The secret of success for Girls in travel.

A little bit about our girls in travel bachelorette party project from the inside.

Why do girls choose our trips over and over again? Indeed, according to statistics, there are often more than 50% of girls in our groups who are not with us for the first time, and not even for the second time.

In all the feedback we receive, two things are almost always mentioned – CARE and PERFECT ORGANIZATION. And this is exactly the key to our success!

  • We keep everything under tight control. We develop our own programs, we never use a finished product. We (Julia and Anton) do this personally. First, we draw up a route. Julia is in charge of hotels and restaurants, Anton is in charge of logistics, search for partners and negotiations with them. When the program is scheduled every day and approved, Yulia describes all this “beautifully” for the site. We do not delegate this to someone, we do not use the programs of tour operators and we control everything personally. Therefore, I am always a little surprised by the letters that we receive every day. “I travel to … .. let me make you a bachelorette party.”
  • Before traveling, we try to give as much information as possible about everything – what clothes to take, what flights to choose, what temperature is expected, insurance, money, sockets. Everything that comes to your mind, any question, is already in our letters, believe me. Just read them carefully .
  • And during the trip, we have a plan for every day that the super girls give the day before. How much time will we spend on the road, where we are going, what we will see, what clothes are better to wear, whether it will be cold, hot … Most of all in organized tours I am enraged by the lack of information and uncertainty.

The secret of success for Girls in travel

  • Only our supergirls guide us on our travels. Girls, whom we completely trust, who love this project and put their hearts into it. And they have local guides to help them. We do not send our groups to anyone. You can read about our team in the Who we are section.
  • We don’t do one-off travel just to visit the country. Too much effort, inspiration and time are invested in them. That’s why we hold our bachelorette parties year after year, honing them to perfection.

And we are constantly launching new directions. It’s boring without it. There is no development without this. And business is a constant movement.

  • And most importantly, we all do “For love”. This is our main secret of success and our motto in everything. Including in the preparation of routes.

The secret of success for Girls in travel

  • We started doing bachelorette parties in Nepal. Although before that, few people considered it as part of a regular trip, without tracks. And it seems to me that no one has made so much effort to make Nepal a trend, having settled the dream of visiting this small mountainous country in the hearts of thousands of girls. Well, except for Boris Lisonevich, of course. If you know, what I mean . Ok, maybe I’m flattering myself, but we can’t sell a single bachelorette party four times a year for five years in a row. Why do we need this? Just for love. Nepal is our beginning of beginnings. I want everything to be good for him. And as many girls as possible saw it through our eyes.

The secret of success for Girls in travel

  • It was for love that Ushuaia appeared in our bachelorette party in Patagonia, although this is far from the most obvious point of the route. Few people include this town in the ass of the world at the end of the world in their programs, unless you are going to Antarctica. It’s far, expensive, it’s hard to get on the ground, you have to fly. But this is a special place for me and Anton. Those who followed our travels remember that it was there that Anton proposed to me. On a small yacht in the middle of the Beagle Channel. Therefore, we really wanted to show it to the girls. And return by the themselves. And now it is practically the highlight of travel. It seems to me that no one remained indifferent.

The secret of success for Girls in travel

  • We do a tour of Hanoi on the Vespa, no ordinary bikes. Why? Just because the Vespa exists. This is a bike for the soul .
  • In Bali we start our bachelorette party and spend most of our time in Ubud). We love this place and believe that this is where you can feel the soul of the island. And fall in love without looking back.
  • In the Galapagos we will definitely spend one of the nights in San Cristobal. Just because this island once sunk into our souls. It is he who personifies the Galapagos for me.

The secret of success for Girls in travel

  • And in Iran we live for two nights in Kashan. And with him we begin the journey. This is not in any program that I came across. Simply because it was Kashan that became decisive for us when we doubted whether we should have a bachelorette party in Iran. But its roofs, tea houses, bazaars, tea at sunset in the desert …

In general, if you create something, do it for love. Without regard to others.

Just because you can’t help but do. And everything will work out.