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Amsterdam on your own: tips and secrets

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что попробовать в Амстердаме самостоятельно

The Netherlands is not famous for its special local cuisine. But there are gastronomic “attractions” here. Perhaps among the most famous is the famous Dutch herring . It is usually served with pickles and onions. Can be ordered in bread. The price of the issue is 3.5 – 4 euros. Look in the specialized pavilions labeled Haringhandel.

For something fuller and more substantial, try Stamppot. This is a mashed potato with finely chopped vegetables, usually served with bacon or sausage.

Traditional Dutch soup is pea soup. It is called Erwtensoep , it is very thick and hearty, traditionally served in pots, with smoked sausages.

The locals are not used to spending too much time on food. A Dutch lunch is not “the first, second and third”, but more often just a quick snack. It is no coincidence that restaurants that sell “ wall food ” are popular in Amsterdam – that’s what they say about fast food sold in automated vending machines. You can try Amsterdam-style fast food at FEBO or Smullers chains.

Popular Amsterdam street food dishes include Croquettes , Bitterballen meatballs, Kaastengels cheese fingers, and deep-fried white fish Kibbeling . All this is served in almost all cafes and bars, sometimes as a snack for beer.

In Amsterdam, the famous “ brown cafes ” (Bruine Cafe) are worth a look. These are places with a rich history and a special atmosphere. Some of them were founded in the 17th century! Brown cafes are sometimes compared to traditional English pubs. Shabby wooden furniture, subdued light, interior, as you might guess from the name, in brown tones, often a complete absence of music so that nothing distracts visitors from communication, relaxed atmosphere. Among the interesting establishments: Hoppe, ‘t Smalle, Café Int Aepjen, Cafe Slijterij Oosterling, Café Chris, Het Papeneiland, Café De Spuyt, Café de Wetering, De Sluyswach, Café de Dokter, De Twee Zwaanyjes.

коричневое кафе Амстердам

For dessert, do not forget to try the world famous Dutch sweets – Stroopwafel , as well as Poffertjes pancakes and oliebollen Is a donut-like traditional Christmas treat. But tourists can try it all year round.????

But traditional licorice lollipops, or drops , can surprise you with their unusual taste – they are salty!

Also in Amsterdam you can find cafes and restaurants of various national cuisines. There are good pizzerias. And Chinatown, for example, is full of inexpensive Asian destinations.

In our audio guide to Amsterdam, we will tell you interesting facts about Dutch herring and the history of this dish, as well as look into the most interesting and famous “brown cafes”, recalling their rich history. Fall in love with Travelry in Amsterdam!

Exclusive Dutch shopping

For shopping to be “with a twist”, pay attention to the items from Dutch designers – they are unique, original and very interesting. Find them best in boutiques in the shopping district 9 streets (Negen Straatjes). The area is littered with little-known European brands as well as collections from a wide variety of Dutch designers. For example, many are fond of the local Amsterdam brand Scotch & Soda, which produces comfortable and elegant clothes with a touch of French chic. The girls are delighted with the brands of lingerie presented in the area, including those in vintage style.

Another exclusive is hemp thread products , which is considered an environmentally friendly material in this “green” country. They make from it both clothes and accessories with its addition.

Wealthy guests of the city have access to special souvenirs – diamonds . In fact, they usually go to neighboring Belgium for “diamond” shopping. However, there are many interesting things in Holland itself. It is best to look for such gifts at the Coster Diamonds factory – there is a large selection and relatively low prices.

The calling card of the Netherlands is, of course, tulips. The best place to shop is the Bloemenmarkt Flower Market. Souvenir shops can also be found on the opposite side of the canal. But if you are looking for the seeds of a specific plant species, or are looking for a specific tulip variety, then it might be better to head to the farms in the suburbs or Keukenhof. It is better to take the bulbs individually, in bulk, and then pack them. And be prepared for the fact that at home you will have a flower that is not at all the same or not the color you expected. Maybe it won’t grow at all.

самостоятельно в Амстердам тюльпаны советы

Best places to buy souvenirs

The Netherlands is a country of cheese, tulips and herring, and all this can be brought to memory. At the same time, herring can be bought directly at Schiphol airport, in duty-free – there it is sold in special thermo containers. But it is better not to take the one that is sold in cans in vinegar sauce – it has nothing in common with the same Dutch herring.

For cheese it is best to go to the markets, to large supermarkets (Albert Heijn, Jumbo) or special cheese shops – they are more expensive, but there you can try cheese and pick up a sauce (dip) made of fruit and mustard. Among the most famous points of sale are the brand stores Reypenaer, Henri Willig. And by the way, keep in mind that cheese in Holland is not only Dutch, but also French.

Tulips and other flowers and bulbs are the first to look for in the famous Floating Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt). Here, on the Blumenmarkt, you can find cheap souvenirs – magnets, key rings, plates, mugs, Amsterdam houses, mills, klomps (traditional wooden shoes), “Delphian porcelain” souvenirs (it is quite expensive) .

And don’t forget about the sweet treats – Dutch stroopwafels (stroopwafels), look for the most delicious in HEMA stores.

Амстердам достопримечательности

???? Where to find free WiFi

Free Internet in Amsterdam is available in many public places: at railway stations and at the airport, on Intercity trains, some suburban buses, in large museums (Rexmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank, etc.), in many supermarkets (in particular , on the Albert Hejin chain), cafes, shopping centers, most public libraries. Registration with verification using a mobile phone may be required to connect.

On the WiFi Amsterdam website you can find the exact addresses of places with free internet.

???? Store opening hours

Most of the large shopping centers, large supermarkets are open on Sundays. Moreover, their working hours on this day can start at 10.00, or even at 12.00. But in the evening, the time can be extended up to 21 hours. These shops are closed on public holidays.

???? Tipping

Often already included in the bill. They are not mandatory, but if you wish, you can give from above 5-10% in gratitude to taxi drivers or waiters.

???? Public Toilets

This delicate topic is one of the few that has not been properly resolved in Amsterdam to this day. For men, the solution will be metal urinals (without doors), or stalls that resemble beach changing rooms scattered throughout the city. But women and families with children will not be easy. Alternatively, you can look into a cafe or supermarket, use the restroom at the train station or in the metro (some stations have toilets) or in the museum. Nice fixed toilets are installed on the Kalverstraat shopping street – they are owned by the 2theloo chain and cost 1 euro.

???? About coffee shops

Beware of buying “fun” substances on the street – you may well be slipped a low-quality product. Also, the smoking of light drugs is prohibited outside of cafes – a fine is provided for this. If you can’t imagine visiting Amsterdam without trying something forbidden in other countries, don’t do it outside of coffee shops. And it’s hard to forget about the health hazards of these substances.

???? Careful in the Red Light District

Do not try to photograph the priestesses of love – this is prohibited, and your camera may well end up in the channel. And in general, be careful in this area – it is full of dubious personalities. It is not recommended to walk here at night, especially alone.

???? Caution! Cyclists!

Cyclists in Amsterdam rush so that sometimes you barely have time to jump to the side. Be careful not to enter the bike paths!

чем заняться в Амстердаме самостоятельно

✔️ Remember the history of the city, walking around the historic center early in the morning, while it is not yet filled with numerous tourists. During the day, behind the crowds of people, you can not see Amsterdam itself!

✔️ Evaluate the beauty of the city in all 360 degrees from the A’DAM Lookout observation deck. It is located at the height of the 20th floor and is open from 10.30 to 21.00 (at the entrance they are allowed to enter until 20.00). A free ferry from Central Station will take you there.

✔️ Take a look at traditional “brown cafes” with a rich history and special atmosphere. For example, the legendary Hoppe in Spui Square, Cafe ‘t Smalle in Jordan or Café Karpershoek near Central Station.

✔️ Take a walk along the picturesque “canal ring” and feel the local romance. If you wish, take a boat ride along the canals. Still, the water element reigns in Amsterdam!

✔️ Get lost in the colorful Jordan area and take many beautiful photos in front of its cozy houses.

✔️ Make many interesting discoveries and learn interesting facts about Amsterdam and its people with the Travelry audio guide.

✔️ Try the signature Dutch herring. It can be found in special herring pavilions located in different parts of the city. For example, at Volendammer Haringhandel on Spui Square or Frens Haringhandel near the Flower Market.

✔️ Experience art in the Rijksuseum, and maybe see other famous exhibitions that are concentrated in the MuseumsQuartier.

✔️ Take a look at one of the unusual museums that abound in Amsterdam. For all tastes: from the Heineken Experience beer museum to the Cats Cabinet, the Microbial Museum or the Floating House Museum. The Nemo Science Museum deserves special attention.

✔️ If you are visiting Amsterdam in the summer and want something different, check out the city beaches. Not everyone knows they are in Amsterdam! Meanwhile, this is an interesting experience that allows you to diversify city walks and feel the sand under your feet, being in a seemingly not a beach town at all. The most popular are Pllek, StrandZuid, Het Stenen Hoofd, Dok, Zwemstrand Sloterplas, Strand Blijburg.

✔️ Have a picnic in Vondel Park, or at least take a walk in it. If the season permits, lie on the green lawns, as the locals enthusiastically do.

We wish you a happy trip and inspired walks around Amsterdam!