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Malaga – Andalusian pearl

Malaga is a developed city with a large area and a beautiful center, which is historically backed up by a host of attractions and monuments from the past. Any tourist can get to know the central part of Malaga in just one day. The city is full of high-rise buildings and a wide variety of shopping centers.

In Malaga, the main activity can be a walk through narrow streets, pretty filled with flowers and shopping in shopping centers that are unlike each other. Of course, Malaga is a summer and sea resort. The abundance of beaches is striking in its variety, many expensive and cheap hotels, and a vibrant nightlife. Unfortunately, not all tourists with children will like rest on the shores of this city. The sea is chilly, and the air is rather sultry and hot. But it is this contrast that attracts most adults.

малага испания

The world famous artist Picasso was born in Malaga. That is why it is so filled with museums and creative circles. Even many streets, hotels and restaurants are named after the legendary artist. It is worth considering that Picasso lived in Malaga during his infancy, and he took his first steps in modernism in Barcelona, ​​where there are also many exhibitions dedicated to his work. But the fact that a special building was built for the collection of his works is worthy of respect and praise of the city.

The city has a large number of interesting buildings, monuments, cathedrals and buildings for the entertainment of tourists.

Malaga Cathedral

On the site of the Arab mosque for two hundred and fifty years, starting in 1528, the Cathedral of Malaga was erected. In the construction of the building, it was planned to build two mosques, but due to lack of funds, only one tower was built. Therefore, among the people, the cathedral received another name – La Manquita, which means “one-armed lady” in Spanish. Oddly enough, despite the rather poor decoration of the cathedral, several styles of architectural construction were combined in it:

  • Gothic;
  • Neoclassicism;
  • Baroque.

The cathedral has a small museum and a courtyard where oranges grow. There are stone benches under the trees.

малага кафедральный собор Ла-Манкита

Fortress of Malaga

The foundation of the fortress was laid in the 18th century, but the construction itself began in the 19th. A fortress was erected for the Zirid dynasty and for the stay of the governor in it. The fortress is considered to be the best preserved of any defensive fortress in Spain. Not far from the fortress there is an ancient Roman drama theater, founded in the second century. It is currently under restoration.

Крепость Малага

The fortress consisted of two long walls that connected to the city wall and formed a triple protective wall. Today, only two internal walls have survived. In the inner part of the palace there is a richly decorated fountain, many small courtyards with trees and streets. One of the buildings houses the archaeological museum .

Picasso Museum

The museum, located in the central part of Malaga in a 16th century palace, attracts tourists with its historical and cultural significance. The collection of the museum has about three hundred paintings by Picasso, which were donated by the creator’s family for free. The works of the artist’s early works from 1895 are mainly exhibited.

музей пикассо малага

La Malagueta

The bullfight arena is located on Reading Street. La Malagueta was created in 1874 by the famous architect Hocain Rookba. The applied neo-mudejar style of architecture gave the project an octagonal shape. Its diameter is about 55 m. Antonio Ordonez created a museum of bulls inside the arena building. The most famous performances of the Museum of La Malagueta are the Press Bullfight on the Day of Saints Paula and Sirico, Picasso Bullfight and August Fair Bullfight.

арена в малаге Ла-Малагета

Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga

The specialization of the museum is based on sculptures and visualization works. Located in the former building of the Malaga wholesale market, which was in operation until the 1980s. The museum has a rather large area of ​​6,000 square meters, half of which are used directly for the visualization of expositions. The Center for Contemporary Art brings to life a completely new program that is fluid and open to new artistic forms of expression. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the aesthetic, political, social, or even conceptual wave of contemporary art. The museum boasts exhibitions of renowned artists such as:

  • Raymond Pettibon;
  • Ron Mueck;
  • Louise Bourgeois;
  • Polla McCartney;
  • Anish Kapoor.

In the central part of the museum, screenings of films of a certain orientation and art congresses are often held.

Центр современного искусства в Малаге


The fortress is located in ruins on a mountain that towers over the city of Malaga. Gibralfaro is part of the main fortress of Malaga, called the Alcazaba. Together, these two fortresses form a single whole. The fortress consists of two walls, between which there is a very narrow passage. It was conceived that the inner wall was much higher than the outer one, and the entrance to the fortress itself was located in the tower behind the fortress. Gibralfaro was built by the Arab Caliph Abdar-Rahman at the end of the 10th century, but by the 14th century it was overhauled. The last conqueror of the fortress was King Ferdinand II. Ferdinand’s troops besieged the fortress for about three months.

Climbing to the highest point of the fortress, tourists can enjoy the amazing views of the city of Malaga and the city’s bullring. In the central part of the fortress, as is customary in almost all historical buildings of this type, there is an exhibition of military armor, mosques and household items.

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Beaches of Malaga

Malaga has about 16 beaches, which are perfectly located on a 14-kilometer coastal zone. On the western side of Malaga, the beaches have dark sand. The eastern coasts are often rocky and rocky, giving the beach some wildness and romanticism. The beaches in the center of Malaga are more popular as they are socially secured. Here you can be offered comfortable sun loungers, sun umbrellas, and exotic drinks are served in the bars.

Having visited Malaga, everyone chooses for themselves the type of rest they like. For sunbathers, there are many wild and social beaches to visit. And for people who do not sit still, the ruins of abandoned castles and other historical sights of Spain will be an excellent solution.

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