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In Italy, you must see … the inner feeling of every Italian, relax and enjoy life itself, food and beauty, as Victoria does, having visited this country 15 times already. Victoria revealed her secrets: how to travel in Italy on a budget and shared life hacks that can be very useful when traveling in Italy on your own.

– Let’s get acquainted.

– My name is Victoria. I started traveling on my own 8 years ago. By this time, I have visited 22 countries. Of course, I did not study all countries, but individual cities. But at the same time, she visited Italy 15 times, including Sicily – 9 times. I’ve visited more cities here!

– Why do you love Italy?

– There are many reasons for this! Pleasant climate, beauty in every city, beautiful language, delicious food, sympathetic and “lively” people. Each city and region of Italy likes something different and beckons to return sooner or later.

– What do you recommend to see in Italy?

– In Italy, you must see … the inner feeling of every Italian, relax and enjoy life itself, food, beauty. It may not work right away, but if you train for a long time, or maybe not for long, you will succeed. But then there is another danger – to fall in love with Italy, and then he will constantly pull there.

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– Life hacks in Italy.

Travel in Italy on your own. Tips:

  • When traveling to Italy, take your Mastercard with you, because with Visa money will first be converted into dollars, and only then into euros. And the best way is to use a currency card or go with dollars / euros.
  • Every year at the beginning of November, the country hosts Settimana del Barato (barter week) – free accommodation in Italy. During this period, there is the possibility of free accommodation in Italian hotels or b & b in exchange for any service: nanny or gardener services, massage or foreign language courses. And some hotels have such barter almost all year round. You can find such hotels here: settimanadelbaratto.it.
  • There are also services where you can find free accommodation in Italy from local residents in exchange for looking after the house or taking pets.
    www.trustedhousesitters .com
  • Resting in Italy for two, a family or a company, it is profitable to rent an apartment for 30-60 € per day. It is better to book them in advance (1-2 months in advance).
  • When to go to Italy? If you want to avoid the heat and the crowds of tourists, it is better to plan your trip in the spring (April-May) or autumn (September-November). For lovers of skiing – end of November-beginning of March.

– How to travel on a budget?

– To travel on a budget, you need not be afraid to experiment. For example, learn how to travel without a lot of luggage, maybe spend the night in a hostel. Use a couchsurfing system. This is a free overnight stay when traveling, there are many such services on the Internet. Buy your own transport tickets: on the Internet or at the machine. Wait and look for air ticket sales. Very often, a quickly purchased ticket will save you money on accommodation or meals.

сколько денег нужно в италию

– How much money does Italy need?

– It depends on your preference and location. Therefore, it is difficult to name a specific figure. I’ll tell you about my main spending – how much money do you need in Italy.

  • Airfare to Italy depends on the season, November to March is usually cheaper, but also depends on the airline, the number of connections and the availability of sales. For myself, I use the average price of a flight – about 12 thousand rubles. and the flight with transfers lasts up to 10 hours.
  • For rental housing in Italy I can spend 10-25 € for a hostel, and 30-50 € for a room. But the most interesting thing is to rent housing and live in real apartments of people who rent them out.
  • Transport in Italy I also try to use it as economically as possible. I buy tickets in advance: for trains, buses, if possible. I do not take high-speed and super-expensive options if I have a choice. On average, 5-10 € for one-way transport in Italy is optimal. I move around the city mostly on foot, so 15 km a day is normal for me.
  • Excursions I rarely take. I read the information itself on the Internet. But more I like to just walk around the city and enjoy what I see. When the weather is bad or I want to see the city from above, I go to museums or bell towers. The city tourist card for the whole day or for 2-3 days helps to save money here. Usually it includes travel around the city. It is also interesting to find free museums in Italy or visit them on open days for free. Also, on the first Sunday of the month, admission to state museums is free. In general, museums in Italy are not cheap – from 10 €. All these life hacks in Italy help to save money on excursions.
  • About food . For me, 10-15 € per day is normal. I have breakfast at the hotel or buy groceries from the supermarket for breakfast or dinner. An inexpensive cafe can be visited once a day. Fortunately, I don’t eat so much. I drink too. Trying local drinks and local food. I like to eat something with a local flavor.

путешествие по италии самостоятельно

– What Italian dishes to try?

– Each region has its own special dishes. But there are a few that you can try almost everywhere. This is pizza, pasta, ice cream. Look for places where locals eat, do not be afraid to leave the central streets, look for information from bloggers. The sites checked are the best.

блюда итальянской кухни

– Is it true that Italians are very emotional people?

– Yes, it’s true. And the farther south, the more emotionally they wave their arms. On Saturday evenings in the pizzeria, you can expect a lot of noise from people talking at the same time and children running around. By the way, Italians often take their children everywhere and everywhere and let them do almost whatever they want. Get ready for this. And if you hear loud screams and several people are vigorously waving their hands at each other, you do not need to call the police. Most likely people are just talking emotionally.

– When do sales start in Italy and are there really good discounts there?

– Sales in Italy begin immediately after the new year: from early January to February-early March, and summer sales in Italy run from July to late August. Discounts in Italy are really very good, and not like in Russia. Raised the price, then wrote the previous one and wrote a 50% discount.

– Tell us interesting facts about Italy.

Italy is not one whole country, but 20 united regions, each with its own original dishes, traditions and dialect.

Here are some interesting facts about Italy:

  • In Italy, you cannot open an umbrella indoors, because Italians believe that it can bring bad luck.
  • It is normal for a man to live with his mother until the age of 40.
  • Italians don’t shout or swear – that’s how they talk. Especially in the south.

– What does traveling give you?

– Traveling, especially in Italy, energizes me for several months ahead. I love to learn new things and share everything that I learn with my readers. After all, I have an Instagram account @ vetochka.travel and a blog viksitur.livejournal.com.

– Your advice for a self-travel traveler.

– Do not be afraid to discover new places, experience new sensations, go wherever you look, and not where the guide will direct you. The best experiences are unexpected.

Instagram: @ vetochka.travel
Blog: viksitur.livejournal.com

Interviewed by Olga Avrakh

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