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Holidays in Namibia

Sometimes you want to visit some really unusual place, something that would stand out from the usual tourist requests, where everything is made for pampered tourists.

In this case, the path must be kept to Namibia – a place where such things as hot desert and calm sea, wild Africa with all its fauna and flora and great hotels meet.

Namibia is proudly called the rose of the desert! The roads here seem to lead nowhere, so bewitchingly endless map of Namibia. The sands give way to emerald foothills and purple flat-topped mountains, and wild horses gallop nearby. Any city emerges from the desert haze like a mirage.

Namibia is famous for the world’s oldest Namib desert, from which, perhaps, all the stories about deserts with their frozen, like scallops, dunes and long-awaited oases are written off.

Namibia is insanely popular among photographers who, for the sake of a better shot, are not lazy to get up at 5 in the morning. Northern Namibia is the heart of the country. Damarland has typical Namibian landscapes with desert ranges and the highest mountains in the country, wonderful for outdoor activities. Exotic Skeleton Coast, a strip of dunes, rocks and sites of ancient volcanic activity, an untouched land with traces of shipwrecks.

The capital of Namibia, Windhoek, is famous for the Old Fort, German mansions and the Post Street meteorite exhibition, as well as the neo-Gothic church.

For lovers of resort holidays, you should go to Swakopmund, which is chosen by lovers of sand surfing and skiing, paragliding and jeep safari.

Holidays in Namibia

The most interesting places in Namibia

Etosha Park

This national park is the most famous in Namibia and is located in the north of the country. Why is he so famous? It’s simple, it contains absolutely all types of animals that live in Namibia. At the same time, it cannot be said that they are kept there in captivity. Rather, it is a person who gets there becomes an involuntary hostage of the wild, because it is difficult to get away from such beauty. All animals in this park are completely free, there are no cages, or corrals, everything is like in the wild, only with greater safety for the animals themselves.

Waterberg Plateau

The Waterberg Plateau is also a nature reserve in Namibia, which is more protected than Etosha. Thanks to this, in 1970, they began to import rare, endangered animals there, so that they could live more comfortably. As a result, the company was successful and even in 1080 black rhinos appeared there.

Skeleton Coast

And here is a piece of the more evil half of Namibia – the gloomy coast of the Skeletons, the place where hundreds of ships are buried. Hundreds of people rushed here across the evil sea in search of precious stones that are buried under the thickness of the sands, but almost all of them failed. It is here that you can observe wonderful views of the sea sunset with the skeletons of old ships, dunes and the desert that sweeps these ships, hiding the history itself under its thickness.

Of course, I would also like to note that this is a rather exotic country, so you can find a lot of interesting things there, but the most important thing will be the way of life of people in Namibia, because there it is very different from the usual. For example, in the morning a tourist will not see a crowd of people on the streets, and it will be very difficult to rent a car for a trip. But it will also be possible to find residents of various tribes, minorities who have still preserved their way of life and culture.

Namibia is a real paradise for those who want to escape from the classic urban jungle.