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Turkey or Egypt. What’s better?

 Choosing a destination often comes down to a simple question: is it better to have tours to Turkey or to Egypt?

Considering that the cost of the tour is almost the same, especially if you make an early booking or buy last minute deals, the question is which is cheaper and which is hardly more expensive is it worth taking as a basis. Better to focus on other, more significant metrics.

Compare which is better for all indicators

The main landmark, undoubtedly, is your preferences. Some people like to go on excursions, others appreciate the comfort on the beach, and for the third it is important to visit as many nightclubs as possible, and the fourth want everything at once and so that the mountains are still nearby. In terms of excursions, beaches, clubs, you can find a lot of interesting things both in Turkey and in Egypt.

Турция или Египет - что выбрать?

Therefore, we will focus on the main thing: which is better than Turkey or Egypt in terms of such indicators as service, food, comfort in hotels, seasonality and others. The impressions of tourists who know exactly what to pay attention to will help in this.

Red, Aegean and Mediterranean seas. What to choose?

Each sea is beautiful and unique in its own way. To fully appreciate their merits, of course, you should see everything with your own eyes. The Aegean and Mediterranean are more reminiscent of the Black Sea.

At the same time, Red is considered the most beautiful in the world. Here you can go snorkelling or scuba diving, look at magnificent corals and colorful tropical fish. In addition, the color of the water is truly turquoise, just like in the commercials.

Турция или Египет? Море в Египте


For many, the answer to the question is Turkey or Egypt? – is the peculiarity of the beaches. In Turkey, they are mostly pebbled, which not everyone likes. Clean sandy and mixed with pebbles in Egypt. However, usually there are comfortable sun loungers on the territory of the hotel beach, which will eliminate the need to lie on the sand or pebbles.

Hotels and services

Турция или Египет: отели и сервис

In both countries, the owners are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for recreation. Therefore, there are hotels everywhere for every taste and budget.

However, Turkey is still a leader in this direction with a margin of three points.

  1. The reviews say that with the same class and cost, the service in Turkey is better. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that comparisons with them are often not held by hotels in other countries, not just Egypt.
  2. Entertainment deserves special gratitude: Turkey is more family-oriented, so usually there are more attractions, water parks, animators who will entertain you and children literally from morning to night.
  3. The cleanliness of the rooms deserves a separate point. Usually, even in inexpensive three-star hotels, they keep order as if they were at home. What can not be said about Egyptian hotels, where even in five-star quite respectable establishments you sometimes have to remind you of the need to finish something. For example, dust off

In defense of Egyptian resorts, we can say that minor shortcomings in the work of the staff are noticeable only to very sophisticated travelers with high demands. In addition, they are easily compensated by the beauty of the Red Sea and the mesmerizing view of the endless desert.


Good food is also important when on vacation. Especially if you are traveling with children. Turkey will delight you with delicious, varied dishes. In addition to the European menu, you have a wonderful opportunity to taste local “yummy”. Dishes may vary depending on the resort chosen, as each region has its own special recipes. In Egypt, food usually consists of a fairly limited selection of dishes. In addition, local chefs prepare European food in their own traditional way: you always need to be prepared that the usual salad will smell fragrant with spices and turn out to be too spicy in taste.

Which is best for children: Egypt or Turkey?

For a holiday with a child, you also need to choose the best conditions. In both countries, you can find good hotels where everything is provided for the comfort of young children:

  • highchair;
  • special baby;
  • menu;
  • animators for older children and nannies for toddlers.

Parents with experience of traveling with children are advised to choose Turkey. Turks really treat little guests with special warmth, I willingly help my parents with them. And if you need to go somewhere without a child, then you can safely entrust him with the care of a hotel nanny: she will look after and look after him as if she were her own.


More often than not, this becomes the decisive factor. In winter, this is undoubtedly Egypt. In Turkey, in December and January, the temperature often drops below +20 degrees. While in hot Africa you can enjoy warm +24 – +30. In other seasons, the situation is not so unambiguous.

  1. Turkey or Egypt in the summer? Experienced travelers advise Turkey. In the desert at this time, the real heat, which can prevent you from enjoying your holiday on the beach. In August, the air temperature can reach +40 in deep shade.
  2. Egypt or Turkey in March? Any travel agency, a specialized forum will advise you on Egypt. At this time, here you can not only enjoy the comfortable, warm, but not too hot weather, but also the flowering of amazing trees, shrubs and flowers.
  3. Turkey or Egypt in May? Just at this time, you will have to rely more on your preferences. There are two reasons for this. First, it’s almost the same weather. And the second is a small influx of tourists and the availability of fairly substantial discounts.
  4. Egypt or Turkey in June? In Egypt, the summer heat just begins above +30, in Turkey comfortable +25 – +28 degrees are set. If you decide which is better – Egypt or Turkey in July? – then you can focus on the June indicators.

Drawing the right conclusions

Each country is attractive, interesting in its own way. Therefore, in any one can find both advantages and not very significant disadvantages. Therefore, you should still focus more on your own interests, ask whether it is to buy tours to Turkey in the summer of 2021 from the tourism experts of the travel agency AplTravel and only after that draw the right conclusions.

They will tell you about all the current offers, advise on interesting directions and, of course, find the best option in terms of price, comfort, and your personal preferences.

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