Sea in Egypt

It is difficult to find a person who would not have heard about what incredible underwater beauty the Red Sea in Egypt conceals! It offers fantastic opportunities for diving and snorkeling, attracting tourists almost more than the famous ancient pyramids. Why the local underwater world is so attractive and why many people buy tours to Egypt just for the sake of getting to know it – read on.

The seas washing the shores of Egypt

Many people mistakenly believe that the only sea in Egypt is the Red Sea, but this is not the case. This belief stems from the fact that it is the Red Sea resorts that are most popular among tourists around the world. In fact, the northern coast of the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea and there are also several resort centers. Among the most popular are Alexandria, Marsa Matruh, Port Said, El Alamein, Es Sallum, Marina. The choice of hotels here is less than on the east coast and the Sinai Peninsula, and the beach season lasts only six months. And from the point of view of diving and snorkeling, the Mediterranean coast is of little interest.

Red Sea: what’s interesting

But the Red Sea coast is a real find for those who want to get acquainted with the underwater world. It was formed about 25 million years ago and is the youngest on Earth. The salinity of the Red Sea is very high, it is almost three times saltier than the Black Sea! Due to the fact that it is located in a tropical desert climate, its waters warm up perfectly – even in the winter months the temperature near the coast does not drop below +20 ° С, and in summer it reaches +27 ° С and even +30 ° С. In addition, not a single river with a constant watercourse flows into it, that is, silt and sand, which make the water muddy, do not enter the sea. Therefore, the visibility here ranges from 15 to 30 meters, and in some places it reaches 40 meters! All this makes the Red Sea in Egypt the best diving destination all year round.

The underwater world off the Egyptian coast is extremely beautiful and diverse, it has no equal in the Northern Hemisphere. Its main value is made up of corals, of which there are more than 300 species, as well as more than 1,500 species of fish and the same number of species of invertebrates. While on holiday in Egypt in the Red Sea, you can see colorful butterfly fish, grouper, sea carp, angel fish, sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, moray eels, Napoleon fish, sharks and many others. And what is great, you can see many of them without even diving into the depths – just put on a mask with a snorkel and observe the beauty of the underwater world from the surface. Although there is certainly a lot more to discover for divers!

Features of the Red Sea at popular resorts

Sharm El Sheikh

море в Шарм-эль-Шейхе
the sea in Sharm el-Sheikh

There are interesting dive sites in almost every resort in Egypt. However, the real paradise for lovers of underwater beauty is the sea in Sharm el-Sheikh. And all because there are 16 excellent dive sites near the resort, and just 25 km away is the Ras Mohammed National Park with a unique wall of coral, which once conquered Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself. Also, while on vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh, you can go by boat to Tiran Island, which has Jackson, Gordon, Woodhouse and Thomas reefs.

When choosing tours to Sharm el-Sheikh, you need to take into account that almost all hotels here are located near small house reefs and entry into the water is possible only from a pontoon. But snorkelling, watching bright fish and looking at corals, can be almost everywhere. The best diving spots right outside the resort are Sharks Bay, Nabq and Ras Umm El Sid. In Sharm el-Sheikh, the sea is just overflowing with life and you can endlessly explore its beauty!


море в Хургаде
sea in Hurghada

Red sea in Hurghada also impresses with a variety of underwater inhabitants, but here it will be more interesting for beginners. Experienced divers can be advised to take an excursion to Giftun Island, Fanadir reefs, Carles, Abu Ramada coral islands. Just do not forget that holidays in Hurghada are popular all year round, so there are always plenty of people who want to dive on popular sites.

If the purpose of a tour to Hurghada is precisely diving or snorkeling, you should carefully choose a hotel, giving preference to those near which there is a house reef. Of course, they are not as impressive as in Sharm el-Sheikh, but the sea in Hurghada will not leave anyone indifferent either.

Marsa Alam

море в Марса Аламе
sea at Marsa Alam

Sea at Marsa Alam is one of the best places to explore the underwater world in all of Egypt. Many even argue that the wealth of marine flora and fauna here surpasses the Ras Mohammed reserve! So, it is not surprising that lately more and more diving fans are choosing tours to Marsa Alam.

In the area of ​​this resort there are more than 25 interesting dive sites, including the reefs of Dolphin, Elfinston, Dedalus and others. Some of them are better to visit during a long dive safari and only if you have the appropriate certificates – this is important to consider when going on vacation in Marsa Alam. And literally every hotel offers excellent conditions for snorkeling here! By the way, near Marsa Alam, the sea disposes not only for diving, but also for kiting, surfing and other water sports.

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