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Interview: Why go to Chad – an African country?

Annually, about a thousand Chadian students study at Russian universities. One of them, Richard, a student at Kazan University, spoke about his home country of Chad. As it turned out, this is a rather unusual place, unfamiliar by travelers, wild in many ways, but at the same time unforgettable. Tourists come to Chad for the unique African nature, where they can observe animals in their natural environment and get acquainted with the natural attractions of Chad.

– Let’s get acquainted.

– My name is Jimasbe Richard. I come from the country of Chad. Now I live and study in Kazan at KFU. I came to Kazan in 2011, at first I studied at the bachelor’s and master’s degrees on a budgetary basis, and now in graduate school. I like it in Russia, but I don’t plan to stay here. I love doing business, so after graduation, I will go home to Chad or Canada. There I can earn a budget to start my own business.

страна чад

– How developed is tourism in Chad?

– Tourists usually come to Chad in the summer. But tourism in Chad is still developing. People come here to see the unique Lake Chad, to get acquainted with the culture of the Chadians. We have national parks where you can observe elephants, tigers, giraffes and other animals in their natural environment.

– What are the prices in Chad?

– Apartments, in comparison with Russia, are cheaper. There is a drawback in Chad – the problem with electricity.

For transportation, we mainly use a minibus and a taxi, as well as a private car.

  • Prices for public transport in Chad: 15-20 rubles, taxi: 300-500 rubles
  • All products are “BIO”, that is, natural. Food prices in Chad : bread – 15 rubles, pasta – 50 rubles, fruits – from 10-30 rubles / kg, vegetables – 20-45 rubles / kg, meat – 150- 200 rubles, cheese – 60-100 rubles, milk – 30 rubles.
  • Prices in a cafe in Chad. For example, lunch per person in a cafe: 150-200 rubles.
  • Tax in Chad for local businessmen: approximately 15-20% of net profit.

достопримечательности чада

– Do you need a visa to Chad?

– A visa is required to visit the Republic of Chad. The cost of a tourist visa to Chad is $ 150, a transit visa is $ 30. The visa is issued for 90 days.

– Are there good hotels in Chad?

– The cost of booking a hotel in Chad: an average of 500-1000 rubles per day. Good hotels in Chad are concentrated in the city of N’Djamena, here are some of them: Kempinski, Novotel, Radisson blue, Santana hotel, Chez Woo.

отели чада

– Tell us about the sights of Chad.

  • First of all, this is a unique African nature, unlike anything else. Therefore, it is worth going to the savannah, where you can get acquainted with wildlife.
  • Also in Chad there are nature reserves and national parks with unique flora and fauna. The largest park is Zakouma National Park. There are many animals listed in the Red Book in this park. Zakuma Park is home to about fifty species of mammals and more than two hundred and fifty species of birds.

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  • If you come to the country of Chad, I advise you to definitely see the largest body of water in Central Africa – the unique Lake Chad . By the way, you can see pelicans and flamingos here.

озеро чад

  • You should definitely visit the capital of Chad – the city of N’Djamena , where modern districts contrast with old buildings. A very colorful city.


  • Nearly all architectural landmarks in Chad are located near the Old Town. For example, the Great Mosque of N’Djamena, built by the French on the site of the ancient ruins of the Sao era. There are interesting buildings near the mosque: the President’s Palace, the National Museum of Chad, the Catholic Mission, and the Grand Marche market, which is one of the best in Central Africa.

достопримечательности чада

  • To feel the flavor of Chad, I advise you to go to the village of Gauja , where you can see the traditional architecture, as well as learn the history and culture of the tribe of that period.
  • There are many natural attractions in Chad, which makes the country unique. Natural arch of Aloba about 120 meters high. Another natural wonder located in the Sahara Desert is the Ennedy Mountain Plateau . Here you can see unusual natural attractions – sandstone rocks, natural arches. And on the rocks there are hieroglyphs with images of people who lived here thousands of years ago.

достопримечательности чада

достопримечательности чада

достопримечательности чада

– Is there internet in Chad?

– There is wi-fi, but not in all cafes and hotels.

– What is the climate in Chad?

– Chad is located in the middle of the equator in central Africa. The maximum temperature is + 45C, and the minimum is + 17C. It rains from May to October.

– How are things going with work in Chad?

– In Chad, the average salary is about $ 300. Most of the population is engaged in agricultural activities and business in the field of trade. It is difficult to find a job in Chad, as in many countries, everything is by acquaintance, if there are no acquaintances, there is no job.

– What is the education level in Chad?

– In Chad, the literacy rate reached 45% in 2015. So far there are few literate people, but children go to school, and I think that in 5-15 years the literacy rate may reach 78% of the population.

достопримечательности чада – Tell us about the local Chadians.

– Locals in Chad: open-minded, kind, cheerful, caring and stress-relieving.

– Your wishes for travelers going to Chad.

– I wish all travelers a good rest. You will never regret visiting Chad if you really want to enjoy real nature. Chad is a country with many different cultures. The locals treat foreigners well and appreciate everything that comes from elsewhere.