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Arabat arrow 2021: vacation, reviews, sea, beach, accommodation, hot spring, health improvement, photos, videos and other issues

Answering the questions about rest on the Arabat Strelka , I realized that our blog has already accumulated enough material about this place with personal experience, reviews and useful information.

We went to Arabatka for 4 years, rested in different formats and, quite likely, we will also go to this cool place for rest and recreation on the Azov Sea in Ukraine.

We really like it here and find it a great place to stay in terms of price, quality and wellness.

Since the blog has been collecting material for several years, the idea has matured to combine everything into one general article, which will be a kind of guide to rest on the Arabat Spit.

The material is based on personal experience, with personal photos, videos, reviews and useful information.

In addition, if we still go to the Arabat Spit and write about it, we will also add links to posts here.

That is, it will be a kind of generalizing post on rest on the Arabat Spit with updated relevant information.

This means that the information on it will not become outdated.

Of course, you can just go to the section “sea vacations” and look for information there, or just ask in the search on the site “Arabat arrow” and find articles on the topic.

But in order to facilitate this task for you in finding the necessary information, as well as in order to facilitate the task for us in recommending rest on the Arabat Spit, I decided to include all publications about rest here in one article – in this …

So, in this post we will look at the following questions:

I will clarify once again that the information in this post will be updated and, therefore, will not lose its relevance.

Therefore, if you are interested in questions about resting on the Arabat Spit now – in 2020, or in subsequent years, save this article to your bookmarks.

Arabat arrow: sea and beaches


It is even noticeable when you look at the map of the Arabat Spit. When you go along the road, from one side you see the Sea of ​​Azov, and from the other side – the Sivash lake.

There are practically no places where you can rent an apartment on the seashore. Because even from the first line you need to walk to the sea. In some places this distance is greater, and in some places it is shorter.

Which sea is on Arabatka?

– Azov, salty, moderately deep, relatively clean.

This is a brief description.

I can say that we really like it.

Which beach?

– Wide, spacious, clean in some places and dirty in some places. Regarding the cleanliness of the beach, it has a changeable character and depends on the culture of people who rest during this period or recently rested. Let’s hope that this issue will evolve towards cleanliness and comfort.

I’ve heard opinions that a shredded shell beach is one of the worst beach options.

Well, I don’t know. It seems to me that this is a matter of taste and preference. Of course, the sand is better, but there are much worse options.

Personally, we perceive such a beach positively.

The only thing, in order not to pick out small pieces of shells from your body, try not to lie down wet in them.

Which entry into the sea?

I really do not like it when you have to go into the sea by steps and concrete slabs on the shore. Therefore, the natural entry into the sea is a great advantage for me to relax at sea in this place.

More about the sea and beaches can be found in a separate post here.

Arabat arrow: are there mosquitoes and what to do about it?

Yes, there is.

The topic of mosquitoes on the Arabat Spit is one of the most relevant for many. Sometimes even topics on forums open “If there are mosquitoes on the Arabat arrow”, “In what period are there fewer mosquitoes on the Arabat arrow”, “How is it with mosquitoes this year on the Arabat arrow”.

According to my observations, the number of mosquitoes depends on the direction of the wind. If the wind is from the sea, then there are practically no mosquitoes. If the wind is from the Sivash, then the best mosquito repellent is flight and shelter behind mosquito nets.

In this case, the words from the song “the wind blew from the sea, catching up with trouble” are suitable for mosquitoes – they were blown away, but for people, just what you need.

With mosquitoes, you just need to make friends or quarrel.

It’s better to make friends from a distance. In the evening you are indoors with mosquito nets, and mosquitoes are outside. And they feel good, and you feel good.

Fight – use different mosquito repellents that you have tested and loved.

And to be honest, the mosquitoes did not bother us so much that this would become a reason not to go to the Arabat Spit.

Arabat arrow: information, photos and video from a hot source

How to Have Smart Family Travel Adventures — Mommy Mundo

The hot spring is one of the reasons why we are drawn to the Arabat arrow. This is the second reason after the sea.

The attitude to the source is very different. As a rule, no one is indifferent – either like him, or – “fu-fu-fu”.

We belong to the first category – we like it. It can be said that it is a source of health for those for whom it suits and who uses it wisely …

Despite the fact that it does not look aesthetically pleasing and some call it a swamp – we love to visit it. We just feel good there, good near, good at the source and good after it. He probably just suits us.

At the same time, you can visit the radon source all year round and swim in it too, because the water there is really very hot and medicinal.

But everything is fine without fanaticism.

In my first post on the hot spring, I shared where it is, how to get to the hot spring, what it looks like, and shared information from the testimony brochure.

Like many medicinal sources, it has not only its indications, but also contraindications . Therefore, it is better to get to know them.

In this matter, the approach is important – dosage and regulation.

We were recommended to visit 15-30 minutes. You need to start the first day with 5 minutes and then look at the sensations.

Sometimes it’s dumb to watch people with flushed faces sit there for a very long time, and even drink beer. A kind of trip to the bathhouse with beer.

Moderation, dosage and regularity are just right for healing springs, especially hot ones.

After each trip to the Arabat Spit, I wrote a post on a hot radon spring.

Arabat Spit: a salt lake near the village of Schastlivtsevo and a hot spring


Salt Lake on the Arabat Spit is another place where people go to improve their health. Judging by the fact that I saw many people there with various disorders of the musculoskeletal system, these lakes are probably useful for these areas of health improvement.

In the first years of our trips, the approach to the lake was free and there was nothing but the lake.

Last summer we went to the lake – the entrance was paid. But I’ll tell you that the price is symbolic – it was 2 UAH. But toilets, showers and other delights of civilization appeared near the lake.

Toilets are a necessary thing in crowded places, because there was simply nowhere to go there before. And for many souls it is also good, because after the lake you are all just covered with a salty crust, which shimmers beautifully in the rays of the sun.

In this lake you can feel the city, which does not sink. Or turn on your fantasy and imagine that you are on the Dead Sea.

No, why present. Indeed, in Ukraine, on a salt lake, it is also cool just to swim and improve your health.

Articles that have been written by us about the salt lake:

Arabat arrow: where to get pink brine and salt for recovery

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My sister and I went for pink brine and salt when we were in Arabatka for the first time. But then we did not yet have a blog about travel and recreation, then they did not even take photos much and did not remember where it was and how to get there. Well, we typed ourselves, and that’s all.

Many people started asking how to get there and get salt and pink brine.

Therefore, when my brother went there last year to get salt for himself and for us, I asked him to take a photo and capture how to get there.

I also looked for information on how this salt can be used.

Read about this and see in the post “About pink brine and salt on the Arabat Spit: where to type, what properties and photos from the spot”

For whom this information is not enough, there is still a good selection of material on the Pink Lake on the site about Arabatka. A bit of history and science about the origin of this lake, the algae that lives there, the infrastructure and the ability to look at the lake through a webcam. All this is HERE.

Bee clinic on the Arabat spit


Information on the bee hospital needs to be clarified, because it can change its location.

What is it, where is it located, as well as contacts can be found in the article “Healing sleep on the hives and honey massage on the Arabat Spit: about acquaintance with the possibilities of health improvement in the” BeeSleep “pavilion

What are the settlements on the Arabat Spit and about housing options

Арабатская стрелка: населенные пункты и жилье

If you look at the places where people stop to relax on the sea, then these are three main places: Gengorka (Genicheskaya Gorka), Schastlivtsevo and Strelkovoye.

As I always like to say that the best place for you is the place that meets your current needs and priorities. This is not to say that somewhere is better, but somewhere is worse.

We passed Gengorka, rested in Schastlivtsevo and only read reviews about Strelkovoye.

Personally, we like to stay in the area of ​​the Schastlivtsevo village for the following main reasons:

  • the sea – the purity and depth are optimal for us
  • close proximity to hot spring and salt lake

Those who have smaller children and for whom entertainment is also important, like to go to Gengorka.

Those who prioritize more peace and quiet, as well as the deep sea, like to go to Strelkovoye more.

Concerning housing options.

I will say that there is a choice from the cheapest options to housing with good conditions. It all depends on your priorities and how much money you are willing to spend on this expense item at sea.

If you are traveling by car, then I would recommend planning your trip so as to come to the Arabat Spit in the morning and walk calmly, see and choose what you like best. Don’t worry, you won’t stay on the street.

After all, not only the conditions themselves play a role in housing here, but also where this place is located. Sometimes it is possible to get to the sea from the second line faster than from the first only because the housing is close to the passage. In addition, you may not be very pleased with the place itself, or, on the contrary, you will really like the place and you will be ready to change the requirements for housing.

This is our approach to the choice of housing on the Arabat Spit. Many people prefer to go to a prearranged location. We used to do this too, and then we tried this selection format and we liked it more.

Of course, for all resorts, this approach to the choice of accommodation is suitable. It is about the Arabat arrow.

Since many people have asked us about housing recommendations, and everyone has different tastes, we did reviews of some of the proposals.

They took photos and videos from the territory and rooms, and also shared contacts.

Here are articles where you can get acquainted with different housing options, as well as with the area on the Arabat Spit.

Links to posts are placed in chronological order:

I also filmed videos from different streets in the village of Schastlivtsevo so that those who were not there get an idea of ​​what the streets in Schastlivtsevo look like. See the post here.

Arabat Spit: hotels

Options for hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers and other housing options on the Arabat Spit can be viewed by settlement.

Aquapark on Arabat Spit 2020


A visit to the water park can perfectly diversify your vacation at the sea. We have not yet been to the water park on the Arabat Spit, so for now I am sharing the information provided by the Aqualand water park.

You can get acquainted with the water park in a separate post “Aqualand” on the Arabat spit 2020: slides, relaxation zone, photos, contacts and other information ”

When we visit this water park ourselves, we will definitely add information on this issue.

Camping on Arabatskaya arrow


There are several campings on the Arabat Spit. We stayed near a hot spring twice. (Important! In 2017 we were at the Arat Spit. Now this campground is closed)

On the other side of the village of Schastlivtsevo, there is also a camping – there prices are more expensive and conditions are better (judging by the description, we did not go there).

But the main argument in choosing a camping for us was the proximity to the hot spring and the salt lake. So that you can walk and not go by car.

The conditions there are not so hot, but what was important to us was water, showers, toilets and the ability to charge devices.

We rested in this format for 2 years. The last time we realized that it was cool, but while on vacation with tents on the sea we put an end to it. So far, we leave only trips for a couple of days – perhaps to the river, or to other places.

They shared about camping, our experience and impressions in the posts:

Arabat arrow: how to get there

We had the experience of traveling to the Arabat Spit only in a car .

But we also talked with people who got there by public transport.

One of the most popular options is by train to Novoalekseevka , and from there by taxi.

Last year we noticed a train in Genichesk when we refueled at a gas station before entering the Arabat Spit.


During the season, most likely, additional trains to Genichesk are allowed.

Genichesk is a key settlement, which you need to be guided by in studying the question “How to get to the Arabat arrow”, because it originates from there.

As for train tickets, you can view and buy them online.

We also had such an experience recently. True, we bought tickets not to the sea, but to Ivano-Frankivsk, but we did it via the Internet and shared useful information on how we did it.

Arabat arrow: different sketches from the rest


As I wrote at the beginning, I want to make this post general on our vacation on the Arabat Spit in different years and on different issues of recreation here.

There are articles that do not directly relate to the above issues, but they also want to share or are related to several topics.

I’ll share them here:

Webcams of Arabat Strelka and Genichesk

In the article, we will try to collect the most complete information on various issues of recreation on the Arabat Spit, and our post will be supplemented.

It is also important to understand that the photos and videos from the Arabat arrow, that you see on YouTube, sites tend to become outdated.

Even if you take the same year, but different months – they will be different. Why are there months – inode of the week also play a role.

Of course, the overall “picture” will not change much. But the real situation “here and now” is better viewed through webcams.

HERE you can see a selection of Arabatskaya Strelka and Genichesk webcams, which are located in different places, different settlements and on the beaches.

This will allow you to get a general picture of these places in the current period of time.

Video from the Arabat arrow

I suggest watching a playlist with different videos from the Arabat arrow, which we filmed ourselves.

Promotions and discounts for holidays on the Arabat Spit in 2021

For current promotions and discounts, see the “Rest on the Arabat Strelka” section.

That’s all for today.

To keep abreast of useful and interesting things, subscribe to “Site news and other useful things for rest and travel”