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Water parks in Ukraine: list, overview with useful information

The theme of water parks is one of the most popular on our blog.

This is an excellent format for recreation at different times of the year for children and adults.

In our family, water parks are popular.

To be more precise – we love them very much to visit them 🙂

The emergence of indoor water parks made it possible to enjoy such a vacation not only in summer, but at any time of the year.

We, for example, love to visit such water parks in winter. It’s like an opportunity to extend your summer.

In the summer we give preference to open ones. In addition, water parks can perfectly diversify your seaside vacation.


In this post I made an overview of water parks in Ukraine – what they are, where they are, site address, discounts and some information.

During the study of this question, my appetite really went up, I wanted to visit many of them.

The post will be updated and supplemented as new information appears on this issue.

Consider the following questions:

Closed water parks in Ukraine

Such water parks can be visited all year round and in any weather. We like to visit such water parks in winter, as it creates the feeling of moving through the seasons – from winter to summer.

Indoor water parks are located in large cities of Ukraine and I really want their number to grow and quality to improve 🙂

Water Park “Dream Island” in Kiev

Аквапарк Дрим Таун у Киеве

IMPORTANT! Aquapark Jurassic Dream Island (Dream Town) in Kiev was closed on April 22, 2019 !!!

Where: Kiev, Obolonsky avenue, 21-b. 2nd part of the shopping center “Dream Town”. This part is closer to the metro station “Heroes of Dnepr”


Type: indoor

Information and impressions: area of ​​24,000 square meters.

We have been to this water park more than 5 times.

On the blog, share your impressions, photos and videos from our trips in separate posts:

Terminal Waterpark in Brovary

Аквапарки Украины: Терминал в Броварах

Where: Kiev region, Brovary, st. Kievskaya, 316. SEC “Terminal”


Type: indoor

Information and impressions: 20.5 thousand square meters

We have been to the Terminal water park in Brovary more than five times.

I shared our impressions, photos, videos and useful information on the blog in the following posts:

Water park “Jungle” in Kharkov

Аквапарки Украины:

Where: d. Kharkiv, st. Kyrgyz, 19-B


Type: indoor

Information: 11,000 square meters.

Aquapark “Limpopo” in Ternopil

Аквапарки Украины:

Where: Ternopil, Hayova str., 29 in the shopping center “Aligator”


Type: indoor

Information: 4 500 square meters.

Aquapark “Beach” in Lviv

Аквапарки Украины:

Where: g. Lviv, st. Princess Olga, 114


Type: indoor

Information: 14,000 square meters

Tsunami Water Park in Ivano-Frankivsk

Аквапарки Украины:

Where: d. Ivano-Frankivsk, st. Dovzhenko, 29


Type: indoor

Information: 5,000 square meters

Open water parks of Ukraine at sea

Open water parks are open during the warm season. Typically from May to September.

For those who like to visit water parks, this is a great opportunity to diversify their vacation at sea. Although it does not have to be combined with a seaside vacation. A water park is a self-contained entertainment format that is cool in itself.

Aquapark “Odessa”

Аквапарки Украины: Одесса

Where: Odessa, 7 km of Ovidiopol road, Angarskaya 70/1


Type: open

Information: an area of ​​50,000 square meters, can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors, the highest slide is 18.5 meters.

Water park “Koblevo”

Аквапарки Украины: Коблево

Where: Koblevo, st. Morskaya, 150. 40 kilometers from Odessa and 70 kilometers from Nikolaev


Type: open

Information: 2 swimming pools, 20 attractions

Waterpark “Aqualand” in the Iron Port

Аквапарки Украины: Аквапарк в Железном порту

Where: Kherson region, Golopristansky district, Iron Port, st. School, 80


Type: open

Information: Area – 17000 sq.m. 4 zones: main, swimming, children’s, bars and restaurants. 17 water slides, the largest high-rise slope is 15 m, and the length is about 180 m.

Water park “Attika” in Ochakov

Where: Mykolaiv region, Ochakov, s. Chernomorka, st. Primorskaya 68/1


Type: open

Information: 10 water slides, swimming pools

Water Park “Cape of Good Hope” in Berdyansk

1Where: d. Berdyansk, st. Makarova 2c, the beginning of the Berdyansk Spit


Type: open

Information: an area of ​​over 50,000 square meters, 31 water attractions, the highest slide 16 meters.

Aquapark “Treasure Island” in Kirillovka

Where: Zaporozhye region, Akimovsky district, town. Kirillovka, st. Pervomaiskaya, 1-B


Type: open

Information: 60,000 square meters with a surface area of ​​the water surface of the swimming pools 6 120.5 sq. m. 34 slides. This is the largest water park in Ukraine.

Waterpark “Aqualand” on the Arabat Spit

Where: Kherson region, pos. Genicheskaya Hill, st. Embankment number 26 I


Type: discoveries

Information: For information about the water park with a photo, see a separate post HERE. I also recommend that you take a look at our post ” Arabatskaya arrow: rest, reviews, sea, beach, accommodation, hot spring, health improvement, photos, videos and other questions” , where we have collected useful information for rest on the Arabat Spit.

Discounts and promotions for visiting water parks in Ukraine

Discounts are available in different water parks. So that the information does not lose its relevance, we will not write separately for water parks. And we share the link where you can see all the offers that are at the moment.

So, see HERE for discounts and promotions for visiting avaparks in Ukraine.

I will update and supplement the list of water parks in Ukraine with useful information as it appears.

To complete the playlist with our videos from the water parks.

Useful for traveling in Ukraine:

Do you like to visit water parks?

What water parks in Ukraine have you been to? What did you like and what did not?

Share your experience in the comments.

See you soon!

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