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El Gouna – the magnificent Egyptian Venice

Our tourists traditionally choose tours to Egypt to the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, often ignoring other, less popular, but no less interesting destinations. So, the resort of El Gouna, which is distinguished by a convenient location, unusual buildings and a host of other advantages, can become a wonderful option for recreation.

For whom tours to El Gouna are suitable and why you should pay attention to this destination – read on.

Эль-Гуна Египет
El Gouna Resort, Egypt

El Gouna in a nutshell

The El Gouna resort is often called “the Egyptian Venice” and even “paradise on the edge of the desert”. Why? Because it was originally built in the manner of Venice and was planned as an ideal place for a calm, relaxed and respectable vacation. It is interesting that this resort appeared quite recently – even 30 years ago there was only a barren desert in its place. In 1991, the Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris, inspired by the beauty of the Italian city on the water, decided to create his likeness in Egypt. For this, a small area of ​​land 22 km north of Hurghada, between the Red Sea and the Etbay mountain range, was selected. This region is characterized not only by picturesque landscapes, but also by a favorable, mild climate – even at the height of summer, the air temperature here rarely exceeds +37 ° C, and because of the cool wind and the abundance of greenery, the heat is easily tolerated.

El Gouna was originally built according to a single plan; world famous architects and designers had a hand in its development. As a result, the city harmoniously combines Arabic and Mediterranean styles, classic and modern, luxury and spaciousness. The entire resort consists of small islets separated by seawater canals, over which numerous bridges are thrown. The central island is Al-Kafr, where administrative buildings, a clinic, a school, shopping and entertainment centers, shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, etc. are concentrated. It even has a small private airport and two seaports for yachts.

Development Features

The El Gouna resort includes about 20 small islets, most of which are occupied by hotels. Viewed from above, this area looks like a cross between Venice, Maldives and a traditional oriental town. It is dominated by four- and five-star hotel complexes, many of which belong to large chains (Movenpick, Sheraton, Kempinski, etc.). There are also separate private villas for rent.

Thanks to the centralized development, all buildings in the resort look very harmonious, without getting out of the general style, there are no multi-storey buildings, only low-rise cottages and villas surrounded by greenery. When buying a ticket to El Gouna, you need to take into account that only a few hotels here have their own access to the sea. From most of them you will have to get to the sea beach by boat or bus, or be content with small beaches equipped on the banks of canals and lagoons.

Many hotels in El Gouna are united by a common infrastructure. For example, guests of one hotel can, if they wish, dine at another or visit a nearby water park. Another advantage of a holiday in El Gouna is the environmental friendliness of the resort. It pays great attention to the protection and maintenance of the environment, implements various environmental programs, holds eco-festivals and seminars.

Beaches and other activities in El Gouna

It is believed that tours to El Gouna are suitable for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday without fuss and noise. The beaches here are ideal for young children, as entry into the water is very gentle and almost everywhere there are long (500-600 meters) sandbanks. Of course, for adults, this advantage turns into a disadvantage. Therefore, many prefer a beach holiday on the neighboring islands, which can be reached by boat. The most popular are the beaches of Mahmeya on the island of Big Giftun, Tavila and Global on the islands of the same name. And finally, due to the proximity of Hurghada, vacationers can always go to one of the many well-maintained beaches of this resort.

Rest in El Gouna will help diversify diving and snorkeling. The resort has a dozen dive centers where you can get training and rent equipment, and very close to popular dive sites with the largest wrecks in the Red Sea. Kite surfing on Mangruvi Beach, boat trips, swimming with dolphins, fishing are very popular here.

Other entertainments in El Gouna include golf (there is an 18-hole course on the island of El Kafr), go-karting, tennis, horseback riding, spa centers. There is a small historical museum and an aquarium, which can be visited free of charge, as well as an open-air disco El Arena, which is one of the largest on the coast. In addition, guests of the resort have access to all the entertainment of neighboring Hurghada, which can be reached in just half an hour. In a word, El Gouna is a classic vacation in Egypt in rather unusual, but very cozy conditions.

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