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9 books to inspire travel

“There is one thing related to books. They allow you to travel without even moving. ” – Jumpa Lahiri

Reading is the key that opens the door to a whole new universe. You can open the book and be transported anywhere within and outside this world; it all depends on your imagination and the well-chosen words of the author. You can read anytime, anywhere, in any language. (By the way, reading in another language is a great way to improve your language skills)

I confess, for someone who wears black-framed glasses and makes a living by writing, I read I’m too little. Like any person, I have a lot of excuses. But you know, now I can’t say for sure that I have nothing to read.
Our bloggers have prepared such an interesting selection of books that it’s impossible not to read at least one:

Isabel: “Eat, pray love, ”Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is about finding yourself while traveling the world. After a long and unpleasant divorce, she decides to travel the world and chooses three countries: Italy to eat and enjoy life; India to calm the mind and Indonesia to find balance in life and soul.

As she travels, Gilbert slowly begins to understand what she wants. And after all … well, you just have to read it yourself. (If you are too lazy to read, you can cheat and watch a movie starring Julia Roberts)

Tom: Londoners, Craig Taylor

Strange, but I started reading this book after I moved from London, however, it reminded me of all the reasons why I love this city. The author of the book is Craig Taylor, a Canadian journalist and playwright who moved from Canada to London. This is a collection of interviews with people of various professions, social strata and ages. As a result, you get a portrait of London, described from different perspectives. This book, like nothing else, shows how diverse and rhythmic this city is.

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Tom: “By any means”, Charlie Burman

Initially, the book began as a follower TV show “The Long Road Around the World” , a documentary film with actor Evan McGregor and his best friend, Charlie Boorman. Together with producer and cameraman, Charlie traveled around the world from Ireland to Australia, using almost all means of transportation except airplanes. The fact that you follow this trinity sequentially across countries and cultures makes this journey both an exciting geographic lesson and a social experience. If you can, watch this show (of the same name).

Emma: “Traveling Europe,” Bill Bryson

Traveling with Bryson, you will recognize that a part of Europe that is hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists. He will uncover the secrets of budget travel and live exciting travel stories with you. Bryson’s detailed stories combine sarcastic comments about everything, openly condemning other travelers for their idiotic actions, and honestly admitting to many of his own failures.
Try to read at least one page without laughing out loud.

Emma : “On the GRINGO route” by Mark Mann

Join the heroic deeds of Oxford University alumnus Mark Mann as he travels through South America with two traveling companions, his hippie girlfriend and party-goer best friend. As you marvel at the unprecedented stories of this dynamic trinity, you yourself will want to visit Peru or Bolivia. Travel stories in the book are combined with informative inserts that explain the history, geography and ancient culture of each region.
After reading, you will have knowledge in your head, not just a stomach ache from laughing.

Erin: Lost in the Wilds by Bill Bryson

Join Bill Bryson and his friend Stephen Katz on their journey along the Appalachian Trail. The 3,500 km hike from Georgia to Miami turns out to be a real test and shows how small a person is in comparison with the endless power of nature. This story will totally engage you and make you laugh.

Livia: In Thin Air, John Krakauer

“ This is a bleeding, colorful book, written in agony and telling about the events in great detail “- Washington Post

This is the story of climbing Mount Everest in 1996 by a group of climbers, which included Krakauer. The story, written by the only person who survived, on the one hand will make you flinch at the very thought of “Everest”, but on the other, it will open a “closed” world at a height that will appeal to romantics and all adventure lovers. The story will leave you breathless as if you were in thin air.

Livia : “Swimming to Antarctica,” Lynn Cox

Lynn Cox discovered her passion for extreme swimming at the age of 9. At the age of 14, she swam the 43 km long Catalina Strait in California, and at 16 she broke the men’s and women’s swim records across the English Channel. This woman has more than 20 world records, but the most amazing one is her swim in the waters of Antarctica. Lynn spent 25 minutes in the water and swam 1.2 miles!
Be sure to read the book about this amazing act. Cox, by his example, proves that a person is capable of anything and there is no need to feel sorry for yourself and find excuses. She will open your eyes to the beauty of life and willpower.