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How to study abroad and travel during a pandemic

The pandemic has made adjustments to travel abroad. Despite all the restrictions, planes fly, countries are open and are waiting for Kazakhstani tourists and students. Here’s how to travel safely during Covid-19 and study abroad.

2020 has broken all possible expectations. No one could have imagined that planes would stop flying, the borders would close, and people would stay at home for several months.

And now, some 6 months later, we live in a new reality, where masks have become a mandatory accessory, all offline events have moved to online, and distance learning has become one of the most discussed topics.

Despite all the surprises of the new reality, one should not forget about travel and study abroad. Everything has become a little more complicated, but it is possible to go to study abroad!

Let’s tell you how to travel and learn languages ​​abroad during a pandemic:

Before going abroad

Keep track of the spread of coronavirus in the selected country of study. You can always change the direction or postpone the start dates of the program. We are as flexible as possible and ready to adapt to your wishes. We constantly monitor the countries where Kazakhstani tourists are allowed and where they can learn the language in our schools.

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Be attentive to your health! Have you noticed symptoms of ARVI or found out that you have been in contact with a sick coronavirus? Call a doctor and stay at home! Do not self-medicate and travel abroad at risk to your health.

Contact your manager if you cannot fly to study with EF due to coronavirus infection. We will reschedule your trip to other dates. This requires only the test results for Covid-19.

At the airport

Arrive at the airport at least three hours before departure. Social distancing, mandatory temperature control and other safety measures can slow down the check-in process.

  • Read the flight rules in advance on the official website of the airline you plan to travel.
  • Cut your contacts with people on the way to the airport, take a taxi and be sure to wear a mask in the car
  • Check in online
  • Maintain social distance in queues, do not ignore the floor markings and do not breathe in the back of your head person in front
  • Wear a mask and gloves at the airport
  • Avoid touching surfaces at the airport, but if this happens, wash or disinfect your hands before touching your face

On an aircraft, each airline may have their own safety rules on board. Check them out on the official websites; you will most likely be asked to wear a mask and remain wearing it at all times during the flight. Do not neglect this rule. You never know who is infected with you and who is not.

The air in the aircraft cabin is refreshed every 2-3 minutes, and depending on the airline, the planes are equipped with HEPA filters, which make the air practically sterile. Airlines disinfect cabins before each flight, but we still recommend keeping your hands clean and minimizing contact with objects on board.

Airport Transfers

Plan your airport transfers in advance. Try to minimize contact with people, and immediately set aside the time and cost for a taxi to school or residence.

To feel completely safe, we recommend ordering our transfer. They are verified drivers and guaranteed compliance with sanitary measures.

At school abroad

We adhere to the general WHO recommendations and the rules of the Ministry of Health of the countries in which our schools are located. All employees wear masks and are tested for Covid-19 several times a month, social distancing is observed in schools and free sanitizers are available for each classroom.

We have prepared everything for your study to be productive and safe, but We also ask you to be attentive to yourself and your health: wash your hands regularly, wear masks and maintain social distance.

You can read more about the safety rules of students while studying abroad here.

Students can take a Covid-19 test right in our schools so as not to be quarantined upon arrival, but in some countries they will have to spend 2 weeks in self-isolation due to restrictions of the local Ministry of Health. Contact us to find out where and what the rules apply.

During quarantine, all our students study online through live streams and are in remote contact with school staff and their classmates from other countries .

You can study abroad, you can travel! The main thing is to know the safety rules and carefully monitor your health. A pandemic should not stand between you and your desire to develop, learn foreign languages ​​and travel.