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Rafting near Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls area on the Zambezi River boasts some of the world’s best and wildest freshwater runoff. The Zambezi River is recognized by rafting and kayaking enthusiasts as one of the top ten rivers for this sport on the planet. If you don’t subconsciously associate phrases such as “stairway to heaven” and “freezing in …

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Holidays in Namibia

Sometimes you want to visit some really unusual place, something that would stand out from the usual tourist requests, where everything is made for pampered tourists. In this case, the path must be kept to Namibia – a place where such things as hot desert and calm sea, wild Africa with all its fauna and …

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Exotic tours to Africa

Thanks to modern capabilities, a person can get to the most remote corners of the planet. All you need is money and desire. Expensive exotic tourism is constantly developing and there are more and more people who want to spend a truly unforgettable vacation every year. Safari Safari is now associated with hunting, but originally …

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Shanghai landmarks

The Chinese are a very proud people. They are proud of their history and ancestors, their traditions and unique culture, their achievements and future projects. They are also proud of their “pearl of the east”, known to us as Shanghai. Translated from Chinese, this city is called “city on water” or “city above water”, in …

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What a tourist needs to know about safari tours in Tanzania?

Tanzania safari tours are mainly for sophisticated and seasoned tourists who crave a completely new travel experience. However, it is necessary to be prepared for such an exotic adventure, because along with the fireworks of dizzying emotions on the safari, travelers face many dangers. That is why it is worth carefully studying the rules of …

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