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What a tourist needs to know about safari tours in Tanzania?

Tanzania safari tours are mainly for sophisticated and seasoned tourists who crave a completely new travel experience. However, it is necessary to be prepared for such an exotic adventure, because along with the fireworks of dizzying emotions on the safari, travelers face many dangers. That is why it is worth carefully studying the rules of conduct on a safari tour, approaching the choice of a guide responsibly and strictly following all his recommendations.

You can even get acquainted with the multifaceted, colorful and unique Tanzania by choosing a two-day tour, but you can truly enjoy all the delights of the African savannah only on a full-fledged weekly program.

So how is the tour organized? Often at the airport, tourists are met by their guide in a safari jeep. The high cross-country ability of this transport will allow the excursion group to easily reach the most remote corners of national reserves and natural parks. Thanks to panoramic windows and a roof, travelers can fully enjoy the unique world of wildlife and personally observe the habits of African animals in their natural habitat. All guides have a certificate that guarantees not only the qualified conduct of the excursion program, but also the safety of tourists during the safari tour. That is why the guides are so demanding on adhering to the basic rules of conduct on the tour:

  1. You can leave the vehicle only in certain places and only with the permission of the guide;
  2. On a safari tour, it is advisable to refrain from smoking, because wild animals have a very developed sense of smell, and it is extremely dangerous to disturb their natural environment with foreign odors. But if, nevertheless, there are heavy smokers in the excursion group, then smoke breaks should be arranged only in places allowed by the guide;
  3. It is forbidden to make loud sounds, especially when near wild animals. Do not forget that this is their territory, and any visitors violate their comfort zone. Therefore, the less attention tourists attract to themselves, the better for their own safety;
  4. The same applies to camera flashes. Excessive glare can cause a state of aggression in predators, so it is better to take pictures without flashes.
  5. It is forbidden to feed animals and throw objects in their direction. Do not forget that the price for a well-taken photograph can be the safety of all participants in the excursion program.

For the safari tour participants, breaks are organized for eating and resting. In safe places surrounded by nature, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy food cooked over an open fire.

Travelers are often offered to taste national dishes of colorful African cuisine and get to know more closely the traditions of the local population. There are several options for overnight stays:

  • The most budgetary – an overnight stay in a closed sleeping van. Yes, with such accommodation, tourists are guaranteed safety, but they will have to forget about the comfort. the van simply doesn’t have a shower or even the slightest equipped toilet. And the protection of the group during sleep is quite often organized with the participation of the travelers themselves. The cheapest option, but designed for very unassuming tourists.
  • Camping . They are tent camps with kitchens, showers and toilets. The campsites are mostly guarded and offer a full breakfast buffet with an amazing view of the African sunrise.
  • Comfortable lodge hotels. In eco-hotels, overnight stays for tourists are organized in separate spacious bungalows, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The territory of such hotels is very well guarded, so that a restful sleep of travelers after an impressive safari is guaranteed. The restaurants of the lodge hotels are famous not only for their exotic cuisine, but also for their colorful atmosphere.

It is better to choose clothes for a safari tour based on your own convenience and weather conditions. Experienced guides recommend not taking children under the age of 10 on the tour. Firstly, it is more difficult for children than for adults to follow the rules of behavior on a safari. Secondly, long journeys through national parks and reserves are rather tiresome. And thirdly, a child at such an early age simply will not remember the dizzying emotions from exploring the wild world of Africa.

What a tourist needs to know about safari tours in Tanzania?

Of course, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent after the safari tour. Each tourist here discovers a different side of life, comprehends in a new way the philosophy of everything that happens. Wild Africa in its pristine purity will forever remain in the memory of its guests, and each subsequent visit to the bosom of this unbridled nature will allow them to make discoveries again and again.