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Yoga Holidays in India with Girls in Travel. Ashiyana

Our girls in travel yoga retreat for bachelorette party in India we have been looking for persistently and for a very long time. And if in Nepal it is easier with this, there simply is not much to choose from, and those that I personally would like can be counted on the fingers (of one hand). And plus, there is a beloved Sadhana, which I would hardly dare to exchange for anything else. Either in India, and especially in Goa, there is just an abundance of them.


As a result, we came across Ashiyana several times – first, just on the Internet, after looking at the pictures on the site and thinking that it’s okay, but in the pictures, everyone is good, then in Vogue Italia, then in National Geographic, and then in what -to a beautiful book Best yoga retreats somewhere in a cafe.

All in all, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this place for several months. And I was very afraid of disappointment. And then – then my heart melted, and from the first step through the territory, absolutely buried in the jungle.





What is Ashiyana yoga ?

This is a retreat located at Mandrem beach, in the north of Goa. The beach, as I dreamed, is deserted, with a dozen sun loungers and three restaurants, without any parties, disco and music until morning. Therefore, from the very morning you can resort at dawn (and be completely alone), with sunset almost the same.

The retreat itself is designed in the eco-natural-luxury style (I came up with the name myself :), safely sheltered in the shade of palm trees and other trees – due to this, you absolutely don’t feel the heat. Recreation areas are scattered everywhere – huge sofas, hammocks … ..
And the territory is large enough not to often bump into other inhabitants.







There are four halls for yoga classes – both completely open and closed, and something in between – such semi-open halls, with transparent fabric instead of walls.

Yoga takes place in different halls each time. The standard program includes two lessons a day for two hours – from 8 to 10 in the morning and from 16.00 to 18.00. And meditation (or some mantra chanting) in the evenings, after dinner.

In terms of food, the retreat just amazed me – it seems to me that nowhere else has it been so tasty and so varied. And all the food is vegetarian, but shrimp in a creamy sauce, spinach pies, unimaginable salads and some other raw food cakes in the evenings will forever remain in my heart.

In the mornings, we ourselves collected yoghurt-granola-fruit salad and plus all sorts of omelettes with spinach and grilled tomatoes warmed our souls. The only thing that darkened our gastronomic paradise was that there were only two meals, breakfast and dinner.

In terms of retreat accommodation, there are several options to choose from to suit any budget, from bamboo beach huts to themed suites styled across Indian cities. The blue Jojpur suite was lovely.

As for yoga, all the teachers for these three days were different, but every time we crawled out happy from training.

Ashiyana has its own spa center, you can order a one-day detox program, you can consult an Ayurvedic doctor, or you can simply sign up for a massage. The price tag is not very humane as for India, on average from 50 €, but what can you do, the retreat is also not very cheap.
All prices, details, accommodation, spa-treatment are on the website here.

In general, three days in paradise were great, after our eventful journey this is just what you need. All the girls liked it. For our enthusiastic photos and reviews, you already, I think, followed our #girlsintravel_india tag on my instagram. Do I want to go back? Oh yeah. It is desirable for a week at least

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