Options for a summer tourist family vacation in Belarus

Every family loves to travel to the sea in the warm season, giving preference to long-standing traditions.

If you want to have a good rest with children and family, consider many proposals. Amazing nature has been waiting for guests for quite some time. Take your family and friends as you go on your trip.

Options for a summer tourist family vacation in Belarus

Fresh and traditional ideas

Organizing a memorable, inexpensive, high-quality vacation today will not be difficult. Make a list of places where things get relatively cheap and impressive. The trip will be ideal, of course, if you take children on vacation.

The picturesque, beautiful lake with the well-known name Svityaz is considered the best for travelers and tourists. The forest near the lake has a mixed species of trees, numbering more than 25: oak, spruce, hornbeam, ash, maple, aspen, birch, pine, alder and others.

Recharge with positive emotions by purchasing a transport ticket. You can stop for rest in the developing resort area located in the villages around the lake, for example, the Magistralny sanatorium. If you want to be alone with nature, and you know how to navigate the area well, you can walk in the nearby forests and at the same time collect a lot of blueberries, lingonberries and strawberries.

Fresh and traditional ideasFresh and traditional ideas

Sometimes the long-awaited rest and fun is summer. There is a river in your metropolis, do not forget to invite your friends to it. Take everything you need to cook barbecue and other goodies. Organize a competition with songs, dances, sweepstakes.

Fresh and traditional ideas

Country Tours

You can enjoy fish soup and other delicious, wonderful dishes, taking with you a kettle and other utensils. From cereals you will need millet and other natural, high-quality ingredients. Chill drinks by pressing the bottles against the sand with stones.

Country Tours

Travel around cities and towns on reliable, popular transport, persuading moms and dads to accompany you on your trip. Parents can always rent bicycles. Some cyclists ride through forests and fields, leaving the city on an electric train. They take with them in their backpacks: water, food, glue for gluing leaky bicycle cameras, etc.

Country Tours

Comfortable seating areas

For those who do not like to carry backpacks and make long walking or cycling trips, there are various premium tourist complexes.

, mysterious sights. It makes sense to make comfortable excursions on the territory of the National Park “Braslav Lakes”, it is worth staying in cottages on the shore of Lake Snudy. All guests will be able to choose for themselves any entertainment offered: renting bicycles, catamarans, playing table tennis, visiting a bathhouse, children’s trampoline, swings, slides, etc.

The Sula Park-Museum will help entertain your kids. This tourist complex includes many unique sites: the Gothic Quarter, the Viking village, where there is a real ship – a drakkar, which is definitely worth a ride, a medieval castle, working craft workshops and other interesting recreated sights of the interactive story.

The list of hospitality will be complemented by the majestic Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where the ancient relic forest and developed infrastructure are combined without disturbing the balance of nature. The park is open all year round and includes such entertainment as: a children’s complex, a swimming pool, riding electric cars and any seasonal sports equipment. There are also museums on an area of ​​15 hectares, in winter the estate of Santa Claus is open to visitors!

Men and boys should like the historical cultural base “Stalin’s Line”, where a large exhibition of Soviet military equipment is presented. Young visitors can even decorate the exhibits to their taste and ride the models. There are also playgrounds here, there is a rental of ATVs for adults, soap entertainment shows with the clown Motey are arranged.

The female part of holidaymakers will like the Dudutki museum complex more, where you can get acquainted with the cultural heritage and everyday life of Belarusian crafts, see the work of ancient folk technologies and take part in master classes, visit the poultry house, stables and zoo.

For extreme teenagers, there is a country club “Festivalny”, where there are various types of sports competitions in the assortment: a rope park, a mud track, obstacle courses, an interesting quest “Bunker”, as well as a crossbow shooting range, football, volleyball and board games. To restore the energy spent, it is worth visiting the Vokrug Sveta restaurant, where an airship hangs from the ceiling and a lot of delicious and varied dishes.

For a more relaxing holiday for the benefit of health, consider the option of the Isloch-Park health complex, which has water-thermal zones, pools with fountains, spa-salons, open gazebos and game attractions. You can stay in a hotel, the area of ​​the complex is 26 hectares, so it is better to stay here for a long time and leisurely explore the entire territory.

Belarus with its mild climate is an excellent destination for various tourist recreation and travel. Dedicate a good summer day to the good old tradition by inviting the whole family, relatives and close friends with children on a trip. A fun holiday will be guaranteed for you, and a friendly country will kindly welcome you and gladly present you exciting moments that you will remember again and again.