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$ 20 as a gift for renting apartments, houses and other housing while traveling


Today I want to share information about a great service for renting apartments, houses and other housing options from local residents.

Looking ahead, I will say that we have already booked apartments through this site in Odessa, Krakow (2 times), Budapest, Bratislava and we plan to continue using it.

You may have already heard about it, maybe you have already used it.

If not, then catch the information on how to get 20/18/35 dollars as a gift (amounts change) for the first rent of apartments, houses , apartments and other accommodation options in different countries using the airbnb website.

It’s very simple!

Register BY INVITATION get a bonus . Register directly on the site – you get nothing.

I will say right away that I missed such an opportunity , or more precisely, I just did not know about it.

First I registered on the site and only then I only learned about the cool opportunity to receive a bonus.

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If I registered by invitation, and did not find the site directly, I would receive $ 20 as a gift, which I could use to rent an apartment, house or other accommodation through the airbnb site.

How did I find out about this service?

Actually, I have heard about him many times a long time ago, many have mentioned that they use apartments and houses for rent while traveling.

This site has a very good database of suggestions.

I did not register, as I did not plan to use this site in the near future.

And now, the last straw that pushed me to find this site and register – it was an interview in which Sergei Vsekhsvyatsky mentioned this site and said that he uses it when traveling.

Hmm, I went to the Internet to look for a site with a name that is difficult to pronounce for me :), I registered and only after a while I saw that if I had used someone’s invitation, and not just registered directly, I would have received a bonus for rental housing at $ 20.

Heh, it’s a pity of course. But what’s done is done …

How to get a rental bonus

If you are not registered on airbnb yet, and this is really a cool site for renting accommodation while traveling, then you can use Igor’s INVITATION and receive 20/18/32 $ dollars (the amount is changed by the service) for rental housing.

A trifle, but nice.


The bonus is valid for a year.

After registration, which is very easy (either with one click of the social. network button, or with the indication of the mail), you can invite your friends and acquaintances and also get a bonus if they withdraw or will rent housing using this site.

How we booked apartments through this site (with screenshots and explanations), see the links below.

Where we rented while traveling through airbnb

Here I will add links to posts where we shared our experience of daily rental housing in different countries and cities using the airbnb website:

P.S. But even if it weren’t for these bonuses, it’s still a cool site for renting apartments, houses and other accommodations while traveling. So I recommend it anyway.

You can see offers for rental housing in different countries and cities.

P.S.S. If you are planning your trip, look HERE – has collected all the useful services and sites for travel.

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