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5 eco-routes in Estonia

Estonian forests are mesmerizing with their beauty in any weather! You need to come here to hear birdsong, branches crunching underfoot, walk along the winding paths of national parks and reserves!

5 eco-routes in Estonia

Beaver Trail

The Beaver Trail in Soomaa Park originates from the Tipu settlement and the RMK center. The path lies through marshlands. On the way, there are various traces of beavers’ activity: there are dams, gnawed pillars of trees, and so on. The route is 1.8 km long.

Laari Forestry Trail

The Laari Forestry Trail near Tartu is a study path and lies through a pine forest. The trail, instructive for forest lovers, is 3.7 km long.

On the way, you can learn more about forestry: which trees are used for harvesting and which are not, about the biological state of pines, which needs protection, how to properly cut down an old forest and plant a new one, what distinguishes the elite “plus “Tree from the rest.

Oandu Cultural Heritage Trail

“Oandu Cultural Heritage Trail” tells about the life of people in this forest and how they used forest benefits. The trail starts from the center of RMK. Not far from it there are old household buildings: wine cellars, barns, a place for drying cones and others.

Further along the route there are reconstructed animal traps, remnants of ancient forestry areas, perennial overgrown roads, former mowing sites. The route is 3 km long.

Rebase Landscape Trail

“Rebasey Landscape Trail” starts from the village of Rebazeimyza, further along the rural area, next to the houses that have been here since the 16th century. Here you can climb the highest local hill, which is 109 meters high, and look around the area from it.

Along the route there is an ancient stone city with an unusual bench, which was used for physical reprisals. The trail is 7 km long.

Oryaku Study Trail

The Orjaku Study Trail on the coast of Hiiumaa is a zoological trail that runs through the small reed-surrounded Käina Bay. There are a dozen low-lying islands in it.

Many water birds nest on these islands, and other birds also make stops here during their flights, in particular in autumn. The route leads through one of the small islands, on which there is an observation tower for bird watching. The road is 2.7 km long.

In Estonia, as well as in the Baltic, summer is cold and humid, and on the sea coasts, and even on beaches, the temperature decreases with sunset. In terms of the area occupied by swamps, Estonia is in third place in Europe.

There are a lot of insects here. In addition to mosquitoes, there are unsafe ticks that spread encephalitis. For tourists who go to the forest for a few days, it is worth taking care of vaccinations and taking insect repellent with you.

Oryaku Study Trail

Otherwise, travel in Estonia is one of the most convenient: all routes are clearly marked, every 10-15 km there are transfer points with toilets and equipped fires. Posters with useful and interesting information in Estonian and English are posted everywhere.