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Excursions in the Maldives

The Maldives is an ideal beach destination and most tourists come here for this. If you want something more than idle felting on a luxurious beach, there is always a fairly large selection of interesting activities and entertainment on the islands. Which Maldives excursions are definitely worth a visit and what should you definitely try? Read on.

Excursions in the Maldives are organized by hotels or travel agencies. Prices and offerings may vary depending on the hotel chosen and the atoll to which it belongs.

Getting to know the capital

Экскурсия по столице Мальдив – Мале
Excursion around the capital of the Maldives – Male

Most of the man-made attractions of the Maldives are located in the capital of the archipelago, Male. It is unique in that it almost completely occupies the island of the same name and, with an area of ​​only 6.8 km2, has a population of about 130 thousand inhabitants, being one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is always crowded and noisy, the atmosphere is radically different from the island hotels.

Male is not particularly rich in sights, but still worth seeing. Here you can visit the National Museum in Sultan Park, Jumuri-Maidan Park, the Muliage Palace, the Medu Ziyarat chapel, the tomb of the national hero Mohammed Takurufanu, the Islamic Center with the Great Friday Mosque, the Old Mosque of the 18th century, old and new presidential palaces. Special attention should be paid to the colorful fish market and the nearby fruit and vegetable market, dazzling with bright colors. Usually one day is allocated to visit the capital, the excursion will cost $ 50-150, depending on the distance of the hotel from Male.

Island cruise

Экскурсия-круиз по островам Мальдив
Excursion cruise around the Maldives

If during your vacation in the Maldives you get bored of sitting on one island, you can take an excursion and get to know others. During such a trip, it is possible, for example, to get to one of the non-tourist islands of the archipelago, which will allow you to get acquainted with the life of ordinary people, visit souvenir shops, local restaurants. It is important to remember that the Maldives is a Muslim country, so during the excursion it is worth dressing and behaving accordingly. You can also book a cruise on uninhabited islets, which have preserved untouched tropical nature and wild beaches. Another option is to visit the neighboring island-hotel with an excursion, which will diversify your vacation. The cost of such an excursion is from 35 to 90 dollars – it entirely depends on the content and location of your hotel.

Seaplane over the islands

Экскурсия Полет над Мальдивами на гидроплане
Excursion Flying over the Maldives by seaplane

One of the most exciting excursions in the Maldives is flying over the islands by seaplane. Depending on the capabilities and wishes of the customer, it can be either a small air walk lasting only 15-20 minutes, allowing you to admire the islands from a bird’s eye view and take stunning photos, or a longer sightseeing flight up to a couple of hours long, with a picnic included in the price. an uninhabited island or a stop at an interesting dive site. The cost of such an air tour in the Maldives is from $ 130.

Glass bottom boat trip

Экскурсия-прогулка на катере с прозрачным дном на Мальдивах
Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Maldives

Some hotels in the Maldives offer their guests to go for a walk along the coastal waters on a boat with a glass bottom. This is a great opportunity for vacationers with children and those who do not dare to swim in the open sea to see underwater inhabitants with their own eyes, admire corals and take amazing photos. Such a tour usually lasts about an hour and costs about $ 50 per adult.

Submarine excursion

Экскурсия на подводной лодке на Мальдивах
Maldives Submarine Tour

Another safe way to see the beauty of the underwater world is to dive into the Indian Ocean on a submarine. Through the windows, you can see the underwater inhabitants in all their glory, and for this you don’t even have to get your feet wet! Such an excursion will appeal to both adults and children, but to visit it you will have to go to Male – submarines are based in the capital. The duration of the dive in the submarine is 45 minutes, the cost is about $ 100 per person.

Snorkeling and diving

Дайвинг и сноркелинг на Мальдивах
Diving and norkeling in the Maldives

Contemplating the underwater world is one of the main attractions on the islands, many even on purpose buy tours to the Maldives to be able to dive by the local reefs, explore the caves and see the sunken ships with your own eyes. Go snorkeling, i.e. Anyone can go snorkelling near the coast in the archipelago – many hotels provide the equipment needed for this free of charge. Also, inexpensive boat tours to places where the underwater world is especially rich and varied are often offered. Diving equipment will have to be rented for money and can be done at dive centers in many hotels. There are also special training programs for beginner divers, which will allow you to dive in the open sea with scuba diving in 3-5 days. Prices for training in different hotels differ, one dive on a popular dive site will cost $ 40-80.

If you decide to spend your vacation in the Maldives and want to think over an excursion and entertainment program in advance, we are always ready to help and provide any necessary information.