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How to rent an apartment in Budapest: our experience of renting budget housing for daily rent + bonus

Как снять жилье в Будапеште посуточно With the opening of visa-free Europe has become a popular destination for independent travel.

We were no exception, and after the opening of visa-free travel we visited Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic with a half-day walk in the city of Brno.

By the way, if you are planning independent trips or just trips abroad, I recommend our post “All useful resources for travel”, there we have collected and continue to add to the list of useful resources – on what go, where to stay, excursions, insurance and much more.

And now, back to the question of renting an apartment in Budapest.

We would highlight two of the most popular and convenient rental sites – Booking and airbnb.

Each of these resources has its pros and cons.

Our travels were in the “budget” format, so the airbnb site was more suitable for us.

By the way, if you are not registered on this site yet, please catch the INVITATION.

When registering by invitation, you receive a bonus in cash that you can use to pay for your rent. If you register without an invitation, you get nothing.

Why airbnb?

Because there is a large selection of apartments for rent, and this is the most profitable rental option when traveling if the budget is limited. Apartments are more expensive and cheaper. The obvious advantage is that you have the ability to prepare food, which significantly saves travel costs.

When we travel, we love to try the local cuisine, but we do it once or twice a day. As a rule, we prepare breakfast ourselves. In all the apartments that we rented abroad (this was not the case in Odessa), there was tea, coffee, sugar and salt in the kitchen. Sometimes even some products, for example, muesli, sunflower oil. It is very convenient.

In today’s post, I’ll share questions like this:

What to look for when renting an apartment in Budapest through airbnb

Before choosing, set up the filters you need – the number of people, dates, separate accommodation or not, etc.

By the way, pay attention to the map. It is very convenient to see the options on the map. Zoom in to the area that interests you and you will see offers for renting housing in this place.

So, what you need to pay attention to when renting an apartment in Budapest.

I would highlight the following points:

  • discounts
  • allowances
  • reviews
  • location
  • cancellation policy

And now more about these points.

Discounts on rental housing in Budapest

Discounts are generally offered in two ways.

1 – number of days. Discounts are often offered when renting an apartment for a week. Although I have met a discount when renting for 3 days, this is extremely rare.

2 – accommodation without reviews. For example, an apartment or other accommodation was recently posted on the site. This property has no reviews, which means that many people are afraid to rent a property without a review. Therefore, apartment owners can offer a discount for the first few guests.

Rental allowances in Budapest

There are surcharges for the number of guests. For example, you are looking for an apartment for 4 people and you see a rental price of $ 20. The price may be this, or it may include surcharges for the number of people. The description will indicate that for each person after 2 there will be an additional 10 dollars.

In most cases, there is a cleaning fee. This is a one-time payment and does not depend on how many days you rent the apartment.

Also, note that most apartments are more expensive on weekends.

Budapest Rental Reviews

Reviews are an important part in choosing a home. Only those who rented an apartment can leave reviews on the site. See what advantages and disadvantages people write.

I paid attention to the fact that there were no problems with the Internet, as it was important for us.

And this is my review of renting accommodation in Budapest.

Accommodation location in Budapest

This is the case when the economy can refuse at all economical. For example, you have found the cheapest apartment, but it is far from many attractions and you will spend more money and time on travel. As a result, you will have more expenses.

Cancellation Policy

Each house has its own and this is indicated in the description. If you have any doubts as to whether you will be able to travel, see that the cancellation policy is not strict so that you can get back most of the amount you paid for your rental.

Our Budapest Rental Experience

Six of us went to Budapest – our family and my husband’s parents.

On this trip, it was important for us to rent budget accommodation and at the same time, so that it was within walking distance of at least some of the attractions.

We were satisfied with our accommodation. It is without euro renovation, quite simple, but it was important for us that there was a place to spend the night, wash, prepare breakfast, and that there was internet. We got all this.

In reality, the apartment corresponded to the photo. The apartment on the website can be viewed here.

$ 98.96 for two days for 6 people. It seems to me that it turned out on a budget.

There were few photos from the apartment.

Here are a couple.

This is how the entrance and courtyard look like.

Жилье посуточно в Будапеште: вход

Жилье посуточно в Будапеште: двор

Как мы снимали жилье посуточно в Будапеште: двор

This is a photo from the apartment.

Как мы бронировали квартиру в Будапеште
Как мы снимали жилье посуточно в Будапеште: кухня

How to register on airbnb and book an apartment in Budapest.

1. registration

To register, use the INVITATION.

You can register via facebook, google or mail.

2 – Choose housing and pay for it.

3 – Enter the names of those who will live in the apartment. I did this as written in my passport and printed out a receipt just in case the customs office asked about where we would live.

What are the other options for daily rent in Budapest

If, for some reason, the airbnb site for renting accommodation did not suit you, then different options can also be viewed at:

  • Booking . There are options for both apartments and hotels. As a rule, Booking is chosen even when they want to book without prepayment or when renting hotels.

  • HotelsCombined – this site compares rental deals across sites

That’s all for today.

How do you rent accommodation when traveling?