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Shanghai landmarks

The Chinese are a very proud people. They are proud of their history and ancestors, their traditions and unique culture, their achievements and future projects. They are also proud of their “pearl of the east”, known to us as Shanghai.

Translated from Chinese, this city is called “city on water” or “city above water”, in any case, the name justifies itself, because Shanghai is located at the mouth of the great Chinese Yangtze River.

Shanghai is a true find for a tourist, because here you will not be bored for a minute! A riot of neon colors at night and mysterious oriental practices during the day, millions of shops and luxurious fashion boutiques, ancient pagodas and simply sky-high skyscrapers – there is not only something to see, but also something to be surprised at.

Over the past decades, Shanghai has claimed the title of the capital of East Asia, as the following are concentrated here:

  • The most important financial and investment operations;
  • Production facilities of many electronic companies and light industry manufactories;
  • The largest port in terms of cargo turnover;
  • A huge amount of retail space at affordable prices and with the bonus of being tax-free for 3 years;
  • Mass events of a world scale: scientific symposia, conferences, all kinds of technical exhibitions, sports competitions, installations of art masterpieces and fashion shows, and others;
  • Center of Chinese Bohemia.

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Музей традиционной китайской медицины

There is a University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, where the museum is located. It presents exhibits that tell about the history of the university itself and about Chinese medicine as such, about various methods and practices that were used to treat ailments 5 thousand years ago, the secrets of medicinal herbs, all the necessary utensils and dishes of Chinese doctors, samples of medicines and much other. The property of the museum includes about 14 thousand artifacts from different eras. This is a rather interesting excursion, but it is intended only for tourists who speak English. And be prepared to leave your camera at home, as filming is prohibited here.

Longhua Pagoda

Пагода Лунхуа

A sacred place, alluring with its mystery and its antiquity – this is one of the sixteen pagodas located in Shanghai. The pagoda is part of the architectural complex of the Longhua Temple, surrounded by a beautiful park. However, recently it is forbidden for tourists to enter inside, which is justified by the “age” of the structure – 2 thousand years. Restoration work is constantly underway on the territory of the complex, and the landmark itself looks the same as after its construction: its height is about 40 meters, only natural materials (stone and wood) were used during the construction, it has seven floors, and at the very top long spire. The roof is lined with black tiles, and figurines of mythical animals are visible at its ends bent upwards, and bells on the cornices, all of them are designed to protect this place from evil spirits. And below the pagoda is the Buddha.

Everyone who is imbued with the atmosphere of the temple complex and pacified in the peach garden has the opportunity to quench not only spiritual but also real thirst by going to a vegetarian restaurant in the park.

Shanghai Zoo

Шанхайский зоопарк

The wonderful Shanghai Zoo will take a worthy place in your personal travel guide. It has existed for half a century and during this time it has become very fond of the locals, who come there just for a walk and spend a weekend with their families, and tourists who, after visiting, are incredibly delighted. This zoo contains animals from different natural habitats, while they recreated the conditions that are closest to their natural habitats. The most attractive inhabitants of the zoo are, of course, pandas – funny and graceful black and white bears. Here you can see Asian tigers, peacocks, penguins, flamingos, all kinds of fish in the ponds, as well as visit the room with butterflies. For children, it will be interesting to go to the children’s zoo with bottle feeding for small individuals. You can relax after a walk around the zoo in the cafe located on the territory or grab a couple of sandwiches with you and have a small picnic.

Temple of Confucius

Храм Конфуция

This place, on the one hand, stores all the wisdom of the Confucius era, and on the other, it is not the same ancient temple as before. This is due to the events of the late 19th century, when the temple complex was practically destroyed by the Chinese army in the fight against the rebels. Only three bridges – a contemporary of Confucius – remind of antiquity. This temple has always served for various ceremonies and is the only temple in Shanghai built in honor of the great sage. Like any temple in the East, the Temple of Confucius is a sacred place saturated with wisdom, tranquility, serenity and harmony of being, here you can not only think about the frailty of your existence, but also get real enlightenment. This is favored by the silence, the measured murmur of water in the ponds, sculptural sculptures in the courtyard and, of course, the monks who keep the dinner of silence.

A pagoda has been erected on the territory of the complex, in which there is a bookstore with books by the great sage Confucius, and in a special teahouse you can join the mystery of the tea ceremony.

Choosing Shanghai as a point of your tourist route, you will not go wrong, because here you will not only touch the eastern traditional culture, but also fully experience modernity with its high technologies, scientific discoveries embodied in all spheres of Chinese life.

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