Zurich – the “financial heart” of Switzerland

Switzerland is an amazing country famous for its unsurpassed beauty. There are many cities and various resorts here. Switzerland is a popular destination for tourists, despite being one of the most expensive holiday destinations. However, for the sake of positive emotions, it’s not a pity to pay any money.

One of the most expensive and at the same time impressive places in Switzerland is the city of Zurich. It is renowned for its many cultural and historical attractions. Having arrived here, you should definitely visit them.

However, the city is proud of its natural resources, one of which is the most beautiful lake Zurichsee . Right in the city center, standing on the Quibruecke bridge, you can watch the Limmat river flow out of it and carry its crystal clear waters through all of Zurich and beyond. Well, from a boat trip on the lake you will undoubtedly be delighted, and you can enjoy the pastoral scenery of the suburbs.

озеро цюрихзее

Quite a popular place for both locals and tourists, Lindenhof is both a park and an excellent observation deck from where you can admire the view of the river, the center of Zurich, see the temple towers Grossmünster and libraries. If you are traveling with children, they will definitely enjoy visiting the Zurich Zoo , as it is not only well equipped, but the animals are kept in enclosures, at a very accessible distance, so that it is convenient to see them.

цюрих зоопарк

For those interested in the economic power of the city, a walk along the Bahnhofstrasse is perfect. Here are conveniently located shops and vaults with safes, diamonds, gold and numbered accounts of very wealthy people all over the world, which are very closely guarded.

Банхофштрассе цюрих

On a sunny bright day, it is recommended to visit the Fraumünster Cathedral . Here the stained-glass windows are displayed in such a way that the rays of the sun are reflected in them and the room is flooded with a variety of bright colors. Positive emotions and good mood from the spectacle you see are guaranteed.

собор Фраумюнстер цюрих

Lovers of hand-made art will love the city station . It is famous for its grandeur, and also for the fact that all the interior work is done by hand.

For a small fee, you can get from here to another Swiss landmark – Mount Uetliberg , from the top of which you can see the extraordinary beauty of all of Zurich.

вид на цюрих с горы Утлиберг

It is definitely recommended to visit the restaurant Blindekuh , which means “blind cow”. This is a very unusual establishment. All the staff here are blind, but they feel pretty comfortable. There is no light in the dining room, even the sun’s rays do not get here. This is due to the fact that in the dark, the appetite and taste of the human body increase. However, to get to this restaurant, you need to book a table several months in advance.

ресторан Blindekuh в цюрихе (слепая корова)

Connoisseurs of pictorial art will certainly appreciate a visit to the Kunsthaus Museum. It is a multi-storey museum that houses the works of many famous artists. Among them are paintings by Alberto Giacometti, Munch, the Chagallov and Monet collection and many other works. This museum will especially appeal to those who are already familiar with the sights of Vienna and other iconic European cities.

музей кунстхаус в цюрихе

And, of course, take the time to just stroll through the streets of Zurich – small labyrinths of streets of the Old Town, where national flags hang on almost every building, and the city itself is well-groomed and welcoming, will reveal its true essence to you. Switzerland always awaits and delights visitors with its beauty. By visiting this wonderful country you will certainly get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions!

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