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Tour to the Dominican Republic for two

туры в Доминикану на двоих
Holidays in the Dominican Republic for two

The Dominican Republic is one of the best places for a pleasant romantic getaway for lovers who, apart from each other, need only perfect in its beauty a backdrop with perfect beaches and swaying palms. Not surprisingly, tours to the Dominican Republic for two have been consistently popular for several years.

Where is the best vacation in the Dominican Republic for two?

In the Dominican Republic, almost every coastal settlement is a popular resort. They all boast beautiful beaches and a variety of hotels, but still, each has its own specifics.

The most popular resort on the island among Ukrainians is Punta Cana. It can be called universal, since both families with children and youth companies and couples in love choose vacation here. If you are looking for a romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic at a reasonable price, you should choose this particular resort. Only when booking a hotel, please note that it is exclusively for adult tourists.

For a premium vacation in the Dominican Republic for two, it is worth going to Cap Cana. Glamor, luxury, satisfaction of every guest’s desire at the first request, the most luxurious hotels and restaurants, where Michelin chefs work – all this is in this resort. The holidays in Cap Cana will leave the most pleasant memories, but you will also have to pay a lot for it.

La Romana will also give good opportunities for a romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic. This resort will appeal to those couples who are looking for peace, solitude, and not hectic fun entertainment. If you want to completely escape from civilization and spend time in each other’s company and in unity with nature, you should go to Samana. This resort is one of the least popular among tourists and here you can also find deserted beaches where dolphins swim to the very shore.

How to choose the right hotel?

Most of the Dominican Republic hotels offer an all-inclusive service that is perfect for a carefree romantic getaway. Nearly every resort has accommodations for guests over 16 years of age to ensure that there is no noise or disturbance. If you have special requirements, you want to organize an official or symbolic wedding ceremony, you plan to receive guests, expect breakfast in your room – be sure to check these details before booking! If necessary, our managers will help you choose the best hotel for a holiday in the Dominican Republic for two .

Some local hotels specialize in organizing romantic getaways for couples, so they have rooms equipped with plush four-poster beds, whirlpool baths and artistic lighting to create a special setting. Particularly popular are the rooms and detached villas, which have their own access to the pool or the beach. Some hotels also offer special privileges for honeymooners (check in advance). When choosing a hotel in the Dominican Republic, you need to rely on customer reviews and recommendations of a trusted, reliable travel agent.

Fun on the island

Tour for two to the Dominican Republic is a great opportunity not only to spend a romantic vacation with your loved one, but also to learn more about the culture, history and nature of this wonderful country. A popular option is to spend a few days at the hotel, enjoying some pleasant idleness on the gorgeous beach, and then go on a tour of the island, discovering and exploring its attractions. And there is something to see here. You can go to Santa Domingo and see its colonial architectural monuments, visit the unique city of artists Altos de Chavon, get acquainted with the customs of the indigenous people of the island in the historic village of Taino, etc.

Excursions in the Dominican Republic are a mandatory visit to numerous local natural parks and reserves, where you can not only get acquainted with the exotic fauna of the island of Haiti and almost untouched nature, but also arrange pair swimming with dolphins, swim in a natural pool under a waterfall, go to a leisurely horse ride along the slopes of the mountains. If you feel like adrenaline, you can take a zipline ride together at Bavaro Adventure Park in Punta Cana, canoe down a mountain river, go diving and explore the region’s underwater treasures, or fly over the island by helicopter.

And, of course, the most romantic option for spending time in the Dominican Republic is a cruise on a white yacht to one of the many islands or exploring secluded bays and lagoons, which can only be accessed from the water. Depending on the wishes of the couple, on board a ship or on a deserted beach, you can organize a beautiful dinner, invite musicians, arrange a unique photo session.

A trip to the Dominican Republic for two is a chic option for celebrating a wedding, honeymoon, or simply bringing romance back into a relationship. If you have any questions about choosing a hotel or entertainment options, please contact us! We will provide any additional information and help you organize a perfect holiday!