasoned tourist, is the abundance of water activities. Diving, surfing, jet skiing, parachuting – this is not a complete list of activities that you will be offered on any beach.

The best places for a beach holiday are:

  • Bavaro coast – a landscaped area with several hotel complexes, golf courses, amusement parks for all tastes;
  • beaches in Las Terrenas , especially Playa Bonita. There you can find both uncrowded sections of the coast, and equipped with cafes, restaurants, and even a surf school;
  • Lovers of active nightlife should love the beaches in the Puerto Plata region : For example, Cabaret Beach, famous for its windsurfing schools, or the quieter Sosua urban beach with snorkeling opportunities to observe the underwater world.
attractions of the Dominican Republic

By the way, not only amateurs, but also professionals strive to dive under the water off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Indeed, in addition to the rich underwater world, sunken ships can be seen at the bottom of the sea. And who knows, maybe you will be lucky to find the treasures of the legendary pirates.

Entertainment of the Dominican Republic

For fun lovers, especially families with children, in the north of the island in Puerto Plata there is a water park with a dolphinarium Ocean World Adventure Park . On the east side, in the territory of the Sirenis Punta Cana Resort, there is a large Sirenis Aquagames water park. In the same region, you can visit the amusement park Manati Park Bavaro , where they organize bright shows with animals.

Of the natural monuments, one can also note Los Tres Ojos (Park “Three Eyes”), which is essentially a huge cave with three lakes, which is located in the capital of the Dominican Republic.

One of the largest national parks of the republic – Los Haitises ( Parque Nacional Los Haitises ) – offers excursions with a visit to the green rocks in the ocean, where there are caves that give shelter to local birds, through the mangroves, and in fact, in the reserve itself.

Another great option to explore the Dominican nature is the Este National Park ( Parque Nacional Del Este ), which can be independently reached along the beach from Bayahibe. But take into account the peculiarities of the local “jungle” and do not forget to take protection from midges and mosquitoes. In this case, you will get much more pleasure from contemplating the unspoiled nature of the island, local animals, caves and beaches.

And finally National Botanical Garden named after Dr. Rafael Moscoso in Santo Domingo is a huge area not only with plants, but also the opportunity to see a museum, a butterfly nursery, a Japanese garden, and rare types of flowers. Here you can spend the whole day enjoying the beauty of nature.