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Exotic travel across South Africa. What does a tourist need to know?

The state of South Africa is one of the most famous and wealthy countries in Africa. The tourism industry is well developed, there are many upscale hotels and inns, beautiful and clean beaches and, of course, the special specifics of the country.

South Africa will provide an unforgettable adventure. Camping in the desert, hiking and jeep safaris, excursions to national parks and unique reserves, visit the Kalahari Desert or the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, sunbathe with penguins on Boulders Beach, see the impressive views of the Dragon Mountains, as well as the legendary Cape of Good Hope, the atmosphere of enchanting holidays and festivals and incomparable national cuisine.

But do not forget about the precautions, malaria is the most common disease in Africa. It is better to plan a trip in the dry season and avoid the rainy season, then the risk of infection will be minimal, but it is still better to avoid mosquito bites, if necessary, take antimalarial drugs to prevent the disease. At the first symptoms, you should immediately seek medical help. A yellow fever vaccination will also be needed, but it is not required everywhere.

Drink only bottled water, as tap water is far from ideal, even washing your face and rinsing your mouth is better with clean water. Avoid swimming in local ponds and lakes, they are infested with parasites only in permitted areas.

Locals should be greeted respectfully and greet each person individually. It is better to take off your shoes when entering the house, you can offer your help, for example, wash the dishes or help set the table – this will be appreciated.

While talking, maintain eye contact and interest, do not keep your hands in your pockets, it is better to forget about gestures with your left hand altogether, this can be mistaken for disrespect. Do not criticize local customs, culture, politics, etc.

A SIM card, of course, you need to purchase a local one, since roaming is expensive, but problems with WiFi can arise even in a five-star hotel, but there is always a way out, free Wi-Fi can be used in any shopping center, cafe or restaurant.

Exotic travel across South Africa

You can move around the country in a rented car, this will require international driving license and the age of at least twenty-three years. The roads in South Africa are good, so there will be no problems. If you do not have a license, you can use the train or intercity bus.

South Africa is a multinational country and spans eleven languages. The main language is English, almost everyone speaks it. Many languages ​​came from the tribes that inhabited these lands before the arrival of the colonists: Kosa, Zulu, Venda, Northern Solo, Sesotho, Tsonga. Most speak obliquely – a very interesting language that is spoken and clicked at the same time.

As for the traditional cuisine of South Africa, it has long evolved under the influence of Dutch, French, Indian, Danish and Malay cultures, and all this, mixed with indigenous cuisine, turned out to be unforgettable. There is a real cult of meat dishes in the country. Not only the usual beef, chicken or pork, people here are much more selective – the meat of a zebra, giraffe, crocodile, antelope porcupine or even the lion itself.

The country is washed by two oceans, and thanks to this, the inhabitants always have sea inhabitants on the table. The inhabitants have a special cult for seasonings, they are used everywhere and are available to everyone in abundance. And of course, a variety of fruits and vegetables. The country is unusual and beautiful, here everyone will find something interesting for themselves.