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Where to relax on the Azov and Black seas in Ukraine 2021? Useful information and exchange of experience

Today I propose to discuss the topic – “Where to relax at sea in Ukraine in 2021?” .

Despite the fact that there are various publications on our blog on the topic of recreation on the Azov and Black Sea in Ukraine, I decided to touch upon this topic again.

There are many reasons for this. Here is some of them.

I am receiving letters to my mail with a request to recommend – “where can I go to rest with children at sea in Ukraine?”

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Through social networks, there are also questions about the recommendations of housing on the sea or questions – “where to go?”, “much better”, “what, where, how and for what”?

At various forums on the topic of travel and recreation, the question – “where to go to rest on the sea in Ukraine” rises almost every day (I’m talking about those that I look at).

If we analyze the requests of people for vacation at sea in Ukraine, then I would divide them into 4 main groups (this division is my personal observation):

  • these are people who used to rest in Crimea, but now, for one reason or another, do not want to go there to rest
  • these are people who used to vacation at sea abroad, but for various reasons this year they cannot go there or do not want to
  • these are people who have vacationed at the seaside in Ukraine, but want to change their place and ask for recommendations on different places
  • these are people who just go to the sea for the first time in Ukraine and study this issue.

I am writing this article both for myself and for the readers.

For myself – so that it would be convenient to answer questions and recommendations on the rest at sea in Ukraine, since the main material that is on the blog will be collected in this article . Then I will not need to search for different articles and send a lot of links in responses.

For readers – this is a selection of information on the issue of recreation at sea in Ukraine in one article. This format will make it possible to quickly view information and read in more detail only what is interesting.

This article will be an overview and will contain links to posts where the topic is covered in detail. Today I will start it by including those publications that are already on the blog, and then I will add new ones here that relate to the topic of seaside recreation in Ukraine.

For convenience, there will be 3 sections:

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So, let’s go Улыбаюсь

Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov in Ukraine 2021


The Sea of ​​Azov is one of the shallowest and warms up well. Once I heard statements about the fact that there is little benefit from the Sea of ​​Azov and if you need health improvement, then the Black Sea is worth choosing.

Intuitively and from personal experience, I understood that this is not so , that a vacation on the Sea of ​​Azov is not only a pleasure, but also a benefit. There is a positive effect – the composition of the water, and the air, and the climate, and the various thermal springs that are on the coast.

By the way, an interesting fact for me was that the Sea of ​​Azov is especially useful during wind and waves.

And now we turn to an overview of places to stay on the Sea of ​​Azov.

Arabat arrow


The Arabat Spit is a spit that is washed on one side by Lake Sivash, and on the other side by the Sea of ​​Azov. The further along the spit from Genichesk, the deeper the sea becomes and, as many argue, cleaner.

This is a photo from the beach where we rested.


We rested in the area of ​​the village Schastlivtsevo. This place suited us with the sea, the beach and the proximity to both the hot spring and the salt lake.

I have written quite a few articles about this place on our blog. This review will include not all, but only those who will disclose this or that issue on rest on the Arabat Spit:

  • Let’s start from the sea – for many this is a key question. After all, the decision will depend on how the sea and the beach suit us – to go or not to go. That is why I took photos and videos from the beach, and also shared our impressions. You can read about this in the article “What is the beach and the sea on the Arabat Spit”
  • Another important point is housing. Everyone here has their own preferences. We shared what we saw with our own eyes, with photos, videos and contacts of the owners. You can read about this in the article “ Where to rent a house on the Arabat Spit: our review of different options”
  • For those who are looking for housing in Schastlivtsevo and have no idea about where and what a certain street looks like , I filmed videos from different streets so that you can get a rough idea of ​​these places. If this topic is interesting, see it in the article “What the streets look like in Schastlivtsevo on the Arabat Spit”
  • A separate format of recreation is camping . Last year we had such a rest and shared our experience in the article “About our vacation with tents on the Arabat Spit near the hot spring”
  • One of the highlights of the Arabat Spit is the hot spring . We like it very much and we deliberately chose housing near it. The first article about where the source is located, how to get to it, how it looks and what properties it has, can be read here. From the latest publications on this topic, you can see – “Hot spring on the Arabat arrow in 2017: cost, indications, photos and videos “
  • Another wellness attraction of this place is the salt lake . People don’t drown in this lake, you can even read a book :). Information about it with a photo and video is in the post “Salt Lake on the Arabat Spit near Schastlivtsevo is another highlight of the rest here.” How the salt lake looked like in 2014, as well as innovations there, see here .
  • Many have asked – where can I get pink brine and salt. Information about the place is here.
  • Also on the Arabat Spit a bee clinic appeared.
  • You can also read 7 interesting facts about the Arabat arrow.

Recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels and other housing options for settlements: Genichesk, Gengorka, Schastlivtsevo, Strelkovo.




Отдых на Азовском море в Украине: Кирилловка

Kirillovka is an urban-type settlement, which is one of the most popular vacation spots on the Sea of ​​Azov in Ukraine.

As a rule, people come here not only for rest, but also for health improvement.

Kirillovka itself, Peresyp ‘spit and Fedotova spit can be referred to the resort recreation area “Kirillovka” .

The main feature of recovery here, besides the sea, is the healing air.

What is the specificity of the air in Kirillovka?

This area belongs to the steppe zone – from the land comes the air saturated with phytoncides of herbs. Air comes from the sea, in which ions of bromine, ozone, iodine are present. In addition, Kirillovka is located between two estuaries . As a result of mixing the streams, air, unique in its healing properties, is obtained.

The mixing of steppe and sea air is one of the useful features of this area.

It is important to understand that it is not enough to come here for a couple of days for recovery. A month of staying in such an atmosphere gives an increase in immunity for a year.

If in your vacation you want to focus on health improvement, then you should pay attention to Biryuchiy Island, the end of Fedotova Spit and Peresyp.

“Where to live, what are the prices for housing, food, entertainment in 2018?” – these questions are among the first to be studied when choosing a place to stay on the sea.

It all depends on what is your priority, what you are willing to spend money on, and what you can easily save on. Rest with tents on the sea is perfect for someone, but for someone without VIP conditions, rest is not a rest.

It is optimal to get acquainted with how housing prices in Kirillovka are formed , compare offers and choose the best option for your needs and financial capabilities.

About entertainment in Kirillovka.

In addition to the traditional list, which is found in almost all resort places (bars, discos, cafes, water attractions), there is the Oscar dolphinarium and the Treasure Island water park, which are positioned as the largest in Ukraine. By the way, I wrote about the water park in Kirillovka in the general review of water parks in Ukraine.

What the beach, sea, spit, center and other places of the Kirillovka resort area look like can be seen thanks to webcams in real time.

This is exactly the option when you cannot embellish with photoshop or beautiful video editing.

Rest on the Black Sea in Ukraine 2021

Rest on the Black Sea is a fairly popular summer vacation in Ukraine. This is a good opportunity not only to relax, but also to improve your health.

The Black Sea has its own unique properties and we will devote a separate article to this issue.

So, our review.



We used to vacation for many years in a row in Skadovsk.

In recent years, we have been going to the Arabat Spit, but we always remember with warmth our vacation in Skadovsk and come here to visit friends, relatives, as well as walk along the embankment and give children the opportunity to enjoy the rides, which are here at very budget prices.

On our blog there are also various publications on rest in Skadovsk and I will select in this review those that carry useful information on this issue:

Recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels and other housing options in Skadovsk see HERE .

Iron Port

We stopped at the Iron Port for a couple of hours in the summer of 2014.

During this time we managed to walk along the embankment and make an overview of the recreation center.

This was shared in separate articles:

  • Post “On the beach, sea and the embankment in the Iron Port: how we saw them during our trip in August 2014″ see here.
  • My review of Amulet Resort see here.

Recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels and other accommodation options in the Iron Port see here .

Every year the situation with resort housing in the Iron Port may change. New objects appear, conditions, prices, infrastructure change. In addition, everyone has their own requirements and priorities in this matter. Therefore, it is better to look at the latest reviews of resort accommodation with a description of the conditions and a summary table of prices here .


Odessa, as a place to rest by the sea , is yet to be discovered.

In June 2017, we went to Odessa for 5 days on a small family trip. We got a lot of pleasure from walking along the Naberezhnaya, Deribasovskaya and just getting in touch with the special atmosphere of this city.

More details can be found in the posts:

I remind you that this article is an overview on the topic “Where to go to have a rest on the sea in Ukraine” and it will be supplemented as publications appear on our blog on this topic.

So, if you are interested in this topic, save the article to bookmarks so as not to lose or miss new material.

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