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Bachelorette parties Girls in travel. How our travels are different.


We have been working in the field of tourism since 2014, and we already have more than a hundred serious two-week trips behind us in countries that are not the easiest for the organizer. Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Iran, Myanmar, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya…. – the countries where our bachelorette parties take place can be endlessly listed.

One of the girls traveling with us recently wrote on her Instagram about a bachelorette party – “care at the level of space.” And this is the best compliment for us. You can choose the best hotels, perfect logistics, but only people can breathe your soul into the trip.

So what is customer care? And how to organize a really cool trip?
So, the principles of organizing girls in travel bachelorette parties.


We always meet everyone individually.
Whether you arrived two days earlier or are leaving three days later.
We never do group transfers.
For example: the bus will pick you up from the airport at 12 noon and if you arrived five hours earlier or later – hmm, no luck.


We think over every minute of the trip. We have no impromptu. We always know where we will have lunch, dinner, drink coffee and what we will be doing at 17.45 on Tuesday.

And for every day, each girl has a detailed schedule of what we will do, what time we start, how best to dress and what to take with us.


If we have long journeys, we try to choose the most comfortable transport available in the country. Or, as much as possible, replace the crossings by airplanes. But without fanaticism. To prevent the price of the tour from flying into space.
In Morocco, for example, we choose not a minivan, but the largest bus with 48 seats. Although we are 16-18. So that each girl has two seats.
Night journeys remained with us only in two programs – India, we left the train for experience, I think that you have not been to India if you have not traveled by trains. And Peru-Bolivia. But we dream of getting rid of it.
I know programs in Peru, in which three night crossings, for example. It is always interesting how people survive there.
We never use self drive. We do not drive vehicles with clients ourselves, and we do not force clients to drive for 8 hours in an unfamiliar country. Only local professional drivers.

All inclusive.

In addition to the flight to the destination and lunches and dinners, absolutely everything is always included in our programs. There are no such surprises that you need to buy a flight to the Galapagos, for example, and it costs $ 500. Or the entrance ticket to the islands is not included ($ 130). All entrance tickets, attractions, all activities, hotels, transfers are always included in the price. And sometimes full board, for example, in Kenya, on the Altiplano in Bolivia, in a yoga school in Nepal, in the jungles of the Amazon, Ecuador and Nepal.
Why don’t we include flights from your city? Everything is very individual. We have girls from all over the world, not only from Moscow or Kiev. Plus, someone wants to save money and chooses longer connections. Someone flies a direct flight, for any money. Someone in business class. Yes, the cost of flights always depends on how much in advance you buy it, for example, a ticket for the New Year in the summer or in December a week in advance.
If we are doing a difficult tour to several countries, we always think and look at the tickets how it will be convenient for you to arrive and fly away. We do not start bachelorette parties where international airlines do not fly. For example, I know a lot of tours to Patagonia, quite famous organizers that start in El Calafate?!?
Ie. almost on Tierra del Fuego. Yes, this means that the company saves $ 300 on the flight. And the person who made the transatlantic flight will most likely have to spend the night in Buenos Aires himself, and the next day still fly to the place where the group gathers.


We decided not to work with hotels of a level below 4 * anymore. Yes, there are still 3 * hotels in the programs, but this year we want to get rid of them completely. Our latest bachelorette parties like Myanmar, Patagonia are already made up entirely of hotels that we love with all our hearts. For example, in Yangon we have a wonderful Shangri-La with breakfasts that I still remember. And there are such villas on the water on Inle Lake that our group chat just explodes with the delight of the girls when we check in.
I love our chic tents in the Moroccan desert, with snow-white sheets and a real bathroom with a hot shower.
And all our African lodge hotels. Especially in Naivasha, with giraffes and hippos right under the windows. We strive to ensure that all our hotels are at this level.


We always give gifts, albeit small ones, but symbolizing the country or simply those that will remind of the journey.
And most importantly, we take care of our girls and are ready to solve any problems that arise 24 hours a day.

You want to go somewhere, but this is not in the program. You need to buy something, return it, find something, you have forgotten something, you have lost something … You have something in pain and you need to take it to the hospital. We care, we really want this trip to be the best of your life.

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