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Amazing getaway in Kenya

Tours to Kenya are a trip to one of the best countries in Africa, for which tourism has long become the main source of income. Holidays in Kenya give you an acquaintance with the amazing nature of these places, where lions, leopards, antelopes and other participants in an exciting safari frolic in national parks. If you look at a map of the world, you can see the advantageous position of Kenya relative to other African countries. Lakes, rivers, national parks and green valleys and extended mountains – the relief of Kenya is strikingly diverse and is the best possible way to relax.

Depending on the weather, prices for tours to Kenya may change. Typically, there is some decline during the rainy season from April to May. True, such savings can significantly blur the idea of ​​Kenya as a country with a rich natural environment. Most likely, you will not be able to enjoy the sight of gracefully pacing lions and elephants, just as it will be difficult to take high-quality photos of outlandish places in Kenya. Perhaps that is why it makes sense to pay attention to tours to Kenya at special prices, where one ticket includes jeep trips among the inhabitants of the savannahs, trips to the Indian Ocean coast, meeting tribes speaking bizarre languages ​​and even climbing the second largest mountain in Africa.

By the way, a safari in Kenya is not yet the most exciting sight, despite its realism. Thanks to specially organized tours, the prices of which may vary, you can see a grand spectacle of nature itself in Kenya. The great migration to Masai Mara, with thousands of herds of antelopes and zebras crossing the dry plains of Kenya in search of new food, is worthy of more than one photo on exciting tours. Here you can also meet representatives of one of the colorful tribes of Kenya, whose semi-nomadic way of life carries them away to the territory of neighboring Tanzania.

The Masai are brave warriors who have been inhabiting the local expanses for several centuries. True, these days they are better known as skilled herders. It is hard to imagine the many lodges – the main type of hotel in Kenya’s national parks – without 24-hour security by brave men dressed in traditional bright red robes. Despite the fact that their “services” are already included in the prices of tours to Kenya, the Maasai will not at all be offended by a tip or a modest gift.

On the way from the capital of Kenya to Mombasa, the lands of the largest national park in the world, designated on the map as Tsavo National Park, were spread. Everything here surprises, from colorful landscapes to outlandish inhabitants. Only in these places grows the famous tree of life, revered in Kenya as a biblical symbol. Growing in splendid isolation, the tree of life provides welcoming shade and valuable food to the many animals of Kenya.

Judging by the reviews, tours to Kenya at special prices are a good opportunity to plot the future route almost independently. Whether it will be an exciting safari among wild animals, a trip to cities, walks in the vicinity of Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania, or a beach vacation – tours to Kenya can be completely different. The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is a real “anthill”, among the cunningly intertwined streets of which the real life of Africa is in full swing. Sometimes it is not even necessary to know the language of the local population – the inhabitants of Kenya are so emotional in their gestures. For those who go on tours to Kenya, it makes sense to know in advance about the prices in hotels in the capital – the difference can be enormous.

Amazing getaway in Kenya

A trip to Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasu, is a breathtaking adventure that has been reviewed by enthusiastic travelers more than once. Located on a coral island, the metropolis is the best place to start a safari in the Indian Ocean, as well as for diving enthusiasts.

Despite the fact that you can get a visa to Kenya directly at the entrance to it, you should apply for a permit at the embassy. For residents of Moscow and the outskirts of the trip to the Embassy of Kenya will not be difficult, but you can be sure that the visa will be received. And then it will be possible to go on long tours, because the maximum stay in Kenya for Russian tourists is equal to three months.