Maldives – Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

The Maldives attracts tourists with their stunning beaches, azure coasts and a variety of exotic flora and fauna. The affluent resort is considered one of the most expensive destinations on the planet and is popular with wealthy travelers.

This South Asian state is located among groups of volcanic islands and is located in the Arabian Sea of ​​the Indian Ocean. An excellent climate for year-round recreation prevails here, the air and water temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Tourism began after the rebuilding of the resort in 2003, before that only the richest and most influential people in the world knew about the Maldives, when the first hotel was built on the islands in 1971. Today, the Maldives offers a large number of hotels for every taste and price range.

The structure of the Maldives is such that the country consists of separate atolls, the article will focus on the atolls of Ari and Rasdhoo. Ari Atoll is considered the largest in the archipelago, it includes 44 islands, while the small Rasdu atoll is located in its northern part.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

On the territory of the atolls, there are a huge number of restaurants with cuisine of all nationalities and restaurants with a specific direction of dishes, for example, only seafood dishes or only grilled dishes.

In addition to standard chess, billiards and tennis, tourists are invited to participate in a kind of competition – crab races. For a certain fee, the tourist chooses “his” crab and cheers for it. The participant’s task is to come running first. Usually this event evokes a lot of emotions.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

Since the coconut industry is widely developed on the island, a large area of ​​Ari and Rasdhoo is occupied by coconut plantations. For especially selective tourists – helicopter flights.

From the passenger seat, tourists can see islands, beaches, lagoons, parks. In order to experience new emotions for yourself, you can sit in the pilot’s seat and fly the plane throughout the entire flight. However, this requires taking special courses and passing the certificate.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

And since the cost of this entertainment is much higher, then not all tourists can afford it. For lovers of less extreme flights, the sale of tickets for seaplanes is open.

Each island offers spa services to tourists to help you relax and feel more rested. The hotel business is widely developed in the atolls of Ari and Rasdu. Moreover, the hotel policy is such that each of them has its own unique flavor.

This is how Nika Island Resort gained the reputation of being the most romantic hotel. It is located in the northwest of Ari Atoll. There is a seaplane transfer from the airport, which takes about 25 minutes. At exactly twelve o’clock in the morning, the lights go out all over the island – from street lamps to restaurants and cafes.

There is no light for three minutes. According to the organizers’ plan, during this time, the lovers on the island must say three cherished phrases to each other – “I love you.” And simply romantic natures can lie on the sand and admire the stars in the night sky for three minutes.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

Banyan Tree Maldives Manodivaru is designed for natures who require solitude, tranquility and silence, who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle and other tourists. The hotel can be reached in 35 minutes by seaplane from the airport. The hotel is only suitable for 2-18 guests.

At the same time, all conditions have been created so that the guests of the hotel do not overlap with each other, so each room has its own butler. If desired (and with the availability of money), the tourist can rent the entire island.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

Wealthy tourists can stay at the W Retreat & Spa. It is located 80 km from the airport (30 minutes by seaplane) and is a high class hotel. It provides an individual approach to each client, chic restaurants and bars.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

For an active holiday, you should choose the Sun Island Resort & Spa hotel (100 km from the airport in Rasdu Atoll). The hotel is one of the largest hotels in the Maldives. The largest freshwater pool in the Maldives is located on its territory. At the hotel you can devote your holidays to land and water sports under the strict guidance of instructors.

Maldives - Ari and Rasdhoo Atolls

On the atolls of Ari and Rasdoo, you can choose a hotel that meets the purpose of a tourist’s stay in the Maldives, his requests, wishes and hobbies. This guarantees a pleasant pastime and a great vacation that will leave only the best memories.

You can get to the islands from the capital Male:

  • 30 minutes of seaplane flight and you are on Ari
  • Speedboat and in 2.5 hours you you will find yourself in Rasdhoo

Also on the islands, if you are tired of just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, you can go in for sports:

  • diving,
  • windsurfing ,
  • snorkeling,
  • sea kayak,
  • water skiing,
  • sailing,
  • catamaran trip ,
  • water banana rides,
  • jet skis,
  • parasailing,
  • cycling and much more.

Some hotels offer excursions to the capital, where you will be introduced to the culture of the city, you will visit the museum, markets, shops and other attractions.