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What stops you from traveling abroad? 5 common obstacles and solutions

Traveling around the world, learning new cultures and speaking multiple languages ​​are frequent items on the wish list of many, but not all. Some people have a fear of visiting unknown countries, so they prefer to stay at home.

I have counted 5 solutions to common travel problems that will help you overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone!

1. Homesickness

Problem: Homesickness equates to the feeling of loss of a loved one. However, in this case, the person has lost a familiar place. When people travel, they usually travel to places that are very different from their homeland. This is the lever of fear. Homesickness makes it difficult for people to fully enjoy themselves abroad.

7 common excuses that stop you from travelling the world and how to overcome them

Solution: Remind yourself that soon you will be back home anyway, so you have limited time for yourself and the place you are visiting. Write on paper all the places you want to see and make a schedule on which you can concentrate. And also, in order to control your life in a new environment, create a routine and then you will know what and when you will do it.

2. Traveling alone

Problem: Being alone in another country can be scary. When you travel alone, you have no family or friends to rely on. If a problem arises, you need to solve it yourself. This prevents people from traveling alone. Of course, you can always convince your friends to travel together, but doing it yourself is one of the most exciting things on the planet.

Solution: Going to travel alone is a great opportunity to find friends from different parts of the Earth, learn languages ​​and decide a lot for yourself. How many times have you had to go to restaurants or certain places just because your friends wanted to? Well, when you are at the helm, you decide everything. If you need help, new technologies will help you! You can always write or call your relatives via Skype.

3. Money

Problem: One of the most important needs when it comes to travel is money. Flights, hotels and the budget for living in another country can be expensive. Fortunately, people now have a lot of options to consider.

Solution: If you want to travel cheaply, you will need to do your online research thoroughly. Instead of booking a hotel, you can always consider Airbnb’s or hostels. Traveling with a friend can also save a lot!

If you decide to travel by plane, then book in advance. Flying can be expensive, but some airlines have exclusive deals, so stay tuned!

4. Cultural Differences

Problem: Different foods, habits and time zones are part of travel. Even if these differences are the key to exploring and experiencing the world, some are afraid of them. Once you become comfortable with the habits, it will be difficult to unlearn.

Solution: The more you learn about cultural differences and get used to it, the better you understand it. Be open, try new things and connect with people! When you travel, adaptation is essential.

5. Misunderstandings

Problem: One of the obstacles to traveling abroad is the language barrier. Misunderstandings or difficulties in communicating in another language can lead to stressful situations. Therefore, people try not to leave their comfort zone. What’s lucky is modern technology, isn’t it?

Solution: There are many applications that you can download to your smartphone and they will help you at a crucial moment. You can also buy books and learn a few useful phrases in the language of the country in which you will be staying. Take this fear as a challenge and never let it stop you on your journey to new adventures!