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Carry-on baggage: Compact suitcases that can be taken on board for free


alexander savina

Today the State Duma passed a law allowing airlines to charge for baggage – provided that the ticket cannot be returned. This means that the issue of hand baggage will become more relevant than ever: already if you still have to pack a small suitcase, why not bring it on board, bypassing the baggage check-in and baggage claim upon arrival.

We have already told you what things you should take with you to make your trip more comfortable, and how to rationally pack your bag on vacation – now we suggest taking care of your suitcase. Any of the ten assistants below can be taken with you in your carry-on baggage; the main thing is to remember that each airline has its own size and dimensions requirements, so it is better to study the issue in advance.

Compact suitcases that can be taken on board for free


Pink is not the best choice for a suitcase, given the way it is handled when loading luggage, but a carry-on suitcase has every chance of avoiding that fate. Thanks to the soft shape and the tightening straps, things will not dangle throughout the bag if you fill it loosely – and, unlike a simple large backpack, it has wheels. If you are not ready for pink, you can choose a more practical gray or black – moreover, they will cost one and a half thousand less.

RUB 8130.06

Eastpak Suitcase


If you prefer fabric over plastic suitcases, take a look at another giant of the market – Samsonite. This is not the most budgetary option, but a convenient shape and high-quality material is a good claim that it will serve you for more than one year. Inside there is a pocket for a tablet – useful for both holidays and work trips.

RUB 16 900

Samsonite Suitcase


A simple black suitcase with two wheels at an affordable price – if you still want to check it in, please note that you will have to buy a lock for it separately. In addition, in IKEA you can find the most democratic small suitcase of all possible – it looks much simpler than others, but it costs less than two thousand rubles.

RUB 5,999

IKEA Suitcase


Suitcases of the German brand Rimowa cannot be called budgetary, but they will serve you for more than one year thanks to durable materials. The case is made of polycarbonate, due to which it is lighter than many analogues. Inside there are two simple compartments, but no more is required for carry-on luggage. This model is available in two colors: blue and white.

29 600 rubles.

Rimowa Suitcase


The Japanese company Muji is famous for its minimalistic goods of excellent quality – there are also plastic suitcases in several sizes in the range. This one can carry up to twelve kilograms of luggage, and is also equipped with a wheel stopper: you can lock them by turning the lever, and be sure that it does not roll anywhere. If you don’t like dark blue, you can opt for beige. Unfortunately, Muji is not delivered to Russia, but there is always an opportunity to use the services of intermediaries.

$ 160

Muji Suitcase


A small and light suitcase that may not last as long as more expensive models, but it will be indispensable if you need to fold the very same pair of shoes that never fit anywhere, or a stack of books for a long rest on the beach.

RUB 5550

Polar Suitcase


A simple two-tone suitcase is not the most beautiful inside and not the lightest, but it is really comfortable (moving a suitcase on four wheels is always easier) and pleasant to look at. Plus, now you can buy it with a 20% discount – and get an additional 15% discount if you pay online.

RUB 7160

Wittchen Suitcase


One of the most luxurious suitcases in the collection – a deep olive color, with a durable case, a comfortable handle and additional bonuses: a built-in battery that allows you to charge two phones at the same time, built-in scales (you can understand how many things you took with you by weighing a suitcase for handle) and Bluetooth, which can be used to find out the location of the suitcase.

RUB 19 905

Raden Suitcase


The French company Delsey has existed for more than seventy years and claims that it was its employees who invented the suitcases on wheels, inspired by the aircraft landing gear. We don’t know if this is true, but this model has several clear advantages: a convenient shape, light weight and an impressive 30% discount.

RUB 8960

Delsey Suitcase0

American Tourister

American Tourister is one of the most renowned manufacturers of suitcases with good value for money. This is a simple plastic suitcase (there are still eight colors remaining, from bright yellow and mint to plain black) with a ribbed body that helps prevent scratches (we all know this is the biggest problem with plastic suitcases). Four wheels and a combination lock in case you decide to check it in your checked baggage are included.

RUB 8500

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