best european food destination

Ten of the most “delicious” gastronomy destinations!

Food and travel are inextricably linked, just like airplanes and airports. No matter where you go this time, you will have a new culinary experience that will give you a better understanding of the local culture. In many countries, food is becoming a highlight, attracting many gourmets from all over the planet. These 10 regions must be visited for at least one cuisine.

1. Thailand

тайская кухня

Located at the crossroads of India, China and Oceania, this country has absorbed their traditional cuisines and created its own unique style. The dishes usually come with garlic and pepper called “Mouseshit” or “Bird’s eye”, which is famous for its explosive and pungent spiciness. The other main ingredients are lime juice, coriander, and lemongrass. They give the dishes a distinctive Thai flavor. You should also try the legendary fish sauce and shrimp paste.

2. Greece

кухня греция
From olives to octopus, the true taste of Greece, which depends on the freshest ingredients, extends. It is not common for Greeks to disguise food under a layer of countless spices, complicating the original flavors, so you can enjoy the true taste of baked bread, pink tomatoes or baked fish from the Mediterranean. Noon is the main part of the day for eating. At this time, you can see an abundant amount of dishes and snacks on the table. And on Wednesdays and Fridays, the Greeks usually have fast days, when the consumption of meat is not encouraged. It is Athens that is home to about 20 Michelin-starred restaurants. For example, Funky Gourmet or Botrini’s, where you can enjoy the masterpieces of Greek and Mediterranean haute cuisine.

3. China

китайская кухня
China is one of the gourmet capitals around the world, from street vendors to lavish banquet halls. The cultural traditions of Yin and Yang (balance and harmony) find themselves in one dish in the form of chilled foods (vegetables and fruits) and warm meat with spices. The Chinese prefer rice, but they can also opt for noodles, which often accompany meals. The way food is prepared in different regions is influenced in different ways by geography and history. If you’re looking for gourmet dining in China, you’ll find them in Macau or Hong Kong.

4. France

французская кухня
This country is famous for its products such as cheese, champagne, snails and baguettes. French cuisine has long established itself as easy to prepare with a wide range of products. The different climates and geography of the regions have influenced the main ingredients of the cuisine. Many French people see lunch as their main meal. The culmination of a complete cooking experience is a homemade six-course dinner. Gastronomic tourism in this country is very developed, often travel agencies offer wine or other tours (for example, cheese tours), combining them with cooking master classes, tastings or visits to factories.

5. Spain

испанская кухня
Barcelona is considered the best food in the whole country. Catalan cuisine has repeatedly received approval and praise from connoisseurs. The main spices in Catalan food are saffron and cumin. Spain is also famous for its delicious chocolates. The mixture of ingredients and customs gives the unique taste of meat and seafood dishes in a national sauce. There is also plenty of space for gastro-tourists – there are many proposals for visiting both various tours and gourmet restaurants.

6. Mexico

мексика кухня
Mexican sensibility creates enchanting culinary delights that are especially appreciated during the holidays. Mexican cuisine has a predominantly Spanish influence with a twist of French and African traditions. The main ingredients of various dishes are corn and legumes, which Mexicans have a myriad of ways to prepare, including enchilada and quesadilla. And how can you forget a bottle of mezcal with a caterpillar inside?

7. Italy

италия кухня
Despite all the differences that exist between the regions of the country, some common traditions tie all the local cuisine together. This is incredibly tasty pizza with the thinnest dough and crispy crust, pasta with all kinds of sauces, and risotto. And the Italians prefer coffee as the main drink. It would be superfluous to mention the myriad of excellent restaurants for different tastes and wallets, wine production and other pleasures for gourmets.

8. India

индийская кухня
India is a land of diversity that stretches from neighborhoods to cities. The main food of the Indians in the south of the country is rice, and in the north – roti (Indian flatbread). They are prepared with vegetables, curries and chutneys. Also, meat or fish is often added to them. Almost any dish contains a lot of exotic spices that can explode the taste buds.

9. Japan

японская кухня
A large number of Japanese restaurants offer yakitori (small chicken kebabs with vegetables), sashimi (raw fish), sushi, tempura (cooked in batter) and ramen (noodles) on the menu. The pinnacle of Japanese cuisine is kaiseki – a traditional Japanese meal with a change of dishes, the central ingredients of which are rice and tofu. Such a dinner is a sign of the high level of the establishment and combines the serving ceremony, the sophistication of food absorption, the enjoyment of exquisite products and a thoughtful menu, the ingredients of which depend on the season.

10. Indonesia and Malaysia

малайзия кухня
The cuisines of these countries are the product of a mixture of Chinese, Portuguese and Indian. The abundance of rice, spices, spices and hot pepper binds together all previous centuries and resonates in the hearts of all gourmets. Despite the fact that the dishes contain many ingredients, the food is not complicated and the taste remains simple and bright.