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7 reasons to go to Girls in travel bachelorette party


We adhere to certain guidelines when creating each trip. Combined with excellent organization, they make our trips bright, unforgettable and unlike other tours.

1. Atmosphere


We don’t have giant groups of 25-60 people. Maximum – 14-16 girls – this way we can pay attention to each one. Girls in travel bachelorette parties always have a very warm, homely atmosphere. Girls from all over the world are coming to us, there have already been participants from ten countries. We don’t know why this happens, but almost always bright, successful, funny and, of course, beautiful girls come to us. We are very happy when we see strangers become friends in our travels, and then continue to communicate, go to visit each other. And one more thing – we never discuss politics.

2. Food


We believe that national cuisine is one of the main ways to get to know a country. Therefore, every bachelorette party is sure to have a culinary master class . On it we learn to cook 5-10 local dishes, and then we eat them together. We did it in Kathmandu, Udaipur, Ubud – and often this food turned out to be the tastiest of the whole trip.
Girls love restaurants and coffee shops , and we pay close attention to this in our bachelorette parties! We select the best restaurants – not a tourist splint, but establishments that are popular with locals and expats. It can also be a simple restaurant with delicious food. Or a luxurious establishment with a chic interior. We always have time to sit down over a delicious cup of coffee (if there is such a luxury in the area).
Our favorite part of the foodie hobby program is the street food tours. We try to combine them with a walk through secret and unusual places in the city. For example, we have such a route in Kathmandu, and believe me – no one will show you this city the way we do! We show you the best, proven street food. Often these are places with a long history, which attracts the whole city. Don’t expect glamor – everything looks modest, but it will be the most delicious lassi and the most delicious momo dumplings in Nepal. Checked at past bachelorette parties!

3. Comfort

We do not take groups to well-fed and prosperous countries. We prefer directions similar to another planet. Those that can radically change your life and the idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe world. Don’t expect European punctuality and perfectly clean streets in them. But in Asia there is something different, more important. And we will try to understand this. Despite all the Asian chaos, we try to provide you with the highest possible comfort.
Transport is always your own – we rent comfortable minibuses with air conditioning. We don’t go on local buses with chicken and the aroma of kerosene! In India we take good class night trains and planes. Our general principle is that we never choose the cheapest. If we are faced with a choice – your comfort or economy, we always choose comfort. We move around the cities by taxi, but for new sensations we can ride a cycle rickshaw, tuk-tuk and even the Delhi metro (whoever was, will never forget!).

4. Extreme

Conveniences are important, but you get new positive feelings in life when you leave your comfort zone. Therefore, in every girls in travel bachelorette party we try some extreme sport : paragliding overlooking the Himalayas in Pokhara, surfing in the ocean in Bali or rafting on the mountain rivers of Peru. After all, adventure should be in every perfect journey!

5. Good hotels

Good hotels

We love beautiful hotels. All girls love. And we believe that the place where you live while traveling adds atmosphere and helps to feel the country. We choose all our hotels tenderly, painstakingly and with love. In our programs, we often mix international hotel chains and local boutique hotels . Sometimes these are former palaces or houses of wealthy merchants – buildings with their own spirit, unusual design and rich history. No guesthouses and hostels with 8-bed rooms!
But you must understand that this is still Asia, and here it has its own specifics. We are doing our best, but this is not Europe! And that’s the beauty of it.

6. People


Travel may be perfectly organized, with the best hotels and restaurants, but it is the people who make it unforgettable. For this, our bachelorette parties most of all appreciate – for the opportunity to find a person close in spirit and be on the same wavelength. Then to visit each other and meet on new travels, discovering the world together.

7. Different emotions

Different emotions

We think over all programs to the smallest detail. We try to make every day different from others, bring vivid impressions and emotions . We do not have a continuous tour of temples or a week-long reclining at sea. Our bachelorette parties are a mix of all the previous points plus unlimited shopping (travel for girls ), as well as the most important attractions, unforgettable adventures and surprises!

We love what we do, and money is not the main motivation for us. We do not perceive you as clients or tourists. You are our friends, to whom we show our most beloved countries. And the burning eyes of our girls are very important for us. Read the reviews, see our reports. We know that every trip we make is someone’s dream. And our goal is to make your trip with us the most exciting vacation of your life. Until the next bachelorette party, of course.