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Holidays in the Maldives for two

туры на отдых на Мальдивах вдвоем
vacation in the Maldives for two

It is difficult to imagine a more romantic place for a vacation for two with your loved one than the Maldives. Local hotels are very popular for weddings and honeymoons, for privacy with a partner and enjoying each other’s company. Tour to the Maldives for two is an unforgettable experience, a sea of ​​pleasant emotions and vivid photos.

Why is the Maldives a popular destination for couples?

Flawless coral beaches, warm waters of the Indian Ocean, rich tropical vegetation, unique island hotels with excellent service – all this sets you up for a romantic mood in the best possible way. Holidays in the Maldives for many is a real dream come true and this tropical paradise is extremely pleasant to share with your loved one.

Due to the geographical features of the archipelago and the established tradition, hotels in the Maldives are built in such a way that vacationers have the opportunity to get maximum privacy and literally do not intersect with other tourists during their stay. What else does a couple in love need? Naturally, local hotels actively use and advertise this advantage, vying with each other to offer loving vacationers a variety of bonuses, special conditions and opportunities – if there are enough funds, there is literally nothing impossible for guests here.

Many people love the idea of ​​a wedding in the Maldives, because this is an opportunity to make the most important day in a couple’s life even more unusual and memorable. Renewal of vows among couples with long family experience are no less popular. Local hotels offer several possible wedding scenarios, ranging from a romantic ceremony by the ocean in the rays of the setting sun and a yacht cruise to an extreme underwater wedding. Regardless of which option the newlyweds choose, they are guaranteed to be surrounded by increased attention, and the atmosphere will be as touching and romantic as possible. The only negative is that such a wedding ceremony will not be official and is purely symbolic.

How to choose the right hotel?

The Maldives is an archipelago of 19 atolls, each of which includes several small islets. Very often the local hotels occupy an entire island, access to which is open only to guests. Some, especially remote islets from Male International Airport will have to be reached by plane of the local airline “Air Maldives”, and then sail by boat. Others can be reached by a small doni boat in a matter of minutes. So, when choosing a hotel for a vacation in the Maldives for two , this nuance must be taken into account.

Hotels in the Maldives do not have an official classification and the declared star rating does not always correspond to the real level of service. Therefore, you need to choose based on reviews of tourists, recommendations of a travel agent and the cost of living. To get a really high quality of services and perfect memories of a Maldives tour , many recommend choosing hotels of famous international chains, which are represented here in large numbers.

Many local hotels specialize specifically in romantic getaways for newlyweds and couples in love. It is necessary to clarify in advance what conditions they offer. This can be special decorations for rooms, accommodation in a secluded villa away from the main body of guests with a private beach, a bottle of champagne and fruit as a gift, etc. A trip to the Maldives for two may include a romantic dinner on the shore or on board a yacht, 24-hour private butler service, spa visits, etc. – it all depends on the cost of the tour and the selected set of services.

Maldives entertainment options for lovers

For many, a vacation in the Maldives for two involves nothing but enjoying the luxurious beaches, the sea and each other. Well, if such idyllic idleness gets bored, you can always find something to entertain yourself with! For couples in love, the islands offer many interesting activities and excursions.

Yacht cruises are very popular here, during which you can not only visit amazingly beautiful lagoons and secluded beaches, but also spend an unforgettable evening on a completely deserted island. What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner under a starry sky at the very edge of the ocean, accompanied by the lapping of waves and the gentle rustle of palm leaves? Just for this it is worth purchasing a tour for two to the Maldives !

Lovers of unusual extreme entertainment are offered the opportunity to do pair diving on the reefs. It is no coincidence that tours to the Maldives are very popular among fans of scuba diving – the islands have a lot of interesting diving sites, the water here warms up perfectly and is distinguished by amazing cleanliness and transparency. Surfing is also quite popular on the islands, although good waves cannot be found everywhere.

Want to choose the best Maldives tour for two and spend an unforgettable vacation in the most romantic place in the world? Contact us and we will help you find the best option that fully meets your requirements and capabilities!