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Canceled, delayed, transferred to the plane – what to do? Get compensated up to € 600

Let this feature never come in handy.

So that flights are not canceled or rescheduled

BUT if this does happen sometime, then you have the opportunity to receive monetary compensation.

Why didn’t I / didn’t know this before?

Have you had a situation in the past with a transfer or cancellation of a flight and did not take the opportunity to receive monetary compensation up to 600 euros?

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Good news for you! And it consists in the fact that you can apply for monetary compensation.

According to EU legislation, a passenger in the event of a flight cancellation, a delay of 3+ hours or a denied boarding, can count on compensation from 250 to 600 euros. Even if you have already applied and you were refused, you can try again.

So, you can claim compensation if:

  1. The flight was operated to / from EU countries.
  2. More than 3 hours delay.
  3. In case of flight cancellation or missed connection.
  4. Compensation is available for flights up to 6 years old.

How to check your flight and get up to € 600?


You can yourself . This requires:

  1. Read the EC261 policy and check if your flight meets the criteria for delay, distance between cities, and calculate the amount you can receive.
  2. Form a claim to the airline in the language of the country of departure and send it to the appropriate department.
  3. In case of refusal, write a statement to the consumer protection society of the country of departure.
  4. In case of a new refusal, file a claim and apply to the court of the country of departure.

You can also calculate free possible compensation and apply for a couple of minutes at by providing the following information:

  1. Signed online representation consent form.
  2. Flight information and ticket / booking number.
  3. A copy of the identity card for which the ticket was issued (in some cases in case of a dispute).

You can calculate the possible compensation in a few clicks

How much do compensair services cost?

The service will take a commission only for the result , more precisely, it will deduct from your compensation in the amount of 25% . You will receive your funds minus the commission. But if the airline doesn’t pay, you don’t have to pay for the compensair service.

According to EU law, compensation can be received for flights that were canceled or delayed for more than 3 hours. According to statistics, there are about 1% of such flights.

The right to compensation applies to flights within the last 2-6 years.

When can an airline refuse payment?

There are factors that exempt the airline from paying compensation:

  • Terrorism or sabotage
  • Strikes
  • Unfavorable weather (in which case all flights at the airport must be canceled).

Have you been denied boarding due to overbooking?

Overbooking is a phenomenon in which more tickets are sold for a flight than the plane can hold. Airlines do this quite deliberately, since according to statistics, from 5 to 10% of passengers who bought a ticket do not show up for the flight or exchange / return tickets.

Based on these statistics, airlines sell more tickets than the plane can hold in order to increase profits. Of course, sometimes overbooking happens when replacing an aircraft with a smaller one or, if necessary, to provide a seat on the aircraft to a person with VIP status, however, in these cases, overbooking happens due to the fault of the airline.

If you check in for a flight, and they tell you that all the seats are already taken, then you are stuck with overbooking.

Rights that a passenger has in case of denied boarding due to overbooking are exactly the same as in case of flight cancellation.

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