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10 reasons to love Dublin

Just by voicing the name of the city, a rich history, big green hills, mesmerizing city streets and endless pints of Guinness is already presented. On the east coast, the capital of Ireland is the most popular holiday destination. Here we will tell you why you should love Dublin.

1. History

Dublin is a historic city that was inhabited by Vikings. Just walking along the streets of this city you will feel what secrets this region keeps in itself. For a more fun history lesson, head to the Natural Museum of Ireland , where you will find Viking skeletons and magnificent Celtic jewelry from the Bronze and Iron Age.

2. Irish

Oh those big smiles, wrinkled eyes and local stories. Many travelers can spend hours talking about the friendliness of local people in different cities, but until you have been to the homeland of the Irish, you will not understand what it really means to be friendly. In short – Dubliners are a delight!

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3. Music

Guys, traditional Irish music is guaranteed to hit your soul strings even if you’re not ready. With a rich history, talent and lyrics, the trip to Dublin doesn’t end there. For a complete set, you just need to spend the evening listening to the Irish play and sing. You may even cry, but this is also part of the evening. ????

4. Forget about cars

Yes, that’s right. In Dublin, your feet are all you need. Google “ walking tours in Dublin” and you will get a thousand ways to spend time on your own. Aren’t you a fan of walking around with a map in hand and a notebook? Then, you should find podcasts on the same topic. Pack lightly: there are a lot of cafes, restaurants, pubs in the city to keep you energized and all this leads us …

5. Guinness

There are many theories as to why beer Guinness is good in Ireland. It’s really popular, with local pubs going through barrels faster, so the brew is always super fresh and the water lines are always spotlessly clean (a Guinness rep will take care of that). Plus, Dubliner always knows how to serve Guinness. It is a kind of dance between the ideal temperature, the type of container and 120 seconds of filling, which creates the perfect foam. ????

6. Dublin’s gastronomic scene

Can’t imagine “Dublin” and “gastronomy” in one sentence? Time to change views! With natural produce from the area (oysters, shrimp, scallops, farm meat and cheese) and traditional fare (try butter and soda bread, boxty potato pancakes or black and white pudding), Dublin’s food scene is growing.

7. Irish butter

Wow, it’s so … butter . It is almost a mistake to taste Irish butter like regular butter. Does this have anything to do with the super green year-round plump grass that the cows feed on? I can tell you for sure that you will forget the taste of regular butter and will look everywhere for Irish brands in supermarkets.

8. Tupiki

Indeed! Take the ferry to Ireland’s Eye , the islands off Howth ( Howth ). In addition to the dumplings (although we know that you are precisely because of them), you will see gray seals and many seabirds such as gilmots, auk and cormorants.

9. Bliss by the sea

In Dublin, the sea is never far away. Changing city to coast is as easy as hopping on a DART train and distracted as you travel this 53 km scenic route that connects coastal cities. Go fishing village and cliff walks in Howth, the port town of Dun Laoger, the waterfront trek to Kyllini Hill, the resort town of Dalkey, Sandy Bay Harbor or Bay Side Beach, where we are not afraid to collect beautiful shells. that dot its beaches.

10. Track Wicklow Way

Hikers will want to lace up their boots in Dublin. After all, the city is the starting point of the Wicklow Way , a 131 km self-guided trail. Taking about 5-7 days, the trail passes through mountain trails, country roads and hills, forests (old, narrow country roads), lakes, monastery sites and ruins, ending at Clonegal ( Clonegal) . Want to walk the Wicklow Way ? Get ready with waterproof equipment – you never know what kind of weather this part of Ireland will bring!